Pita Pit Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Pita Pit's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you love pita sandwiches, but you can never find a restaurant with gluten free options, the Pita Pit gluten free menu might be what you’re searching for. This extremely popular pita sandwich chain has over 100 locations spread throughout the United States.

Despite starting in Canada, Pita Pit has expanded rapidly into the US market. They’re well known for providing quick service, good catering, and effective online ordering abilities — their fresh food has made them a crowd favorite.

While they don’t have a specific catering menu, they do offer nutritional information so you can understand what you’re able to eat. If you have an extreme allergy, cross contamination is possible, so you should be careful while eating here.

If you’ve wondered what’s on the Pita Pit gluten free menu, check out the menu we have provided right here on our site!



Egg Patty$5.49

Meat Pitas

Black Forest Ham$6.39
Chicken Breast$6.39
Chicken Souvlaki$6.85
Philly Steak$6.85


Artichoke Hearts$1.29
Banana Peppers$1.25
Green Peppers$1.09
Lettuce, Shredded$1.29
Olives, Black$1.29
Roasted Red Peppers$1.29
Romaine Lettuce$1.25
Salt & Pepper$1.05


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus$6.39


Pepper Jack Cheese$5.99


Ancho Chipotle$0.80
Balsamic Vinaigrette$0.90
Boom Boom Sauce$0.80
Franks Buffalo Sauce$0.80
Honey Mustard$0.80
Horseradish Dijon$0.80
Hot Sauce$0.80
Jalapeno Ranch$0.90
Sour Cream$0.80
Yellow Mustard$0.80


Chicken EnchiladaCup$3.49
Chicken EnchiladaBowl$4.99


Banana Very BerryMedium$4.29
Berry Go RoundMedium$4.29
Blu BayouMedium$4.29
Mango TangoMedium$4.29

Popular Gluten Free Items at Pita Pit

In the mood for a tasty lunch or dinner? Why not try all of the great menu items that Pita Pit has to offer — you can even order online for pickup if you’re in a hurry!

They have a range of pita sandwiches, as well as soups, smoothies, and plenty more. They have specific pitas for breakfast as well if you’re having an early start!

With so many different options for different times of day, it can be hard to know where to start. Check out their fan favorites in the popular gluten free menu section below!

Chicken Breast Pita (No Pita Bread)

Pita Pit are most famous for their pitas, so it makes sense to try one out if you do decide to dine at one of their locations. Their Chicken Breast Pita is one of their most popular options — though you need to make sure to specify you don’t want pita bread.

You can customize the meal: it typically comes with grilled chicken breast, romaine, tomatoes, green peppers, cheddar, and banana peppers. It costs $7.19.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

If you want something tasty to go alongside your pita, the chicken enchilada soup is a good option — it also happens to be the only soups on the menu that is gluten free. It comes with all the tasty flavors you’d expect form a chicken enchilada.

The cost of the soup is $2.29.

Awakin’ with Bacon Pita (No Pita Bread)

This is the most popular breakfast pita on the menu — it’s the perfect way to get the day started right. It comes with bacon, egg, and hash browns — you just need to make sure you tell them you don’t want it with pita bread.

The cost of this pita is $5.10.

Banana Very Berry Smoothie

If you want something sweet to end your meal, or you simply need something refreshing to drink throughout the day, the Banana Very Berry Smoothie is the best thing to purchase. It comes with vanilla frozen yogurt, bananas, orange juice, and strawberries — all blended to perfection.

This will cost you $4.29.

Enjoy Pita Pit’s Gluten Free Offering

If you’re gluten intolerant, you know how tough it can be to find food that is suitable for your diet. You may feel as though you’re always limited when you head out to eat with friends or family. But recent times have shown that restaurant owners and regulators do care about providing viable options for those who can’t eat gluten.

Pita Pit is no different — while they don’t have a specific gluten free menu, they do provide you with enough resources to determine what you can and cannot eat. It’s a refreshing way to be able to order from their comprehensive menu.

Pita Pit is most famous for their variety of pita sandwiches — they first opened their doors in Canada in 1995. Since then, the owners have been busy expanding the operations, there are now over 500 locations worldwide.

Pita Pit remains privately owned.