Pita Pit Catering Menu Prices

Find Pita Pit Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Pita Pit catering menu is a go-to resource if you’re in the market for some great pita sandwiches. Despite originating from Canada, Pita Pit has quickly expanded across the continental United States.

It has quickly grown into one of the nation’s favorite spots for pita sandwiches. Their fresh, quick approach to lunch and dinner make them a favorite spot for people looking for a healthy and filling alternative.

Best of all, they have an extensive catering menu that is designed to help you order for large events. If you’re looking for platters and other party-specific catering options, Pita Pit is happy to help you find an affordable solution.

Below we have put together their catering menu to help you speed up the process of ordering food for your next event or meeting. Enjoy!


Pita Platters

Each Serves 10 People
Signature Platter$80.00
Greek Platter$80.00
Deli Style Platter$80.00
Veggie Platter$65.00
WakeUP! Platter$75.00

Individual Platters

Meat Pita Platters

Chicken Caesar$35.00
Chicken Crave$35.00
Philly Steak$50.00
Dagwood Club$35.00
Chicken Souvlaki$35.00
Chicken Breast$35.00
Prime Rib$40.00
Black Forest Ham$37.00

Veggie Pita Platters

Spicy Black Bean$20.00
Feta Cheese$20.00
Cheddar Cheese$22.00
Provolone Cheese$22.00

Breakfast Pita Platters

Morning Glory$45.00
Ham n Eggs$48.00
Awakin with Bacon$48.00
Chicken Classic$48.00
Steak N Eggs$50.00
Meat the Day$45.00

Salads & Extras

Serves 8-12

Large Salads

Caesar Salad$35.00
Greek Salad$35.00
Chop Salad$35.00

Pita & Dip Platter

Pita & Dip$40.00


Bottled Beverages$22.00

Popular Catering Choices at Pita Pit

If you think your staff or guests would benefit from a healthy meal for breakfast or lunch, Pita Pit can deliver the goods! Their delicious pita sandwiches are a great alternative to the typical subs you may order at your meetings or functions.

But they don’t just offer pita sandwiches — they also have salads, dip platters, desserts, and refreshments for your next event. It’s a great way to source everything from one location.

If you’re wondering what you should order, try looking at our popular catering choices section below! It’s a great resource.

Chicken Pita Platter

The Chicken Pita Platter is the way to go if you’re looking for a fan favorite. It serves eight people and comes loaded with pitas including chicken caesar, buffalo chicken, chicken breast, chicken crave, and chicken souvlaki.

It’s sure to be a tasty and filling meal. Each comes priced at $48.99 — you can order as many as you want for your event.

Greek Salad

If you’re ordering Mediterranean food, it’s hard not to get a Greek Salad. The Pita Pit Greek Salad is delicious and comes packed with everything you’d expect — greens, tomatoes, olives, onion, and a great dressing. You can also add chicken for an extra $10.

The regular Greek Salad costs $34.99 — it serves 10 people.

Pita and Dip Platter

A great appetizer for any Pita Pit meal is the Pita and Dip Platter. It’s an awesome selection of dips, coupled with pita wedges for dipping. You’ll find tzatziki, hummus, and avocado dip on the platter.

This is a great way to add some Mediterranean flavor to your next Pita Pit order. It comes priced at $24.99 and feeds eight people.

Baker’s Dozen Cookies

If you’re looking for a delicious way to finish off your meal, the Baker’s Dozen Cookies are a great way to add a dessert platter to your order. It includes 13 chocolate chip cookies on a platter for your enjoyment — they’ve added an extra to the normal dozen for good luck!

Each Baker’s Dozen Cookies will cost you $6.29.

Enjoy Pita Pit’s Catering Offering

If you’re looking to get a bit more creative with your catering, it’s time to try Pita Pit. With an extensive catering-specific menu, there are items for everyone to enjoy on their menu.

As you can see, their catering platters comes with a wide variety of Mediterranean flavor — make sure to consider all of them before you make any decisions. Pita Pit is also happy to provide you with refreshments and drinks, you won’t have to source anything from another caterer.

You can order from their catering menu by calling your closest location directly on the phone. If you’re looking to enjoy your next meal as much as possible, look no further. With fresh, healthy alternatives to the way you normally cater, Pita Pit is a clear answer for you and your guests!