Texas Roadhouse Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Texas Roadhouse's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Texas Roadhouse’s Gluten-Free Menu is a pretty impressive offering, bringing the glorious flavors of an American Steakhouse to the gluten sensitive population. Much of their menu remains available to diners, providing a great collection of items and a guarantee of a meal you can truly enjoy. It’s a relief to many diners to discover that restaurants such as this exist with its array of flavors, as finding a good dining environment is something that can be difficult for people with gluten-free dining. Texas Roadhouse’s classic American offerings are a great way to enjoy a night out with your gluten sensitive folks and other diners together.

Their full gluten-free menu item is below:



Any Steak (No Seasoning or Butter)$18.09
Grilled Chicken (No Marinade)$10.09
Pork Chops (Without Texas Roadhouse Seasoning and Peppercorn Sauce)Single$10.09
Pork Chops (Without Texas Roadhouse Seasoning and Peppercorn Sauce)Double$14.09
Steak Kabob$11.09


House Salad (Limit dressing to oil & vinegar. No croutons.)$4.09
Fresh Vegetables (Limit seasoning to salt and pepper.)$2.39
Baked Potato (Limit seasoning to salt and pepper.)$2.39
Sweet Potato (Limit seasoning to salt and pepper.)$2.39

Dinner Salads

Grilled Chicken Salad (No chicken marinade or croutons. Limit dressing to oil & vinegar.)$10.09
Steakhouse Filet Salad (No Texas Roadhouse Seasoning on filet. Limit dressing to oil & vinegar.)$13.09

Popular Gluten Free Items at Texas Roadhouse

While there are many items on the Texas Roadhouse menu that aren’t available for those who are dining gluten-free, they have a respectable selection for diners to choose from. Thankfully some of their signature items are found on this menu, including their grilled chicken and steak. When you’re getting ready to dine at Texas Roadhouse, it can be helpful to figure out what you might want to eat before you show up. That’s why we’ve provided a list of some of their most popular items.

You can find four of them below:

Grilled Chicken Entree

This entree comes with their delicious grilled chicken marinated and cooked over their fire grill. When you’re looking for a dish that will be filling and has a robust set of options for sides and add-ons, this is a great place to start. Remember to mention that you need your items to be gluten-free.

Enjoy this dish for $10.09

Steak Kabob

This is perhaps the perfect gluten-free food, coming with an alternating assortment of marinated steak and vegetables grilled over a real fire to give it that smoky, charred grill flavor. Every bite will be filled with the great flavors of fresh and properly cooked meat and vegetables.

Get your Kabob for $11.09

Fresh Vegetables

Sometimes you’ve just got to dig in on some incredible vegetables and enjoy the most basic dining experiences. Vegetables from Texas Roadhouse are deliciously seasoned and steamed to a perfect tenderness, and are probably the perfect compliment to a fantastic steakhouse dinner.

Order your side for $2.39

Steakhouse Filet Salad

And here we have the perfect combination of vegetable-based dining and a feast for the obligate carnivore, a powerful set of delicious seasonings carefully marinated into a selection of perfectly grilled steak. Combine this with tasty fresh greens and a dressing that’s out of this world, and you’re in hog heaven. We encourage you to give this a shot for a filling and satisfying meal.

Get yours for $13.09

Enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s Gluten Free Offering

Texas Roadhouse is remarkable in that it has taken steps to ensure that it’s gluten-free guests are able to enjoy as robust and delicious an experience as those they’re typical customers. When all is said and done a stop in at Texas Roadhouse ensures that everyone will have a wonderful time and enjoy the parade of delicious flavors this company has to offer. With locations all over the United States, there are a lot of communities that can benefit from their gluten-free offerings, and yours may be one of them. We encourage you to seek out and try this restaurant’s gluten-free menu if you’re looking for a wonderful dining experience.