TGI Fridays Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find TGI Fridays' Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re looking for a gluten free menu that has plenty of All-American favorites, as well as some great drink options, the TGI Fridays gluten free menu is definitely a good option for you. This world-famous fast-dining experience has become a hit throughout the country and beyond.

With over 50 years of experience creating lasting memories in the minds of their customers, TGI Fridays knows how to take things to the next level. They’ve invested heavily in creating a comprehensive gluten free menu that includes some of their signature dishes.

In addition to pre-planned gluten free options, TGI Fridays has also created alternatives for other menu items in order to allow customization for gluten intolerant customers. Because the kitchen does contain gluten, it might not be the best spot for someone with a severe allergy.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the TGI Fridays gluten free menu below!



Tuscan Spinach Dip$9.00

From The Grill

Served With Two Choice Sides
New York Strip$16.40
Flat Iron$13.30
Add Half-Rack Of Baby Back Ribs$6.00
Add Langostino Lobster Topping$6.00
Grilled Norwegian Salmon$19.90
RibsHalf Rack$12.40
RibsFull Rack$19.20


Classic Cheeseburger$9.80
Turkey Burger$9.80


Dressing Options: Avocado Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Thousand Island
Cobb Salad With Grilled Chicken$9.80
Cobb Salad With Grilled Sriracha Shrimp$9.80
Cobb Salad With Grilled Norwegian Salmon$9.80
Cobb Salad With Flat Iron$9.80
Seasonal Strawberry Fields Salad$8.30
Strawberry Fields Salad With Grilled Chicken$10.30
Strawberry Fields Salad With Grilled Sriracha Shrimp$10.30
Strawberry Fields Salad With Grilled Norwegian Salmon$10.30
Strawberry Fields Salad With Flat Iron$10.30
Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad$10.90
Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken$11.20
Caesar Salad With Grilled Sriracha Shrimp$11.20
Caesar Salad With Grilled Norwegian Salmon$11.20
Caesar Salad With Flat Iron$11.20

Other Entrées

Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp$14.00
Sizzling Chicken & Cheese$12.40

Choice Sides

Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Fresh Broccoli$2.99
Fresh Spinach$2.99
Jasmine Rice Pilaf$2.99


Tomato Basil Soup$3.60
Turkey & Kale Soup$3.60


All-Natural Chicken Sandwich$3.99

Kids Desserts

Ice Cream$2.59
Ice Cream Sundae$2.59

Kids Drinks

Strawberry Lemonade Slush$1.99
Mango Peach Lemonade Slush$1.99
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.99
Cherry Limeade$1.99


Ice Cream Sundae$4.50

Popular Gluten Free Items at TGI Fridays

Whether you’re looking for a light or a hearty meal, TGI Fridays has the lunch and dinner options to satisfy your cravings. Best of all, plenty of them can be eaten by people with a gluten intolerance.

They offer a range of different salads, sides, entrees, gluten free burgers, and desserts. Make sure that you have a full look at their menu before settling on your meal — you don’t want to miss out on some of their hidden gems!

Check out what past customers enjoyed the most from the gluten free menu below!

Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken

If you’re looking for a salad option at TGI Fridays, the Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken is the most filling and enjoyable option. It comes with grilled chicken breast, romaine, kale, and a Caesar dressing.

All of this is topped with parmesan cheese. The cost of this salad is $10.70.

New York Strip

Looking for a delicious steak that also happens to be gluten free? The New York Strip is definitely the way to go.

This large steak comes with hickory-smoked sea salt and parmesan butter. You’ll also find lemon-butter broccoli and veggies on the side.

Make sure to ask for it to be prepared gluten free. The cost of the New York Strip is $19.50.

Bacon Cheeseburger

It’s hard to find a burger that you can eat when you’re trying to stay gluten free, but the Bacon Cheeseburger at TGI Fridays does just the trick. It comes with meat, white cheddar, cheddar spread, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, Fridays sauce, and bacon.

All of this is served on a gluten free bun — you can also choose a gluten free side to go along with it. The price is $9.00.

Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream tends to be the only gluten free option for dessert when you eat out at a restaurant, but TGI Fridays has decided to beef things up a bit. Their Ice Cream Sundae comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, pecans, whipped cream, and a cheery on top!

The cost of the dessert will vary depending on the location you visit.

Enjoy TGI Fridays’ Gluten Free Offering

Finding food from All-American establishments used to be hard work if you were gluten intolerant. The amount of additives and wheat used to produce certain types of food made it extremely difficult to find a suitable menu for certain allergies.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of large restaurants committed to serving gluten free food at their establishments. TGI Fridays has done a great job of providing a comprehensive gluten free menu, as well as plenty of dietary alternatives.

TGI Fridays first started as a bar in 1965 — the original location was in New York. Over the years it expanded into a restaurant and eventually became a large chain.

There are now over 990 locations spread throughout multiple countries in the world.

TGI Fridays is owned by Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners. It is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.