TGI Fridays Catering Menu Prices

Find TGI Fridays Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The TGI Fridays menu is the perfect example of a catering offering that exhibits everything you’d want from an All-American establishment. The restaurant chain has become an international symbol for American food.

While they have locations across the globe, TGI Fridays is still most popular in its birthplace — the United States. With plenty of locations in most major cities, you’re sure to be able to take advantage of their extensive catering options.

They provide regular meals to those who want to bulk-order, but they also have party platters for those who want to cater to large groups. These aren’t just regular party platters, they’re stuffed to the brim with the chain’s most popular menu items.

Don’t worry about doing any research, we have everything you need to find out TGI Friday’s catering offering right here!



Tuscan Spinach Dip PlatterServe 12$25.75
Jack Daniels All Sampler PlatterServe 8$81.75
Sesame Jack Chicken Strips PlatterServe 8$45.00
Buffalo Wings PlatterServe 15$35.99
Jack Daniels Wings PlatterServe 15$41.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterServe 8$39.00
Fresh Vegetable PlatterServe 8$35.00
Potato Skins PlatterServe 8$33.00
Jack Daniels All 3 Combo PlatterServe 8$81.75
Peel & Eat Shrimp PlatterServe 8$134.25
BBQ Chicken Wings PlatterServe 15$39.99
Buffalo Chicken Strips PlatterServe 8$45.25
Spinach Quesadillas PlatterServe 8$47.99
Fried Mozzarella PlatterServe 8$50.75

Sandwiches & Hot Entrées

Bruschetta Chicken Pasta PlatterServe 8$44.99
Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Pasta PlatterServe 8$52.99
Chicken Fingers PlatterServe 8$75.00
Club Sandwiches PlatterServe 8$42.75
BBQ Ribs PlatterServe 8$64.75
Jack Daniels Baby Back Ribs PlatterServe 8$67.00

Salads & Sides

Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad PlatterServe 12$43.69
Firecracker Chicken Salad PlatterServe 8$29.99
House Salad PlatterServe 8$18.25
Caesar Salad PlatterServe 8$20.75
Santa Fe Chicken Salad PlatterServe 8$29.99
Chicken Caesar Salad PlatterServe 8$30.50
Garlic Mashed Potatoes PlatterServe 10$15.00


Place SettingsPer person$0.30
Serving UtensilsPer person$0.50


Assorted Canned SodasPer person$1.19
Assorted Packs of SodaServe 6$6.49
Pack Brisk LemonadeServe 6$11.59
Lipton Iced Tea with LemonPer person$1.99
Aquafina Bottled WaterPer person$1.99
Pack Lipton Iced Tea with LemonServe 6$11.59
Pack Aquafina Bottled WaterServe 6$11.59
Brisk LemonadePer person$1.99

Popular Catering Choices at TGI Fridays

Lunch and dinner are high priorities at TGI Fridays — they have plenty of menu items that are suitable for either mealtime. You’re sure to find some flavor-packed menu items that will satisfy the hunger of your guests or co-workers.

With plenty of burgers, salads, dips, sides, wings, and other American favorites on the menu, there’s something that will cater to any preference at TGI Fridays.

Have a look at what some of their loyal customers enjoy from the catering menu if you want to get a better idea of what to expect.

Fridays Ribs Platter

If you’re looking to change it up a bit, the ribs platter at TGI Fridays is the perfect way to go. It’s hard to find something equivalent at any other restaraunt.

This platter comes packed with enough ribs and BBQ sauce to feed 8-12 hungry people — you can be certain that no one is left hungry if you order enough of these. Each platter is only $55.00.

Boneless Wing Me Platter

If you’re looking for some world-class chicken wings for your next catered event, the Boneless Wing Me Platter is the perfect option. It comes with enough boneless wings to feed 8-12 people.

With your choice of four different wing sauces per order, you can provide the variety you need to make everyone happy. In addition, it comes with a dipping sauce. Each platter is $55.00.

Jack Sliders

There’s no better way to give your guests the taste of a great burger than to provide sliders. These mini-burgers are the perfect way to provide snack-sized burgers that people can enjoy at your next party or function.

The Jack Sliders come in a pack of ten and can feed four to six people. It’s the best way to provide a fun menu item for your clients or co-workers — each costs $25.00.

Desserts Platter

Looking to provide a variety of desserts at your next event or function? The desserts platter give you the options you need — a variety of brownies, cookies, and sweet sauce to help you bring your dessert game to the next level.

Each platter costs $35.00.

Enjoy TGI Fridays’ Catering Offering

If you’ve never used TGI Fridays to cater for any of your functions or parties, it’s time to make a change. It’s the perfect way to introduce an All-American food theme into your next function — the success of the restaurant is a testament to how much it is enjoyed.

As a catering customer, you can enjoy their regular menu items and their party platters — it’s a great way to cater to larger groups. In addition, you can order everything for pickup at your local branch by heading online and ordering through their web ordering portal.

Give your guests, co-workers, or clients what they want — a filling, delicious meal at your next event. It’s the perfect way to show you care about what you provide!