Burger King Secret Menu

Discover Burger King Secret Menu Items & Prices

Burger King wants you to “have it your way.” Ooooh, is this a challenge, BK?

I shall have it my way, and no other. Okay, I’m getting a little carried away with the ordering power. Simmering down here.

Finally, a restaurant that understands what it’s like to be a foodie. Sometimes you don’t want this or that, but you, instead, want this AND that. Hooray BK!

Below are some of my favorite BK secret, works-of-art.

Full List of Burger King’s Secret Menu


  • Price: $1.79 whopper, jr., $3.49 whopper
  • Where is this available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for extra bacon to be added to your Whopper or Whopper, Jr.

Sometimes you want bacon outside of the breakfast menu, and for those times, Burger King has you covered. The BK BLT allows you to order a Whopper, or it’s mini-version, with smoky, crispy delicious bacon. Can you hear it sizzling in the pan now?


  • Price: $1.19 – $2.29, depending on size
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Order half french fries half onion rings

Do you hate having to choose between two loves? Well choose no more.

You can have both, dear friends. Order both french fries and onion rings, in an order of Frings.

Combining words has been all the rage with kids these days, but now beat them at their own game and combine actual food combinations. Hooray for ingenuity and wisdom that comes with age!

BK Club

  • Price: $3.99
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for an Original Chicken Sandwich with bacon, tomato and cheese.

This is a BLT no “L” add C + Chicken. That’s how you order it if you want to be confusing.

This is a variation on the fried chicken sandwich that is delicious on its own, but is even better with bacon, tomato and cheese. You have your crisp. Check. You have the smoky flavor of the bacon. Check. You have a slight tomatoe-y tang. Check. And it’s all topped of with ooey gooey cheese? Check. You’re good to go.

BK Ham and Cheese

  • Price: $1.99
  • Where is it Available?: All Locations
  • How to order: Ask for ham and cheese on a bun

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. For those days, BK serves you right by serving a ham and cheese sandwich. You decide on the heat level. This can be served both hot and cold, you choose.

Mustard Whopper

  • Price:  $1.29 for Whopper, Jr., $3.49 for Whopper, Free for condiment alteration
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Order a Whopper or Whopper, Jr. with mustard, no mayo

This really isn’t that inventive, but it exists. That’s all I can really say about that. If you hate mayo, this one’s for you.

Veggie Whopper

  • Price: $3.49
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for a veggie whopper

Dear animal lover. You are very kind, and we’d like to show our appreciation to you by providing you with a vegetarian option.

Want a sandwich that feels meaty and filling, but has harmed no living creature? BK has you covered. Just order the Veggie Whopper.

Suicide Burger AKA the Quad Stacker

  • Price: $3.99
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for it by name. If confusion follows, ask for a hamburger with four patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce.

Are you a hungry beast today? If so, order the Suicide Burger, AKA Quad Stacker.

This is a mammoth of a sandwich, as described above.

You are a visionary my friend, and more power to you if you can finish this monstrosity.

Man vs. Food. Who will win?

Enjoy Burger King’s Secret Menu

Burger King prides itself in your food being “made to order,” so let them make it to your order.

Ask for what you want. All they can do is tell you no, but you’ll have inspired another young, food-novice to be clever with their next order.

Now that we’ve reminisced over BKs secret menu, what are you waiting for? Go try one of these crazy combinations.