Five Guys Secret Menu

Discover Five Guys Secret Menu Items & Prices

The music of servers delightfully hollering orders to each other, keeping up with the steady rhythm that only fast food workers understand. Sizzling meat patties with melting cheeses. The scent of fried potatoes and sautéing onions looming in the air. I am on sensory overload as I’m walking in to discover the Five Guys deliciously secret menu.

Sometimes you just want a burger and fries. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the beautiful marriage between a simple sandwich and an actual hot, cooked meal. It feels like no frills cooking for those simple, un-fussy days that don’t require much from you, but your stomach still requires, well, yumminess.

Five Guys is pretty basic, so you’re not going to get a plethora of secret menu items, but the ones you are able to order, are extra special.

Full List of Five Guys Secret Menu

Cheese Fries

  • Price: Add $0.50
  • Where is it Available?: Limited locations
  • How do I order?: By name

If you ask me, which you sort of did by reading this, cheese makes EVERYTHING better. I mean everything, people.

Want some dairy on your carbs? Why yes, please.

Cheese on a hamburger? Yes. Grilled cheese on a hamburger? Double yes. Want cheese fries to go with your cheese? Absolutely, yes.

Cheese fries are da bomb. I just brought us back to the 90s and so will these cheese fries.

Double Grilled Cheeseburger

  • Price: $6.98 (two grilled cheeses) + $1.80 for each hamburger patty
  • Where is it Available?: Limited locations
  • How do I order?: Ask for a hamburger (specify number of patties) in between two grilled sandwiches. Specify how you would like it dressed.

Order this if you want two beef patties with toppings meshed between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches.

Yes you heard me. Two. Grilled. Cheese. Sandwiches.

Whoa. Am I in Heaven? You know my favorite thing in the world is always better with not just cheese, but with GRILLED cheese.

That buttery goodness complete with melted cheese is my idea of a perfect day. Wait, can I add cheese to the burger patty, too, please?

Patty Melt

  • Price: $3.49 for grilled cheese + $1.80 for each hamburger patty
  • Where is it Available?: Limited locations
  • How do I order?: Request a grilled cheese sandwich with however many hamburger patties you want in it. If you want it dressed with grilled onions, specify this.

This is your order if the previous order sounds delicious, but a little intimidating. I hear ya.

This secret menu item limits your grilled cheese intake to only one grilled cheese instead of the colossal two grilled cheeses, which seems reasonable. Right?

After all, you are putting a hamburger patty and possibly some grilled onions with your grilled cheese sandwich, so it’s still a pretty hefty meal.

If you’re mammothly hungry, and want cheesy goodness, order the Double Grilled Cheeseburger. If you’re only kind of hungry, but want these same flavors, this is your ticket to Satisfied-Ville.

Jump on the travel train and begin your cheesy journey. See what I did there? Cheesy, right?

Well done fries

  • Price: Same as fries
  • Where is it Available?: Limited locations
  • How do I order?: Ask for your fries well done or extra crispy.

If you are an extra crispy person, and I am an extra crispy b****, order well done fries. I get it. You want what you want, and you like it how you like it.

No judgement here. Get on it.

Enjoy Five Guys Secret Menu

I wonder if Five Guys was actually started by five guys. Inquisitive much? I am in a perpetual state of this.

So, if you’re a nosy person like I am, you’ll want to know the answer to this question. But I’m not giving it to you.

In fact, I’m waiting for you to inform me of this secret, since I just shared mine with you. Inspector Gadget, get on this.

Now, you must go to Five Guys to satisfy both our curiosities and your hunger. When you do, please pass along the scoop, and maybe some extra crispy fries, pretty please.