Panda Express Secret Menu

Discover Panda Express' Secret Menu Items

Panda Express is the most dominant quick-serve food chain in the Chinese-American category. Their secret menu aside, Panda is known for serving up some especially-tasty standard menu items.

With hallmark side items and proteins that you can find at most Chinese establishments, ‘The Express’ is a top pick.

While there are favorites like the ever-popular wok-tossed and battered orange chicken, and the Beijing-style beef and broccoli, there are also items that are available upon request – but simply not advertised. Here is our Menu Price secret menu guide for items that can be requested:

Brown Fried Rice

For years, Panda Express has offered either white fried rice or steamed white rice to their consumers as part of either a bowl or a multiple entree meal.

As consumers began to show their preference for whole grains and complex carbs, the chain realized that there was a need for brown rice.

In 2013, there was a very public campaign where guests were asked to vote for either the white or brown option, and the winner of the campaign was allowed to keep its name tag and remain the menu.

While loyal white fried rice fans were victorious, brown fried rice remains an option available by request.

Orange Chicken with Bacon

Bacon has always been a food loved by many, but within the last few years it has become one of the trendy foods that has been added to some of the most traditional fast food items.

Now, Panda Express has added to their yum-factor by offering trend-inspired, off-menu orange chicken with bacon dish.

At some larger locations with a lot of foot traffic, the bacon orange chicken has its own space on the steam table that was available all day. Now, you might need an extra few minutes because it is only made fresh on the wok when requested.

Handcrafted Tea at the Panda Tea Bar

It’s not something that is advertised, but Panda Express also has refreshing handcrafted Asian-inspired specialty drinks at locations with a Panda Tea Bar.

You can choose from Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Specialty Coffee, Lemonade, Shakes or a customized option where boba, fruit, milk, juice and fresh-brewed tea leaves are all used together.

The Tea Bar has been a huge secret, but is becoming more popular with the ‘Drink It, Share It’ campaign on Twitter. Go to a participating location and create a healthy specialty drink with boba, aloe vera, pudding, chia seeds, or even jelly options.

Bone-in, Slow-Cooked Ribs

In early 2015, the California-based chain invested in producing 5 million pounds of slow-cooked ribs to roll out its new bone-in barbecue pork rib item. The company is the first to perfect the cooking process to offer bone-in, fresh-cooked ribs at a value price.

Using American slow-cooking techniques and Chinese flavors, the slow-cooked ribs have been a hit since they were introduced to a small number of locations with special ovens needed just for the new item.

While it cannot be found on the menu, as of July 28 locations with the new installs for slow cooking do offer this pork product that is still in development.