Waffle House Secret Menu

Discover Waffle House's Secret Menu Items

Attention breakfast lovers: the Waffle House Secret Menu is real.

The Waffle House is a famed restaurant chain that is primarily located in the Southern region of the United States, although there are some exceptions.

Waffles are the big thing on The Waffle House menu, true to its name, and there are various secret waffles on the secret menu, too.

Notable “normal” items on the restaurant’s menu include bacon chicken cheese salad, bacon cheese steak melts, steak and eggs and country ham.

Pecan Waffles

If you want to eat waffles that are a little different than the standard ones available at The Waffle House, try asking for the delectable pecan waffles off the secret menu.

Just as you may expect prior to taking your first bite, these waffles boast a hint of the smooth brown nut and go particularly well with sweet tea and eggs.

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

Some Waffle House locations also have another exciting spin on the classic waffles. These are apple cinnamon waffles, to be specific.

Although apple cinnamon waffles are secret menu items that are unknown to most diners, they’re a cult favorite among those who actually are aware of them. Apple cinnamon waffles are a perfect meal option for diners who are looking for cozy fall and winter delights.

“Double Ds”

One secret menu favorite that’s available at many Waffle House restaurants is called “Double Ds.” This describes a plate of a pair of hash browns concealed by a pair of sunny side up eggs.

People who truly seem in the know about the Waffle House’s secret menu items are familiar with the special code names that are on the secret menu, “Double Ds” being just one of them.

Arnold Palmer

You’ll never see the name “Arnold Palmer” on any Waffle House menu, but you’ll be able to receive the beverage at any location, period. This beverage is a blend of half unsweetened iced tea and half lemonade.

If you want to drink something cool and refreshing to go with your plate of sweet and hearty waffles, then you simply cannot go wrong with the Arnold Palmer.

Sugar-Free Syrup

Although syrup isn’t exactly a food item, it’s an important condiment that’s essential for waffles. If you want to cut down on your sugar intake while at the Waffle House, you can ask for sugar-free syrup.

You’ll definitely appreciate the sugar-free syrup at the Waffle House. Many people who enjoy it regularly say that it tastes equally as sweet and wonderful as the normal syrup, too – a welcome bonus, indeed.

Customized Sandwiches

Customized sandwiches are popular secret menu items among Waffle House diners, as well. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich that’s a combination of cheese, eggs and bacon over grilled bread, most Waffle House restaurants will accommodate your desires without even thinking twice about it.

The aforementioned customized Waffle House secret menu sandwich is comparable to a classic grilled cheese sandwich. The main difference between the sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich is the simple addition of a couple breakfast favorites – eggs and bacon.