Little Caesars Secret Menu – Menu Price

Little Caesars Secret Menu

Discover Little Caesars' Secret Menu Items

Did you know there is a secret menu at Little Caesars? It’s true!

Little Caesars is a pizza chain headquartered in the United States with restaurants spanning the globe. Started by a husband and wife team in 1959, the restaurant has been a long term player in the pizza market.

Most recently, the brand has focused on serving affordable pizzas quickly.

Little Caesars’┬ásimple menu allows for fast service. However, read on in this Menu Price Secret Menu guide to discover what ‘secret’ items you can get at your local Little Caesars just by asking!

Stuffed Crust Pizza

It’s easy to believe this delicious combination is cornered by only one pizza chain on the market. It’s not true.

If you take the time to ask for cheese baked into your pizza crust, they will do it for you!

Crazy Sauces

Every Little Caesars has a cute rack stocked with a variety of dipping sauces. Some of these sauces are downright delicious – and can actually be baked onto your pizza, underneath the cheese.

You can ask for your dipping sauce to be served this way. Most stores will be happy to sell you the extra dipping cups to make your custom pizza.

Crazier Crazy Bread

Some people are drawn to Little Caesars because of their crazy bread. There is something about this warm and doughy side that is just so addicting.

You can make it even better by asking for additional cheese or toppings baked on top of your crazy bread order. If you are crazy enough, you can almost turn your order into a type of pizza.

Go Light and Heavy

A secret to changing the flavor of a Little Caesars pizza is to request a fresh pizza made with light sauce that goes heavy on the cheese. The result is a circular hybrid of a breadstick and a pizza.

This is all some people will ever order from the Little Caesars. It is notably popular with bodybuilders in some areas of the country.

Go Muenster

The deep dish pizza at Little Caesars is made with a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheese. Normally, this blend only comes with the deep dish pizza. However, you can ask for a regular pizza to be made with this blend.

You can even ask for your pizza to only contain Muenster. You can get this wonderful cheese placed on your crazy bread. All you need to do is ask!

Pizza Pie

It’s more than a little crazy, but you can ask for a deep dish pizza to be baked with a regular pizza or crazy bread placed over it! The result is a type of pizza pie.

This works best if you load up your toppings on the deep dish pizza. Needless to say, this is a culinary treat best eaten with a knife and fork.

Try some of these secret menu items at your local Little Caesars. Remember, you might need to explain a few of these orders the newer employees.

Also note: Little Caesars will always charge you for any extra items. Be prepared to pay for the extra deliciousness!