Five Guys Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Five Guys Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

You may have thought that Five Guys was only a burger-joint for lunch and dinner, but it turns out select locations now have a breakfast menu, too!

These select locations of Five Guys (such as the McPherson Square Metro Station, the DC airport, or Summer Street in Boston) now offer breakfast sandwiches to give you an All-American boost to your morning.

Five Guys Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Monday : 7-11am (or 8-11am, depending on location)

Five Guys Breakfast Menu Items

These lucky few Five Guys breakfast spots offer an egg sandwich (on a classic burger bun), which can be built up with cheese and/or bacon interchangeably. Each sandwich comes with a standard of two eggs, so if you just want one let them know when you order.

These sandwiches can also be upgraded with a burger for just $1.50, and every egg sandwich qualifies for the same burger toppings available during regular lunch hours!

  • Egg Sandwich: $2.99
  • Egg and Cheese Sandwich: $3.49
  • Bacon and Egg Sandwich: $3.49
  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich: $3.99
  • BLT Sandwich: $5.00

Five Guys’ Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Egg Sandwiches: The egg sandwiches, of course, are a big hit. One customer reviewed that the bacon adds a great salty crunch, and although the sandwich may seem a little floppy, it’s certainly a gloriously gooey mess. (Some customers have given the prices listed above, but others have said these sandwiches price at $5.00—it likely depends on the location.)

Wide selection of toppings: Toppings such as fried onions and mushrooms are suggested, as well as the added patty if you’re in the mood. (And let’s be real, who isn’t in the mood for a burger when you go to Five Guys?)

BLT Sandwich: The BLT sandwiches are borrowed from the lunch menu to make an appearance at breakfast as well. Still the same $5.00 price, this Five Guys classic can now power your morning! Maybe the bacon is the common thread here. . .

A Variety of Drinks: Coffee and orange juice are also available for drinks to complete your morning meal, likely coordinating with the normal drink prices of $1.99 for a small size and $2.29 for a regular.

Peanuts: To top it all off, there are still free peanuts served even at these early hours! All part of a healthy breakfast.

So if you happen to find a Five Guys near you that sells breakfast, don’t hesitate to try it! Even if you have to go a little out of your way, many customers would agree that it’s worth the trip for a special breakfast.