Baskin Robbins Menu & Prices

Find Baskin-Robbins Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Here you will find the Baskin-Robbins® menu with prices. Baskin-Robins serves up your favorite ice cream treats in a family friendly and fun atmosphere.

With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and the ability to customize your favorite sundaes, shakes, and ice-cold beverages, Baskin-Robbins is a great stop for the ice cream lover. Also, don’t miss out on the many frozen cakes fit for any special occasion. You can even custom order a cake for that special day.

Old timey favorites like floats and banana splits, soft serve and frozen yogurt are all available. Baskin-Robbins is a great spot for the whole family or meeting up with friends.

With so much to choose from, it may help to review the menu below before your visit:


Premium Sundaes

Banana Royale2 Scoops of Ice Ceram, Banana, Any topping$5.99
Brownie2 Scoops of Ice Ceram, Brownie, Any topping$5.49
Banana Split3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Banana and Any Toppings.$6.39
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup3 Scoops, Hot Fudge, Reese's® Peanut Butter Cups & Sauce$5.79
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough®3 Scoops, Cookie Dough, Hot Fudge, Caramel.$5.79
Oreo®3 Scoops, Crushed Oreo®, Marshmallow, Hot Fudge.$5.79
Made with Snickers®3 Scoops, Crushed Snickers®, Caramel, Hot Fudge.$5.79

Soft Serve

Flavors: Reese's, Heath, Snickers, M&M's, Oreo, Butterfinger & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Soft Serve BelowMini$2.19
Cups & ConesKids$1.58

Shakes & More

Choose your favorite flavor!Ask about Freezes, Floats & Ice Cream Sodas. Make it Malted!Sm. $3.99, Med. $4.99, Lg. $5.99


Strawberry, Banana, MangoMade with non-fat frozen yogurt and fresh bananas.Sm. $4.79, Med. $4.99, Lg. $5.99

Get the Scoop

Build Your Own Sundae
3 Scoops25 oz. scoops unless otherwise noted.$5.99
2 Scoops$4.49
1 Scoop$3.49
ToppingsHot Fudge, Caramel, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Maple Walnut, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Syrup & more.Candy Toppings each $0.79, Waffle Bowl add $1.19
Ice Cream
Choose any of our fun flavors!
Double ScoopAvailable in Cup, Sugar Cone or Cake Cone.$3.99
Single Scoop$2.99
Kid's Scoop$2.49
Waffle Cones
Chocolate Dipped$1.19

Check It Out

Pre-Packed QuartsAvailable in our Freezer$5.99
Hand-PackedChoose any of our fun flavors!Pint $4.99, Quart $7.49, 1/2 Gallon, Clown Cones $2.59.
Custom CakesThe right cake for any occasion. Classic Cakes, Fudge Crunch Cakes.

Cappuccino Blasts

Original, Mocha, Caramel, Turtle, Oreo® 'N Cookies. Add a boost+Sm. $4.39, Med. $5.39, Lg. $5.99

Fruit Blasts

Strawberry, Mango.Sm. $4.49, Med. $4.99, Lg. $5.99

Bring It Home

Custom Cakes
Classic CakesOrdering your custom Ice Cream Cake is as easy as 1. Choose your Cake. 2. Choose your Flavor. 3. Choose Your Design.
Fudge Crunch Cakes
The right cake for any occasion. Custom Ice Cream Cakes are perfect for any Occasion!

Popular Menu Items

Baskin-Robbins is known for offering a wide variety of flavors in each of their locations. You can always have a flavor adventure with flavors like Cherries Jubilee, Chocolate Almond, and Nutty Coconut.

Baskin-Robbins also does a great job partnering with some of your favorite brands of treats from the super market so you can find flavors like Oreo® Cookies ‘n Cream, Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup, and Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee Coffee Chip ice cream flavors.

There are also a myriad of ways to enjoy your ice cream. Have it scooped on a waffle cone, in a sundae creation, in a frozen cake, or hand scooped by the quart to take home to enjoy.

Here are some customer favorites:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

This decadent sundae starts with three scoops of Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It is topped with a special peanut butter sauce, chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and finished with hot fudge. Don’t forget the whipped cream! This desert is plenty big enough for sharing. $5.79.

3-Scoop Build Your Own Sundae

It can be hard to decide among all the flavors of ice cream and delicious toppings. With this sundae you get to choose any of the flavors you like to make a sundae creation that is all your own. Let your creative juices flow! For crushed premium candy toppings add 79 cents. $5.99.

Mango Banana Smoothie

If you are looking for a lighter treat, try a smoothie. The Mango Banana Smoothie combines Mango, Banana, and nonfat frozen yogurt for a cold, smooth, refreshing and healthy treat. It has real fruit and the live active cultures that make yogurt such a healthy addition to your diet. Sure, it still has calories, but at least you are getting additional nutritional value as well. A small is $4.79.

Baskin-Robbins’ History

Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins were brother-in-laws who originally each started their own ice cream shops in Southern California from 1945-46. They merged their efforts in 1948 and bought their first dairy in Burbank, California to supply their 40 combined locations. In 1953 they officially merged the stores under the same name, Baskin-Robbins.

The iconic pink and brown logo for the brand, which included the number 31 to represent one flavor for each day in the month, was designed by a local ad agency, Carson/Roberts. From the beginning, the founders used the franchise model still in use in Baskin-Robbins shops today. The chain has grown to over 2,800 stores in the U.S. and over 5,800 locations internationally as of 2015.

Fun fact: In the years since their beginnings, Baskin-Robbins has introduced over 1,000 flavors of ice cream!