Popeyes Menu & Prices

Find Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is the right page for the Popeyes menu with prices. Popeyes serves up Cajun spiced fried chicken and seafood along with Louisiana side dishes in a fast food environment.

Open for lunch and dinner, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen offers hot and mild spicy fried chicken that really makes fried chicken something special.

It is great for a fast dine in meal, a place to meet up with friends, or a fast pick up option for a busy work night.

Below you will find some top picks to consider on your next visit along with the full menu with prices.

Prices may vary by location. Consult your location's menu & your server for exact pricing.


Bonafide Chicken2 Pc Dinner$5.29
2 Pc Combo$6.79
Bonafide Chicken3 Pc Dinner$6.49
3 Pc Combo$7.99
Bonafide Chicken4 Pc Dinner$7.69
4 Pc Combo$9.19
Wings3 Pc Dinner$6.49
3 Pc Combo$7.99
Bonafide Chicken Mixed - 5 Biscuits & 2 Large Sides (Limited Time)11 Pc.$21.99


Tenders3 Pc Dinner$5.79
3 Pc Combo$7.29
Tenders5 Pc Dinner$7.79
5 Pc Combo$9.29
Chicken Po' BoyDinner$4.99


Cajun FishDinner$5.99
Popcorn ShrimpDinner$5.49
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpDinner$6.49
Seafood Po' Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Dinner$5.49
Cajun Surf & Turf6 Pc Combo$6.49
6 Pc Platter$8.39
Spicy Garlic Butterfly Shrimp8 Pc Dinner$4.99
8 Pc Combo$6.49
8 Pc Platter$8.39

Family Meals

Chicken8 Pc.$12.99
8 Pc Meal (1 Large Side and 4 Biscuits)$17.99
Chicken12 Pc.$18.99
12 Pc Meal (2 Large Sides and 6 Biscuits)$27.99
Chicken16 Pc.$22.99
16 Pc Meal (3 Large Sides and 8 Biscuits)$37.99

Signature Sides

Red Beans & RiceRegular$1.79
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyRegular$1.79
Cole SlawRegular$1.79
Cajun FriesRegular$1.79
Cajun RiceRegular$1.79
Green BeansRegular$1.79
Biscuit1 Pc.$0.79
6 Pc.$3.99
12 Pc.$6.99
Jalapeno1 Pc.$0.49
6 Pc.$1.95

Sandwiches & Wraps

Loaded Chicken WrapRegular$1.99
Chicken Po'BoyRegular$3.99
Shrimp Po'BoyRegular$4.19


Soft DrinkSmall$1.99
Iced Tea1/2 Gallon$2.99
1 Gallon$4.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch1/2 Gallon$2.99
1 Gallon$4.99

Kids Meals

Mild Tender1 Pc.$3.39
Nuggets4 Pc.$3.39
Mild Leg1 Pc.$3.39


Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie$1.29
Banana Pudding Parfait$1.69

Popular Menu Items

If you are lucky enough to have a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen near you, then you likely already know if you prefer your chicken spicy or mild.

However, when was the last time you tried a new side dish or some of the great seafood options on the menu? With so many great choices, consider giving something new a try.
Folks looking for lighter fare will appreciate the broiled seafood such as the garlic shrimp or the blackened chicken tenders.

With several rice options as well as veggies like corn or green beans, there are lots of options to complete your meal without adding a lot of calories.

Below are some of our top picks followed by the full menu with prices:

Bonafide Chicken

The Bonafide Chicken is the centerpiece of the Popeyes menu. It features succulent pieces of bone-in chicken marinated in spicy marinade before being battered and deep fried to perfection.

You can get it in spicy or mild varieties. The combos come with your choice of side dish, a biscuit and a drink. Try the 2-piece combo for just $6.79.

Chicken Po-Boy

New Orleans is known for this classic sandwich. The Popeyes version takes crispy and moist fried chicken tenders served on a long baguette with lettuce, pickles and mayo.

You can also have this sandwich with the Cajun spiced blackened chicken tenders for a lighter option. Have the combo with a side and a drink for $6.49.

Popcorn Shrimp

These shrimp are perfectly seasoned and fried and served with cocktail sauce for dipping. If you love shrimp, don’t miss this treat on the menu.

They are fantastic served with a biscuit and a side of creamy coleslaw in the combo for $6.99.

Cajun Fish

This seafood favorite at Popeyes starts with a thick whitefish fillet that is perfectly seasoned in Louisiana spices, breaded then fried so that it has a crunchy outside and tender and moist inside.

Consider the delicious Red Beans and Rice if you plan on the combo, or just enjoy the fish for $5.99.

8-piece Bonafide Meal

If you are in a hurry looking for a pick up meal the whole family will love, consider this budget friendly option.

You get 8 fresh and hot pieces of Louisiana style fried chicken in spicy or mild along with one side of your choice and 4 biscuits.

Consider picking up a side of Jambalaya or Cajun Rice to make this a really special New Orleans treat. $17.99.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen History

In 1972 Alvin C. Copeland Sr. opened a restaurant in New Orleans called “Chicken on the Run.”

It was not very successful. Copeland closed the restaurant to revamp his recipe and reopened a few months later having perfected the spicy Cajun style fried chicken Popeye’s became famous for.

Franchising began in 1976 and there were 500 locations across the Southeast and Southern Midwest over the next decade. As of 2014 there are over 2000 locations of the chain in the United States and Canada.

Fun Fact: Popeyes’ famous buttermilk biscuits were not added to the menu until 1983.