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Find IHOP's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is the right page for the IHOP® full menu with prices. You will find all your favorite American classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a family friendly casual atmosphere.

Most IHOP restaurants are open 24 hours a day so you can get your favorite diner favorites any time of day. It is a great stop for friends to meet up for late night treats, or for families to stop in for a lunch or dinner on a busy day.

The menu at IHOP is large, and below you will find some great suggestions as well as the full menu with prices.

Prices may vary by location. Consult your location's menu & your server for exact pricing.

Egg Combos

Split Decision Breakfast$8.59
Quick-2 Egg Breakfast$6.79
2 x 2 x 2$6.19
Biscuits & Gravy Combo$7.99
Big 2-Egg Breakfast$8.19
Breakfast Sampler$8.59
T-Bone Steak and Eggs$14.29
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs$8.99
Bacon & Eggs Breakfast$8.29
4 Pork Sausage & Eggs Breakfast$8.29
4 Turkey Bacon Strips & Eggs Breakfast$8.29
Eggs Breakfast$6.99
Simple & Fit 2-Egg Breakfast$6.99
Smokehouse Combo$8.19

Add A Side

Hash Browns$2.69
Buttered Toast$1.69
Small Bowl of Seasonal Fruit$2.99
Pork Sausage Links4$3.39
Bacon Strips4$3.39
Slice of Ham$3.99
Turkey Bacon Strips4$2.99
Seasoned Red Skin Potatoes$2.89
Smoked Pork Sausage Links2$3.99
English Muffin$1.99

Hearty Omelettes

Hearty Ham & Cheese Omelette$9.29
Bacon Temptation Omelette$9.49
Colorado Omelette$9.59
Spinach & Mushroom Omelette$8.59
Chorizo Fiesta Omelette$9.49
Garden Omelette$8.49
Simple & Fit Vegetable Omelette$8.59
Corned Beef Hash & Cheese Omelette$8.99
Big Steak Omelette$9.59
Chicken Fajita Omelette$9.29
Country Omelette$8.99

Create Your Own Omelette

Pork Sausage$0.99
Extra Cheese$0.99
Fresh Mushrooms$0.99
Fresh Tomatoes$0.99
Fresh Spinach$0.99
Fresh Green Peppers & Onions$0.99

World Famous Pancakes

Original Buttermilk5$5.99
Chocolate Chocolate Chip$6.49
Harvest Grain 'N NutRegular$7.29
With Cinnamon Apple or Blueberry Compote$7.99
Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes$6.99
Strawberry Banana$7.29
New York Cheesecake$7.29
Raspberry & Peach Pancakes$7.29
Simple & Fit Under 600 Calories Pancake Combo$7.29

Pick-A-Pancake Combo

Choose of any 2 same-flavored pancakes$8.19

Add A Side

Hash Browns$2.69
Buttered Toast$1.69
Small Bowl of Seasonal Fruit$2.99
Pork Sausage Links4$3.39
Bacon Strips4$3.39
Slice of Ham$3.99
Turkey Bacon Strips4$2.99
Pumpkin Pancakes$7.29
Double Blueberry$7.29

French Toast & Waffles

Strawberry Banana French Toast$7.69
Our Original French Toast$6.69
Stuffed French Toast$7.29

Brioche French Toast

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast$7.69
Berry Berry Brioche French Toast$7.69
Banana Foster Brioche French Toast$7.69

Belgian Waffles

Berries & Cream Waffle$6.49
Belgian Waffle$5.79
Chicken & Waffles$7.59


Create Your Own French Toast Combo$7.99
Traditional Belgian Waffle$7.99
Cream-Topped Waffle Flavors$7.99


Swedish Crepes$6.49
Chicken Florentine Crepes$8.79
Classic Breakfast Crepes$8.79
Strawberries & Cream Crepes$6.49
Chicken, Chicken Fajita Omelette, Bacon & White Cheddar Crepes$8.79
Sweet Cream Cheese Crepes$6.49


Create Your Own Sweet Crepe Combo$7.39

Griddle Melts

Ham & Egg MeltFull Sandwich$7.19
Half Sandwich$5.19
Bacon & White Cheddar MeltFull Sandwich$7.19
Half Sandwich$5.19

Sandwich & Soups

Baja Fish Sandwich$8.29
Double BLT$7.49
Spicy Chicken Ranch Sandwich$8.29
Southwestern Club$8.29
Philly Cheese Steak Stacker$8.39
Turkey Berry Melt$8.29
Chicken Clubhouse Super Stacker$8.29
Soup of the day$3.19


Citrus Chicken Pecan Salad$8.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$8.49
Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad$8.99
House Salad$3.19
Honey-Lime Chicken Salad$8.99

55+ Specialties

55+ 2 x 2 x 2$5.49
55+ Buttermilk Pancakes$4.69
55+ Fish & Chips$6.99
Add Soup or Side Salad$0.99
55+ Tilapia Florentine$7.19
55+ Breakfast Sampler$5.79
55+ French Toast$5.19
55+ Rooty$5.39
55+ Pot Roast$6.79
55+ Rise 'N Shine$5.89
Create Your Own 55+ Omelette$6.19

Add Your Ingredients

Pork Sausage$0.79
Extra Cheese$0.79
Fresh Mushrooms$0.79
Fresh Tomatoes$0.79
Fresh Spinach$0.79
Fresh Green Peppers & Onions$0.79

Add A Side

Hash Browns$2.69
Buttered Toast$1.69
Small Bowl of Seasonal Fruit$2.99
Pork Sausage Links4$3.39
Bacon Strips4$3.39
Slice of Ham$3.99
Turkey Bacon Strips4$2.99
Seasoned Red Skin Potatoes$2.89
Smoked Pork Sausage Links2$3.99
English Muffin$1.99

Just for Kids!

For Kids 12 & Under
Create Your Own Rooty Jr.!$4.69
Funny Face$3.99
Banana Hazelnut Crepe$4.29
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99
Silver 5$3.99
Jr. Chicken & Waffles$4.99
Create-A-Face Pancake$4.29
Jr. Ham & Egg Melt$4.39
Macaroni & Cheese$3.69
Ice Cream Sundae$1.99

Kids' Drinks

2% Milk$1.69
Chocolate Milk12 Oz.$1.69
Hot Chocolate$1.69
2% MilkRegular$1.69
Chocolate MilkRegular$1.79
Milk Shake$3.19
Premium Pure-Squeezed Orange JuiceRegular$1.89

Popular Menu Items

Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can find what you are looking for at IHOP any time of day. The menu is huge and there is something for everyone. Perhaps best known for their sweet breakfast choices like pancakes, crepes, French toast and waffles, IHOP offers much more.

Those looking for lighter fare will appreciate the sandwiches, salads and soups sections of the menu. A kid’s menu and a senior menu make choosing a great budget friendly meal easy. Another reason why IHOP is known to be family friendly.

Here are some great picks from the menu:

T-Bone Steak & Eggs

If you love a breakfast feast with both your sweets and savory bases covered, give this huge combo a try.

Have your T-Bone steak cooked to order and served with three eggs cooked how you please with a side of three buttermilk pancakes. $14.29.

Harvest Grain ‘N Nut® Pancakes

Here is a choice for the health conscious, or for those that just love the deep nutty flavors of hearty grains, oats, ground almonds and walnuts that make these wholesome pancakes full of fiber and delicious.

A stack of four is just $7.29.

Berries & Cream Belgian Waffle

A crisp and tender thick Belgian waffle meets its perfect companions: fresh berries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.

You can get it as a combo with eggs and a breakfast meat, or just have it on its own for $6.49.

Honey Lime Chicken Salad

Folks stopping in to IHOP for lunch or dinner will appreciate this hearty and flavor packed entrée sized salad option.

Have it with grilled or fried chicken and enjoy the delicious honey and lime dressing for $8.99.

55+ Rise ‘N Shine

One of the great things about the IHOP menu is the large selection of senior discount meals.

This is a popular breakfast favorite that includes two eggs cooked to order, crispy hash browns, toast, and a choice of bacon or sausage. A real bargain at $5.89.

IHOP’s History

The first IHOP was founded by Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin and Albert Kallis in 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Fun fact: The first location of Bob’s Big Boy was right across the street! Although the menu was originally focused on pancakes alone, the menu expanded along with the growth of the chain to include a wider breakfast menu as well as including lunch and dinner options that are available on the menu today.

Most IHOP locations are franchised, but the company is owned by DineEquity with headquarters in Glendale, California. As of 2016 there are 1,650 locations, including several international locations across the globe.