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You have found the right place for the up to date menu with prices for El Pollo Loco®. With roots in Mexico, El Pollo Loco serves up flame grilled chicken and shrimp quickly for pick up or casual dining in. Some locations even have drive-through windows if you are in a hurry.

Watch as the tender marinated chicken is grilled right before your eyes. Your mouth will be watering long before you even place your order from the delicious smells of chicken on the flame. Salsas, guacamole and dressings are all made in house from fresh ingredients. You won’t be having guacamole out of a can at El Pollo Loco!

Below you will find the full menu along with some customer favorites that we recommend:


3 Course Family Meals

Includes Cheese Enchiladas, Sides & Churros
8 pc Legs & Thighs$20
12 pc Legs & Thighs$27.99

5 Under 500 Calories

Double Chicken Avocado SaladChopped double portion of chicken breast, avocado, gourmet greens, corn, pico, sour cream, cilantro. cal. 380*$6.79
Chicken Black Bean BowlChopped chicken breast, avocado, rice, cotija, pico, black beans, broccoli. cal. 480*$6.49
Chicken Mango Grilled TostadaChopped chicken breast, avocado, mango salsa, black beans, lettuce, cotija, grilled whole wheat tortilla. cal. 470*$6.79
Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado BurritoChopped chicken breast, avocado, black beans, cabbage, pico, lettuce, sour cream, poblano salsa, whole wheat tortilla. cal. 490*$6.59
Skinny Chicken QuesadillaChopped chicken breast, jack cheese, pico, cabbage, onion, cotija, poblano salsa, cilantro, lettuce, grilled whole wheat tortilla. cal. 460*$6.59
*Dressings and modifications will alter calorie count.

Classic Combos

Original Pollo BowlIncludes tortillas or chips.$5.39
Mexican Caesar BowlIncludes tortillas or chips.$5.39
Ranchero BowlIncludes tortillas or chips.$5.39
Classic Chicken BurritoIncludes chips.$5.99


Grande Chicken Avocado Tacocal. 310$3.29
Grande Shrimp Avocado Tacocal. 320$3.79
Loco Street Tacocal. 160$1.79
Chicken Taco al Carboncal. 160$1.59
Crunchy Tacocal. 200$1.99


AvocadoAvocado, pinto beans, pico, cabbage, cilantro, cheese, creamy cilantro dressing. Cal. 950/950Chicken $6.19, Baja Shrimp $7.19
Spicy ChipotleRice, pinto beans, pico, sour cream, cilantro, cheese, chipotle salsa. Cal. 860/860Chicken $6.19, Baja Shrimp $7.19
Poblano AvocadoAvocado, rice, pinto beans, corn, cilantro, onion, cheese, poblano salsa. Cal. 910/910Chicken $6.19, Baja Shrimp $7.19
RancheroCheese, rice, pinto beans, cabbage, pico, poblano cream, cilantro, enchilada sauce. Cal. 880/890Shredded Chicken $5.99, Baja Shrimp $6.79
BRCBeans, rice, cheese. Cal. 430$1.99
Chicken Tamales$2.49 each, $8.99 4 tamales

Family Meals

Includes warm tortillas. cal. 170-410 per serving.
8 pc + 2 large sides (feeds 3 to 4)Leg & Thigh $19.99, Mixed $21.99
10 pc + 2 large sides (feeds 4 to 5)Leg & Thigh $21.99, Mixed $23.99
12 pc + 3 large sides (feeds 5 to 6)Leg & Thigh $24.99, Mixed $24.99
16 pc + 3 large sides (feeds 6 to 8)Leg & Thigh $29.99, Mixed $32.99
Chicken Only 8 pcs Tortillas extra (feeds 3 to 4)Leg & Thigh $12.99, Mixed $13.99

Chicken Citrus-Marinated Fire-Grilled

Chicken Combos

2 pc ComboIncludes 2 small sides & small drink. cal.1360 / cal. 500-1370Leg & Thigh $6.99, Breast & Wing $7.99
3 pc Combocal. 700-1570-cal. 730/1600Leg & Thigh $7.99, 2 Breasts & 1 Wing $8.99
4 pc Half Chicken ComboCal. 910-18901 Leg, 1 Thigh, 1 Breast, 1 Wing $9.99
Skinless Breast ComboWith broccoli & side salad$6.99


Tostada SaladPinto beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, pico. Cal. 880/ 910*Chicken $6.29, Baja Shrimp $7.89
Avocado Bacon Tostada SaladBacon, avocado, rice, pinto beans, pico. Cal. 830/950*Chicken $6.89, Baja Shrimp $7.39
Ultimate Double Tostada SaladAvocado, pinto beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, pico cal. 1030/1070*Double Chicken $6.99, Double Baja Shrimp $8.99


Avocado QuesadillaCheese, avocado, cabbage, pico, creamy cilantro dressing. Cal 960/980Chicken $6.09, Baja Shrimp $7.09


Mexican Cobb SaladAvocado, bacon, black beans, cheese, pico, tortillaChicken $6.99, Baja Shrimp $7.99
Classic SaladCorn, pico, cotija, tortilla strips, cilantroChicken $6.29, Baja Shrimp $7.29


Ultimate Double BowlAvocado, pinto beans, rice, cabbage, sour cream, cheese, pico. Cal 970/1010Double Chicken $6.79, Double Baja Shrimp $8.79
Grande Avocado BowlAvocado, sour cream, corn, cheese, cabbage, pico, rice, pinto beans. Cal 850/900Chicken $6.49, Baja Shrimp $7.49

Baja Shrimp

Two Shrimp Avocado TacosShrimp, avocado, cheese, pico, cabbage, poblano cream. Cal. 640$6.79
Shrimp Tostada SaladShrimp, sour cream, cheese, pico, rice, pinto beans. Cal. 910*$7.89
Shrimp Avocado BurritoShrimp, avocado, pinto beans, pico, cabbage, cilantro, cheese, creamy cilantro dressing. Cal. 950$7.19
Ultimate Double Shrimp BowlDouble shrimp, avocado, sour cream, cheese, pinto beans, rice, cabbage, pico. Cal. 1010$8.79

Grill Master Pollo Bowls

Fajita BowlChicken, avocado, fajita vegetables, sour cream, cheese, cabbage, pico, pinto beans, rice.$6.49
Unwrapped Burrito BowlChicken, avocado, cheese, cabbage, pico, poblano salsa, pinto beans, rice, whole wheat tortilla.$6.49
Ultimate Double BowlDouble chicken, avocado, sour cream, cheese, cabbage, pico, pinto beans, rice$6.79
Mashed Potato BowlChicken, broccoli, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy.$6.49
Grande Avocado BowlChicken, avocado, sour cream, corn, cheese, cabbage, pico, rice, pinto beans.$6.49


Tortilla SoupSmall $3.49 cal. 210, Large $5.99 cal. 450
Chips & Guacamolecal. 740$2.99
Tortilla Rollcal. 400$2.39


2 Churroscal. 300$1.49

Kid's Meals

2 Legscal 310-740$4.39
Mini Pollo Bowlcal. 450-660$4.39
BRC Burritocal. 450-780$4.39


CornSmall $2.09, Large $3.89
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Loco Side Salad
Macaroni & Cheese
Baja Shrimp now available on your Favorite Menu Items


Diet Coke
Dr Pepper
Vitamin Water
Coca-Cola Zero
Coca-Cola Cherry
Vitamin Water Zero
Minute Maid Lemonade
Gold Peak Tea
Nestle Pure Life

Popular Menu Items

El Pollo Loco marinates their chicken in a house-made citrus and spice marinade before fire grilling it. Shrimp, cooked Baja style, is also available for substitution on most of the plates, salads and bowls. A salsa bar in each restaurant means you can pick the flavors you like best to pair with your meal.

For customers looking for light and healthy fare, the menu offers 5 options in the Under 500 Calories menu, none of which compromise on flavor. The Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito has lots of protein with both chicken and beans, and plenty of bright taste with mango salsa and fresh avocado.

Double Chicken Avocado Salad

This is a favorite dish on the Under 500 Calories menu. It features a double portion of chopped chicken with gourmet greens. It’s topped with corn, pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado and cilantro. Don’t forget to stop at the salsa station to customize the flavor to your taste. $6.79.

Grill Master Grande Avocado Bowl

This feast starts with heaping servings of Mexican rice and pinto beans topped with grilled chicken, corn, sour cream, cheese, fresh shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and plenty of fresh sliced avocado. You won’t walk away from this meal hungry. $6.49 with chicken, or have it with Baja shrimp for $7.49.

16 Piece Chicken Meal

If you need to feed a crowd in a hurry, this is a great option sure to please everyone. On top of 16 pieces of fresh citrus marinated and fire-grilled chicken, you get to choose 3 large sides. Warm tortillas and fresh salsa made in-house complete this meal for a large family. $29.99 for drumsticks and thighs or $32.99 for a mixed selection of white and dark meat.

El Pollo Loco’s History

The roots of El Pollo Loco are actually in Mexico. The first restaurant was opened in 1975 by Juan Francisco Ochoa in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico. The first restaurant in the United States opened in 1980 after the chain had expanded to several locations in Northern Mexico. This Los Angeles location was so popular that it cleared $2 million in sales in the first year alone.

The American El Pollo Loco restaurants were acquired by Denny’s in 1983. In 1999, with over 200 locations, the chain was sold to American Securities Capital Partners, and in 2005 it was sold again to Trimaran Capital Partners. The company moved to a franchise model in the mid-1980s and became publically traded on NASDAQ in 2014.

As of 2015, there are over 400 El Pollo Loco restaurants in operation throughout the United States.