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Find Bob Evans' Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

You have come to the right place to view the full menu complete with prices for Bob Evans®. You will find friendly service and American homestyle classic dinners and breakfast favorites served in a casual and family friendly atmosphere at Bob Evans.

Bob Evans offers a wide variety of foods so everyone will find something they love on the menu. Breakfast served all day means if you sleep in you can still get your favorite breakfast foods at any time of day. Bob Evans is a great place for friends to meet up, or a family gathering.

Below you will find the full menu with prices, as well as some top picks from the menu.

Prices may vary by location. Consult your location's menu & your server for exact pricing.


Farm-Fresh Egg* Breakfasts

The Rise & Shine$6.49
Farmer's Choice Breakfast$7.79
Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs$8.29
The Homestead Breakfast$7.99

More Farm-Fresh Egg* Combination Plates

One Egg, Bob Evans Sausage or bacon and two biscuits$3.99
Two Eggs, Home Fries and two Biscuits$4.79
Two Eggs, Bob Evans Sausage or bacon and two biscuits$5.49
Three Eggs, Bob Evans Sausage or bacon$5.79
Three Eggs, Bob Evans Sausage or bacon and two biscuits$7.49

Homestyle Favorites

Sunshine Skillet®$6.99
Pot Roast Hash$6.99
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Breakfast$5.79
Country Biscuit Breakfast$4.49


Meat Lovers' BOBurrito®$5.99
Western BOBurrito$5.99
Border Scramble® Burrito$6.29

Stuffed 3-Egg Omelets

Border Scramble®$7.99
Farmer's Market$7.99
Turkey & Spinach$7.99
Garden Harvest$7.49
Bob Evans Sausage & Cheddar Cheese$7.29
Ham & Cheddar Cheese$7.29
Three Cheese$5.99

Stacked & Stuffed Hot Cakes*

Cinnamon Cream$6.29
Blueberry Cream$6.29
Caramel Banana Pecan Cream$6.29

Hot Off The Griddle

Buttermilk Hotcakes$4.99
Multigrain Hotcakes$4.99
Plump Blueberry Hotcakes$5.49
Sweet Cinnamon Hotcakes$5.49
French ToastReg$4.99
Add blueberry or seasonal topping$0.99
Stuffed French Toast
Blueberry Stuffed French Toast$5.79
Seasonal Stuffed French Toast$5.79
Belgian WaffleReg$4.99
Add blueberry or seasonal topping$0.99
Golden Cornmeal Mush$3.29
Blueberry Crepes$5.29
Seasonal Crepes$5.29

Breakfast Savors®

Bob Evans Egg Lites® Combo$5.99
Sweet Cinnamon Swirl$1.99
Topped Quaker® Oatmeal**Bowl$3.79
Biscuit Sandwich$2.99
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy & Biscuits$2.99
Two Eggs* & Two Biscuits$2.99
Griddle & Meat$3.99
The Mini Sampler$4.99
Classic Breakfast$4.99

A La Carte

Bob Evans Famous Breakfast Meats$2.59
Specialty Breakfast Breads$1.59
Breakfast Sides$1.99
Quaker® Oatmeal** or Grits**Bowl$3.29


Fresh Fruit Plate$6.99
Fresh Fruit Cup$3.49
Veggie Omelet$7.29
Pick-Three Breakfast Combo$5.49
Fruit & Yogurt Crepe with Quaker® Oatmeal**$5.99
Blueberry-Banana French Toast$4.99

From The Farm


Apple-Cranberry Spinach SaladReg$7.79
Savor Size$6.79
Fresh Fruit Plate$6.99
Chicken, Spinach & tomato Pasta$5.99
Soup & Side Combo$4.49
Cup of Soup$5.99
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
Farm Festival Bean Soup
Lunch Sides
Fresh Fruit Dish
Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt
Steamed Broccoli Florets
Baked Potato (plain)
Fresh Garden Salad


Grilled Salmon Fillet8 Oz$9.99
Potato-Crusted Flounder$9.29
Grilled Chicken Breast$7.49

Soups & Salads

Big Farm Salads™

Cranberry Pecan Chicken SaladReg$8.29
Savor Size$7.29
Country Caesar SaladReg$6.99
Savor Size$5.99
Heritage Chef Salad®Reg$7.79
Savor Size$6.79
Cobb SaladReg$7.79
Savor Size$6.79
Country Spinach SaladReg$7.79
Savor Size$6.79
Wildfire Chicken Salad

Signature Soups

Bob Evans Sausage ChiliBowl$3.49
Farm Festival Bean Soup
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup


Pick Two Combo$5.29
Half-Sandwich Combo$6.29


Specialty Sandwich Platters

Slow-Roasted Turkey Bacon Melt$7.99
Chicken Club SandwichReg$8.29
Without Bacon & Cheese$7.29
Fish Market Haddock Sandwich$7.99
Bob's BLT & E$6.99
Grilled Cheese$5.49
Bob-B-Q® Pulled Pork Sandwich$7.29
Bob Evans Pot Roast Sandwich$7.99

Steak Burgers

All-American Bacon Cheeseburger$7.79
Classic Cheeseburger$6.99
Old-Fashioned Steak Burger$6.49

Knife & Fork Sandwiches

Slow-Roasted Turkey$6.79
Homemade Meat Loaf$5.99
Bob-B-Q Pulled Pork Sandwich$6.29


Slow-Roasted Dinners

Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast$9.79
Slow-Roasted Chicken Pot Pie$6.99

Deep-Dish Pastas™

Chicken & Broccoli AlfredoReg$8.49
Savor Size$6.49
Chicken ParmesanReg$7.99
Savor Size$6.99
Spaghetti with Meat SauceReg$6.99
Savor Size$5.99
Pot Roast StroganoffReg$9.49
Savor Size$7.49

Deep-Dish Dinners®

Pot Roast Beef Stew Deep-Dish Dinner$6.99
Chicken-N-Noodles Deep Dish Dinner$5.99

Homestyle Appetizers

Loaded Baked Potato Bites$4.99
County Fair Cheese Bites$5.99
Itsy Bitsy Sandwiches$6.99
Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Fries$3.99
Wildfire Chicken Quesadilla$6.99

Bob Evans Classics

Country-Fried Steak$8.99
Meat Loaf & GravyReg$9.29
One-piece Dinner$7.29
Open-Faced Roast Beef$8.79
Fried ChickenReg$8.99
One-piece Dinner$7.49
Grilled ChickenReg$8.99
One-piece Dinner$7.49
One-piece Dinner$4.99
Crispy Chicken Strips$7.99


Potato-Crusted Flounder$9.29
Salmon Fillet$9.99
Fish Market Haddock$8.99

Savory Sides

Homestyle Mashed Potatoes With GravyA La Carte$1.99
Crispy French Fries
Crispy Onion Petals
Golden-Brown Home Fries
Baked Potato
Add Bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream & scallions for only 50¢
Bread & Celery DressingA La Carte$1.99
Garden Vegetables
Buttered Sweet Corn
Steamed Broccoli Florets
Glazed Baby Carrots
Green Beans with Ham
Fresh Garden Salad
Add Bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream & scallions for only 50¢
Bob Evans Signature ColeslawA La Carte$1.99
Fresh Fruit Dish
Cottage Cheese


Double Crust Apple PieA la mode$3.59
A la mode$3.59
Double Crust Cherry PieWhole$10.99
SundaeCaramel or Chocolate$1.29
Chocolate Bread PuddingPlain$1.29
Coconut Cream PieSlice$2.79
French Silk PieSlice$2.79
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies4$5.97
Peanut Butter Brownie Bites$4.00
Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae$3.00
Chocolate Chunk Cookies1$0.99





2% White$1.99
1% Chocolate

Hot Beverages

Caramel Mocha$2.49
Hot Chocolate$1.89
Twinings® of London Hot Tea$1.69
Signature Coffee by Bob Evans®$1.69

Ice-Cold Beverages

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea32 Oz. Travel Cup$1.99
Freshly Brewed Sweet Tea
Ice-Cold Lemonade
Arnold Palmer
Soft Drinks

Iced Coffee

French Vanilla

Family-Sized Meals To Go

Deep Dish Pastas

Spaghetti with Meat SauceA La Carte$10.99
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo$12.99
Pot Roast Stroganoff$13.99
Chicken Parmesan$14.99
Add a fresh garden salad and Parmesan-crusted garlic bread to any pasta for $4 more
Bob-B-Q Family Meal Deal$10.99

Family-Size Lunch & Dinner Items

Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast & DressingA La Carte$14.99
1 Side$20.99
2 Sides$24.99
Roast BeefA La Carte$13.99
1 Side$19.99
2 Sides$23.99
Meat Loaf (6 Slices0A La Carte$13.99
1 Side$19.99
2 Sides$23.99
Country-Fried Steak (3 pcs)A La Carte$13.99
1 Side$19.99
2 Sides$23.99
Chicken Breasts (6) ( Grilled or Fried)A La Carte$13.99
1 Side$19.99
2 Sides$23.99
Chicken Strips (12)A La Carte$12.99
1 Side$18.99
2 Sides$22.99

Family-Size Breakfast Items

Breakfast Meat$7.99
Scrambled Eggs$5.99

Additional Breakfast Items

Sweet Cinnamon Swirls6$8.99
Fresh FruitQuart$5.99
Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt$5.99
Golden-Brown Home Fries$5.99
Sausage Gravy$5.99
BiscuitsHalf Dozen$2.99
Specialty BreadLoaf$4.99

Savory Sides

Homestyle Mashed Potatoes With Gravy$5.99
Golden-Brown Home Fries
Bread & Celery Dressing
Garden Vegetables
Buttered Sweet Corn
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw
Fresh Fruit
Steamed Broccoli Florets
Glazed Baby Carrots
Green Beans with Ham
Fresh Garden Salad
Baked Potatoes3

A La Carte

Cranberry Relish$6.99
Rolls or BiscuitsHalf Dozen$2.99
Specialty BreadLoaf$4.99

Popular Menu Items

Breakfast fans love Bob Evans and you can have all of your breakfast favorites any time of day on the extensive breakfast menu. However, don’t overlook the many great homestyle favorites on the lunch and dinner menus as well. The portions are generous and the food tastes like mom used to make.

Parents will appreciate the kid’s menu as well. And, don’t forget to save plenty of room for a nice dessert!

Here are some top picks from the menu:

The Homestead Breakfast

This breakfast deal is hearty enough to keep a farmhand fueled through lunchtime. Its name is a nod to the original farmhouse roots of Bob Evans. It comes with two eggs cooked how you like them, a breakfast meat of your choice, a side from the breakfast menu, a cup of sausage gravy and an order of two flaky biscuits. Just $7.99.

Multigrain Hotcakes

You won’t feel like you are compromising flavor for this whole grain choice. These pancakes include granola and sunflower seeds for some crunch in every bite, flax seeds for a fiber boost, and sesame seeds for that nutty flavor. You get a stack of four for $4.99.

Blueberry Stuffed French Toast

Two thick slices of brioche bread are stuffed with a sweet blueberry filling, dipped in egg batter, and then grilled to a golden brown. Perfect for the person that loves a sweet start to the day. Have it topped with whipped cream and enjoy it with regular, sugar free or blueberry syrup for $5.79.

Country Spinach Salad

Salad lovers will appreciate this healthy salad made on a bed of baby spinach. Topped with grilled chicken, bacon, hardboiled egg, almonds and green onions, this salad won’t leave you hungry or missing out on flavor. Have it in the full size for $7.79 or in a smaller savor size for $6.79.

Pot Roast Stroganoff

Comfort food at its best! Tender braised beef in a rich mushroom gravy with all of your favorite winter vegetables is served over egg noodles. Let Bob Evans do the cooking for you for this autumn favorite. Get a savor size for $7.49 or a regular for $9.49.

Bob Evan’s History

Bob Evans first became known for the quality of his sausage which he served up at a truck stop diner near his farm in Rio Grande, Ohio first opened in 1946. He scaled up his sausage making by teaming up with his cousin, Tim Evans, who owned a meat packing company. Unable to find local restaurants to buy his quality sausage for the additional cost of the high quality ingredients, Evans eventually opened his own full restaurant in 1962 right on the Evans family farm.

The 100th Bob Evans restaurant opened in 1983. Since 1971 an annual sausage event is held on location at the farm. The restaurant slogan “Down on the Farm” represents the rural roots of the chain. Other holdings of the Bob Evans Farms company include Bob Evans Sausage, Owens Country Sausage, and Mimi’s Café.