BurgerFi Menu & Prices

Find BurgerFi Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you have a hankering for a burger then check out BurgerFi’s menu prices and offerings below!
Each of BurgerFi’s 90 restaurants use a “chef-driven” menu featuring items like their famous Crispy Fries and Double-Battered Onion Rings.

Every side is always brought to your table steaming hot and crunchy with their delicious chef-created sauces. And the burgers… The fan-favorite burgers range from dinner specialties like their BurgerFi Bacon Cheeseburger all the way down to a breakfast special: The Breakfast All Day Burger.

Tender 100% natural Angus beef is what’s in store for BurgerFi beef lovers. So if you are planning to indulge on a BurgerFi favorite like their Vegifi burger and/or a Vienna Hot Dog then check out their comprehensive menu below.



BurgerFi Cheeseburger$6.97
Conflicted Burger$7.47
VegeFi Burger$6.97
Breakfast All Day Burger$7.67
BurgerFi Burger$5.97

Hot Dogs

Natural Vienna Beef Dog New York Style$3.97
Natural Vienna Beef Dog Texas Style$3.97

French Fries And Onion Rings

Hand-Cut FriesRegular$3.27
Hand-Cut FriesLarge$4.37
Hand-Cut FriesBucket$6.57
Onion RingsRegular$4.37
Onion RingsLarge$4.97

Shakes And Custard

Red Velvet Shake$4.47
Vanilla Shake$4.47
Chocolate Shake$4.47
Banana Shake$4.47
Black & White Shake$4.47
Strawberry Shake$4.47
Coffee Mocha Shake$4.47
Red Velvet Concrete$5.57
Key Lime Concrete$5.57
(Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete$5.57
Custard CupsSmall$3.47
Custard CupsRegular$4.47
Custard CupsLarge$5.47
Custard Floats$4.47

Soda, Beer And Wine

Coca-Cola Freestyle$2.77
Coca-Cola Real Cane Sugar Sodas$2.67

Popular Menu Items

Every burger on the BurgerFi menu is made with only the highest quality ingredients, using the TOP 1% of beef that’s been verified, checked, and never comes from animals that were treated with antibiotics or hormones.

It’s also just a generally cool place to be in. The sustainable atmosphere and the comfort-food is what makes a trip to BurgerFi one that you’ll remember.

BurgerFi is an expert at making simple and deliciously American favorites like the CEO Burger; a creation that has a Double Wagyu Brisket/Burger blend under Homemade Candied Bacon-Tomato Jam, Truffle Aioli, and Aged Swiss Cheese. Yum!

Some more BurgerFi favorites:

Conflicted Burger

Are you a “food hypocrite” and like marrying carnivorous beef eating with vegetarian fare… and do so at the same time? Well then, this one’s for you. The Conflicted Burger at BurgerFi is right up your twistedly original palette’s alley. They’ve got a sense of humor… one that tastes delicious. And as the title says, it’s “conflicted…” Hmmm. While many would think of words like, “weird” or “strange,” if you devour this BurgerFi hybrid you’ll think it’s delicious. Because it is.

Natural Vienna Beef Dog

Don’t want a burger? Even though they think that’s impossible, the folks at BurgerFi have crafted a non-burger-creation that, while messy, is undeniably finger licking good. Why not go “Texas Style!” Get that deliciously golden brown bun and load it down with Chili, Cheese, Hot Sauce and indulge in a spicy Vienna Hot Dog Experience.


Hands down, the Cry+Fry is the best side that anyone person can get at BurgerFi. It’s the best of both worlds… the “French Fry” and “Onion Ring” worlds that is. The Crispy Golden Onion Rings are fried to snap crackling perfection and sit atop a bed of fresh and crispy French Fries. Get both at the same time!

Burgerfi’s History

Burgerfi is an American fast casual restaurant chain focused on providing high quality Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, French Fries, “Vienna Style” Hot Dogs, and Custard. The first location was opened in 2011 in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida.

Since then, they have rapidly expanded making BurgerFi one of the fastest growing food chains in America.

Being socially responsible and eco-friendly, BurgerFi not only delights customers through their food but also through the eco-friendly decor; employing seats made out of 111 upcycled Coca-Cola bottles, and interior walls made out of #2 Pine Lumber. Using only 100% energy efficient LED lighting, the dining experience at BurgerFi is one which visually says, “that they care.”