Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Menu & Prices

Find Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse’s menu prices are probably the simplest you’ll find in any industry, and that’s because they have only a few items on them. Don’t let this lead you to believe that the menu is going to be devoid of variety. Those few items that are on this menu represent a parade of salads, meats, and desserts that will leave you smiling and content, ready to rave to your friends and family about this fantastic new restaurant you’ve discovered. So when you head out to the Chima Brazilian Steakhouse, you’ll know precisely what you’re going to pay, and outside of your wine order, there won’t be any surprises. It’s a simple and straightforward dining experience that doesn’t skimp on variety or flavor.


Full Dinner & Dessert

Includes appetizers, salad bar, Rodizio (meats), side dishes, and dessert.
3-Course MealPer Person$54.90
3-Course Meal (Restaurant Week, No Dessert)Per Person$35.00


Nobilissima Pinot Grigio, ItalyBottle$30.00
Bertolani Dolce Fiore Lambrusco, ItalyBottle$30.00
Lionel Osmin Malbec, FranceBottle$30.00

Popular Menu Items

Your options are simple, $54.90 for a full 3-course meal, and $35.00 for a 3-course meal during the week with no dessert. Other than that the only thing you pay extra for is beverages and wine. Everything else is included in this price making Chima’s Brazilian Steakhouse one of the simplest stops you’ll ever make as far as fiscal planning goes. Below you’ll find an assortment of items that come with this price; we listed a few of our favorite items in the hopes they’d tantalize your palate as well.

Our favorite items on their menu include:


Deliciously seasoned, slow-roasted, and brought out to your table still dripping with juices, their ribeye steak offering is one of the most popular items on their menu, in part due to the freshness of the meat and the unique method of delivery they provide. If you love freshly roasted ribeye, you’re going to love this.

Price included in the base price

Eggplant Salad

Sometimes you want greens that aren’t just another House or Caesar salad, and Chima Brazilian Steakhouse knows how to provide just that. Everything they provide on their menu is rich and delicious, and this particular salad can almost be considered a signature dish on their salad bar. Indulge in this or one of their other parade of delicious salads as part of your regular meal.

Leg of Lamb

Lamb is an item that simply doesn’t make it onto enough menus, but Chima’s makes it a centerpiece of their series of meats. Deliciously seasoned and gently roasted until it’s fall off the bone tender, you’re going to savor every moment of dining on this offering.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is a classic dessert in the United States and brings a wonderfully creamy and tangy close to a meal you can’t get from any other dessert. You’ll be waiting through all the other courses to get to this wonderful finish, and we can’t blame you a bit!

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse’s History

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is one of those restaurants that got its start with an owner who fell in love with Brazilian cuisine and wanted to bring their unique method of dining to the US. Since then they have been refining both their menu and their process to create one of the singularly unique dining experiences you’ve ever had, with flavors and dishes both local and exotic. When you’re trying to impress guests, create a special environment for an event, or want to indulge in a delicious parade of food without having to pick and choose, this steakhouse is going to be your first stop. Don’t wait another day to experience this great restaurant, make a reservation today.