Chuck E Cheese's Menu & Prices

Find Chuck E Cheese's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

We have all you need to know about the Chuck E. Cheese menu with prices. Chuck E. Cheese serves pizza, sandwiches and desserts in a carnival like atmosphere with plenty of games to entertain the kids.

If you are looking for a place to host a party for your kids, without the bother of cleaning up the mess, consider Chuck E. Cheese. They have all the entertainment and games along with food that both the kids and the adults will enjoy.

The menu at Chuck E. Cheese includes party favorites like pizza, cakes and ice cream along with great sandwiches, wings and sides. This is a great place for a family outing or a kid-centered community event.

Below you will find the full menu along with some hand-picked favorites:


Pizzas & Salad

Make Any Individual, Large or Extra Large Pizza Thin & Crispy. Note: these items vary from day to day
Individual6 slices - Add Topping $0.89$5.99
Medium10 slices - Add Topping $1.79$9.99
Large12 slices - Add Topping $1.99$12.99
Extra Large16 slices - Add Topping $1.99$15.99


Black Olives
Canadian Bacon
Crispy Onions
Fresh Spinach
Green Peppers
Red Onions

Specialty Pizzas

Super ComboPepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Red Onions & Green Peppers Medium - $12.99, Large - $16.99, Extra Large - $19.99
All-Meat ComboPepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Beef & Bacon
Bbq ChickenBbq Sauce, Chicken, Crispy Onions & Green Peppers
Cali AlfredoSpinach, Alfredo Sauce, Sausage, Mushrooms & Chicken
VeggieBlack Olives, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green Peppers & Tomatoes
Salad BarAdd Chicken for $1.79$6.99 Per Person

Wings & More


Traditional or Boneless. Sauces: Buffalo - Bbq - Sweet Chili
SmallServes Approx. 2$8.99
FamilyServes Approx. 4$17.49
PartyServes Approx. 6$25.99
XL PartyServes Approx. 8$34.49


Cheesy Bread6 Sticks$5.49
Buffalo Cheesy Bread$6.99
Parmesan Breadsticks8 Sticks$4.49
Large Fries$2.49
Chicken Nuggets$8.99, Kids' Sizes - $3.99
Pretzel Dog$3.99


All served with your choice of Fresh Fruit, Carrot Slims or French Fries
Chicken Caesar Wrap$6.99
Bbq Chicken Ciabatta$6.99
Italian Sub Ciabatta$6.99
Club Wrap$6.99


Sample PlatterWings, Breadsticks, Fries, Celery$17.99, Family Size - $9.99
Veggie Platter$15.99
Sandwich PlatterServed With French Fries$19.99


Churros4 Sticks$2.99
Apple Pizza6 Slices
Cinnamon Breadsticks6 Sticks
8" Round Cake 10 Slices$9.99
1/4 Sheet Cake18 - 20 Slices$16.99
Ice Cream Cup$0.99
Gluten-Free Cupcake$2.99


Kids Soft DrinkIced Tea - Bottled Water - Milk Apple Juice - Coffee$1.79
Adult Soft Drink$1.99
Regular Beer$2.99
Large Beer$3.99

Eat & Play Values

1 - 30 TokensLarge 1-Topping Pizza - 4 Soft Drinks$29.99
2 - 80 TokensLarge 1-Topping Pizza - 4 Soft Drinks$39.99
3 - 80 Tokens2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas - 4 Soft Drinks$49.99
4 - 15 Game TokensMedium 1-Topping Pizza, 2 Soft Drinks$19.99
Upgrade any Large Pizza to a Extra Large for just $3.
Substitute Milk or Apple Juice for kids' beverage.

Token Packages

30 Tokens$10.00, Each - $0.33
80 Tokens$20.00, Each - $0.25
150 Tokens$30.00, Each - $0.20

Popular Menu Items

If you are planning a party at Chuck E. Cheese, there are tons of options designed to make the work easy. There are Eat & Play values that combine pizzas, drinks and tokens for a variety of group sizes which will help you make an economical choice for your group event.

Be sure to check out their sandwiches section for lighter options. You can have your Chicken Caesar Wrap with fresh fruit, carrot sticks or French fries so there are healthy options to choose from.

Here are some favorites from the menu:

Extra Large Pizza

You will want to have enough pizza to share with the whole crowd so go for the extra-large. Chuck E. Cheese has all your favorite toppings like bacon, pepperoni, sausage and green peppers as well as some unexpected favorites like crispy onions and fresh spinach. The extra-large is just $15.99 plus $1.99 per additional topping.

Cali Alfredo Pizza

If you are looking for a delicious white pizza, this is a great choice. It has Alfredo sauce instead of the traditional tomato based sauce and comes with toppings of chicken, sausage, mushrooms and spinach. The medium is $12.99.

Party Wings

Wings make great finger food for a party and Chuck E. Cheese has them in Buffalo, BBQ and Sweet Chili flavors so everyone can get their favorite. The party platter serves 6 for $25.99.

Apple Pizza

If you are looking for something fun to end the meal or offer a supplement to cake at your party, try the Apple Pizza. It has warm cinnamon apples, a shortbread topping and a glaze of icing for an out of the ordinary sweet treat. $2.99.

Chuck E. Cheese’s History

The first Chuck E. Cheese’s originated in San Jose, California as the brain child of Nolan Bushnell, who is also famous for his groundbreaking work at Atari during that time. In fact, according to an interview he did for The Atlantic in 2013, he was looking for a way to create a venue for the video game machines that Atari was distributing at the time.

In 1984 Chuck E. Cheese’s merged with the Showbiz Pizza Place chain and by the early 1990’s had renamed all of the locations Chuck E. Cheese’s. As of 2014 there were 577 Chuck E. Cheese locations.

Fun Fact: The original mascot for the chain was supposed to be a coyote but the costume store where Bushnell ordered the exterior for the animatronics team sent over a rat instead. After briefly considering the name of “Rick Rat’s Pizza,” Bushnell went with Chuck E. Cheese’s on the advice of some sensible co-workers.