Coco's Bakery Restaurant Menu & Prices

Find Coco's Bakery Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Coco’s Bakery menu prices are going to make it dangerously easy for you to over-indulge. With a menu containing so many delicious baked goods as well as a comprehensive lunch and dinner menu rife with dishes from every stage of the food pyramid, you’re going to want sample something from every section of the menu. Coco’s Bakery is one of those restaurants that frequently innovates and works to develop new flavors and concepts in their menu every day, taking established favorites and turning them into something new and wonderful. If you’ve never been to a Coco’s Bakery, then it’s time for you to schedule a visit and try everything on their menu.

Check out their full menu below:



Hot Off The Griddle

Multi-Grain & Nut Pancakes$6.49
Brioche French Toast$5.99
Lumberjack Breakfast$8.99
Belgian Waffle$5.99
Coco’s Cinnamon Roll French Toast$6.99
Denver Potato Pancakes$6.99
Fresh Banana, Walnut & Caramel Brioche French Toast$6.99
Raspberry Stuffed Brioche French Toast$6.99
Fresh Banana, Walnut & Caramel Waffle$6.99
Buttermilk Pancakes$6.49

Traditional Favorites

The Triple Mega Breakfast$7.49
Everyday Breakfast Special$7.49
Classic Breakfast Combos$8.99

Better Than Ordinary

Natural Angus Top Sirloin Steak & Eggs$6.99
Country-Fried Steak & Eggs$6.99
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs$7.99
Prime Rib Hash & Eggs$10.99
Brioche Eggs Benedict$8.99
Natural Angus New York Steak & Eggs$8.49
Fresh Banana, Walnut & Caramel Pancakes$7.49
Raspberry Cheese Blintz Pancakes$7.49
Dutch Apple & Caramel Pancakes$7.49
Turkey Hash & Eggs$8.99
Chorizo Hash & Eggs$8.99

Omelettes & Scrambles

California Omelette$8.69
Meatlovers Omelette$8.49
Vegetable Omelette$8.69
Mushroom & Swiss Omelette$8.99
Denver Omelette$8.49
Mediterranean Omelette$8.69
Smoked Gouda & Hash Omelette$8.99
Pacific Scramble$8.99
Tex Mex Scramble$8.99

Fresh Take On Breakfast

Brioche Breakfast Sandwich$8.99
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Wrap$8.99
American Breakfast Wrap$8.99
Santa Fe Quiche$8.99
Bacon & Eggs Flatbread$8.99

Cocos Healthier Choices

Fit & Lively Multi-Grain & Nut Pancake Combo$5.99
Fit & Lively Tomato Basil Omelette$5.99
Fit & Lively Mushroom & Tomato Scramble$5.99
Fit & Lively Fresh Banana & Oatmeal$5.99
Gluten-Free Pancakes$4.99
Fresh Banana, Walnut & Caramel Gluten-Free Pancakes$5.99
Fit & Lively Turkey Sausage & Eggs$5.99
Sodium Conscious Breakfast Burrito$5.99

Club 55 Breakfast

Florentine Scramble$4.99
Buttermilk Pancake Combo$4.99
Cheese Omelette$5.99
Cocos Breakfast Sampler$5.69
Classic Bacon & Eggs$4.99
Good Morning Breakfast$5.69
Fit & Lively Spinach & Mushroom Omelette$5.99
Fit & Lively Best Of The Morning Breakfast$5.99
Country Fried Steak & Eggs$4.99

Lunch & Dinner

Artisan Bread Sandwiches

California Chicken Ciabatta$8.99
Turkey, Avocado, Jack Croissant$8.69
French Dip$8.69
Prime Rib Brioche Melt$9.49
Santa Fe Melt$7.69
Cocos Club$7.99
Tuna Melt$8.99
Prime Rib Philly Sandwich$8.69
Chicken & Arugula Brioche Sandwich$8.99

Flame-Grilled Burgers

Cocos Original Burger$8.79
Bacon Cheddar Burger$8.69
San Francisco Sourdough Burger$8.99
Prime Rib Mushroom & Swiss Burger$8.99
Prime Rib Bbq Burger$8.99
Cocos Combo With Soup Or Salad$8.79
Turkey Jack Burger$8.99
Smoked Gouda Mushroom Burger$8.79

Hand-Tossed Salads

Spicy Asian Chicken Salad$7.29
Cobb Salad$8.99
Spicy Shrimp And Fresh Avocado Salad$9.49
Tuna Salad$8.49
Tuscan Panzanella Salad$9.29
Soup & Salad Combo$9.29
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.29
Traditional Caesar Salad$7.29

Garden Lunch Trios

Bacon, Arugula, Tomato & Avocado Brioche Trio$7.99
Spicy Asian Chicken Salad Trio$7.99
Three Cheese Brioche Melt$7.99
Turkey Croissant Sandwich Trio$7.99
Wedge Salad Trio$7.49
Tuna Salad Croissant Sandwich Trio$7.99
Santa Fe Quiche Trio$7.49

Natural Angus Steaks

New York Steak$11.99
Top Sirloin Steak$11.99
Hand-Carved Top Sirloin & Hash4 Oz$10.49
Top Sirloin & Wedge Salad5 Oz$9.99
Bone-In Ribeye Steak$13.99
Top Sirloin & Scampi-Style Shrimp Pasta$9.99

Freshly Roasted Prime Rib

12 Oz. Prime Rib Dinner$14.99

St. Louis Ribs

St Louis Ribs$14.99
St. Louis Ribs & Bbq Glazed Chicken$15.99
St. Louis Ribs & Crispy Chicken$15.99
St. Louis Ribs & Crispy Shrimp$15.99

Signature Entrees

Country Ham Dinner$17.99
Parmesan Crusted Chicken$14.99
Chicken Piccata$16.99
Fish & Shrimp Platter$16.99
Grilled Wild Caught Cod$14.99
Scampi-Style Shrimp Pasta$14.99
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$14.99
Grilled Herb Chicken$15.99
Sam Adams Beer-Battered Fish & Chips$13.99
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$16.99
Blackened Baja Barramundi$15.99

Comfort Classics

Country Fried Steak$16.49

Cocos Healthier Choices

Fit & Lively Mushroom Veggie Burger$10.09
Fit & Lively Bistro Salmon With Fresh Tomato Relish$9.99
Fit & Lively Mediterranean Cod$8.79
Fit & Lively Greek Feta Salad$9.89
Fit & Lively Lemon Pepper Barramundi With Ancient Grains Salad$9.89
Natural Angus Seasoned Sirloin Steak$13.99
Lemon Pepper Salmon$13.99

Cocos Signature Everyday Soups

Bowl Of Soup$6.79
Cup Of Soup$4.59


Fresh Garden Salad$9.59
Chicken & Avocado Rolls$9.49
Taste Of Greece!$9.49
Bacon, Bleu Cheese & Arugula Flatbread$9.49
Bbq Chicken Flatbread$9.49
The Works Platter$10.99
Southern-Style Chicken Strips$8.49
Green Chiles & Cheddar Quesadilla$8.29
Crispy Onion Straws$5.49

Club 55

Half Sandwich Combo Turkey$7.99
Country-Fried Steak$8.79
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp$9.79
Grilled Wild Caught Cod$9.79
Club 55 Chef Salad$8.79
Natural Angus Hand-Carved Top Sirloin Steak4 Oz$10.79
Natural Angus Hand-Carved Top Sirloin Steak8 Oz$12.79
Sam Adams Beer-Battered Fish & Chips$9.79
Half Sandwich Combo Tuna$7.99
Half Sandwich Combo Roast Beef$7.99
Southern-Style Chicken Strips$8.79
Classic Spaghetti W/Marinara Sauce$7.79
Classic Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce$7.79
Cheeseburger Combo$8.99
Chopped Steak$8.79
Fit & Lively Herb Chicken$8.79

Cocos Premium Pies

Serves 6 To 8 People

Signature Fruit Pies

Dutch Apple$3.59
No-Sugar-Added Apple$3.59

Signature Pies

Banana Cream$3.79
Chocolate Cream$3.79
Coconut Cream$3.79
Signature Cheese$3.79
Lemon Meringue$3.79
Signature Cheese With Lemon Topping$3.99

Seasonal And Specialty Pies

Caramel Apple Harvest Pie$3.69
Chocolate Chipendipity Pie$3.69
Dark Chocolate Chip Cheese$3.69
Double Chocolate Silk$3.69
Dutch Apple Cranberry Cheese Pie$3.69
Pumpkin Pie$3.69
Pumpkin Harvest Pie$3.69
Pumpkin Swirl$3.69
Classic Pecan$3.69
Dark Chocolate Rasperry Harvest$3.69
Rasperry Swirl Cheese Pie$3.69
Strawberry Chocolate Harvest Pie$3.69
Strawberry Banana Cream Pie$3.69
Strawberry Cheese Pie$3.69
Strawberry Pie$3.69
Peach Cheese Pie$3.69
Peach Pie$3.69
Dutch Peach Pie$3.69
Summer Citrus Pie$3.69
Lemon Cheese Pie$3.69


For Kids 10 and under. All meals include your choice of drink


French Toast$5.25
Oatmeal & Fruit$5.25
Eggs, Fruit & Toast$5.25
Kids Rule! Combo$5.25
Smily Face Buttermilk Pancake$5.25
Pancake Minis$5.25

Add An Extra Side

French Fries$1.49
Mashed Potatoes$1.49
Hash Browns$1.49
Country Potatoes$1.49



Lunch & Dinner

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Stack$6.19
Half Turkey Sandwich$6.19
Kids Rule! Combo$6.19
Chicken Breast$6.19
Chicken Soft Taco$6.19
Chicken Quesadilla$6.19
Three Cheese Pizza$6.19
Macaroni & Cheese$6.19
Crunchy Chicken Strips$6.19


Kids Chocolate Sundae$1.49

Desserts & Bakery Items

Chocolate Chunk Cookies$2.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies$2.49
Blueberry Muffin$2.69
Carrot Apple Nut Muffin$2.69
Honey Bran Muffin$2.69
Banana Walnut Muffin$2.69
Buttery Croissant$2.19
Cinnamon Roll$2.09
Crumble Top Coffee Cake$2.59
Buttermilk Biscuit$2.49
Cocos Sundae$2.49
Ice Cream$1.49

Popular Menu Items

It’s hard to select the best items on this menu, they’re all so incredible and the result of talented chefs slaving away in a kitchen to produce fresh and delicious food. The combination of fresh baked goods and delicious ingredients create an experience that will leave you salivating and happy. We do warn you though, there’s no good way to avoid consuming far more calories than you probably should, but while your hips may hate you, your taste buds will be singing your praises as you indulge in this ultimate menu of comfort food.

Check out their most popular items on the list below:

Fresh Banana & Caramel Pancakes

This is an example of the wonderful things that come out of their breakfast menu, a combination of ingredients that sound fantastic on the surface, and then you realize everything outside the banana is made in their own kitchen fresh every day. When you indulge in this, you’ll be finding a whole new way to eat pancakes that you wish you’d thought of earlier.

Get your stack for $6.99

Lumberjack Breakfast

This hearty breakfast comes with a combination of applewood smoked bacon, country sausage, ham, or turkey sausage served up with fresh country potatoes, farm-fresh eggs, or hash browns along with their classic house brioche French toast topped with powdered sugar and syrup of your choice.

Fill up and start your day for $8.99

Turkey, Avocado, Jack Croissant

One of the benefits of buying a croissant in a bakery is you know that it’s made fresh every day and served up with pride and a dedication to excellence. Tender turkey, creamy avocado, and flavorful Jack cheese come together on this flaky croissant to create what just may be the perfect sandwich.

Get yours for $8.69

Grilled Wild Caught Cod

When we said they cover every meal on their menu, we weren’t exaggerating. This fresh and flaky wild-caught cod came to your table perfectly grilled and seasoned with an array of proprietary flavors to create a wonderful seafood dish to round out your day with.

A steal for just $9.69

Coco’s Bakery’s History

Coco’s Bakery got its start in 1948 as The Snack Shop in California, and has grown rapidly throughout the years that followed. From this initial Corona del Mar, California location on the Pacific Coast Highway it has spread throughout the US, opening a total of 50 locations under the name Coco’s Bakery. Throughout the years they’ve continued to expand their menu and slip their way into the hearts of lovers of baked goods all over the country, and they’re waiting to introduce you to what they can accomplish in their kitchens as well.