Earls Kitchen And Bar Menu & Prices

Find Earls Kitchen and Bar Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Earls Kitchen and Bar menu prices reflect the dedication of a man to providing affording food for young families and single people in a casual dining experience. Wounded in the Korean War, Leroy Earl Fuller set about building a business out of coffee shops and cafes for the farmers in Montana. His skill at building a restaurant business was evident, and he continued to expand his holdings until his family moved to Canada. Ultimately Earls Kitchen and Bar came into existence with its iconic burgers and deep connection to its community. If you love businesses that source their beer and wine locally, make their burgers fresh every day, and are dedicated to keeping their meals tasty and affordable, it’s time to stop in at Earls.

Their full menu can be found below:



Leroy’s Crispy Dry Ribs$11.00
Los Cabos Chicken Tacos$13.00
Chicken And Wontons$12.00
Dynamite Prawn And Mango Roll$13.00
Crispy Chicken Tenders$13.00
Chicken Wings$12.00
Warm Three Cheese And Spinach Dip$12.00
Crispy Tuna Sushi Cone$5.00
BBQ Pork Buns$11.00
Mediterranean Calamari$13.00
Crispy Thai Prawns$13.00
Yam Fries$8.25

Soups, Salads & Breads

Clam Chowder$7.00
Soup, Salad And Sourdough$14.00
Warm Rosemary Oregano Pan Bread$4.00
Mixed Field Greens$9.25
Caesar Salad$9.25
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$15.00
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$16.50
Champagne Berry Spinach Salad$16.50
Prawn and Quinoa Salad$17.50


Prawn And Pesto Pizza$15.00
Italia Pizza$15.00
Margherita Pizza$13.25


Mediterranean Linguini$13.75
Fettuccini Alfredo$13.00
Chicken And Field Mushroom Fettuccini$18.25
Jeera Chicken Curry$17.75
Hunan Kung Pao$13.25
Thai Vegetable Bowl$17.25

Fish, Chicken And Ribs

Cajun Blackened Chicken$22.00
Lois Lake Oceanwise Steelhead Salmon$25.00
Halibut And Chips$23.00
Slow Braised BBQ Back Ribs$30.00
Braised BBQ Back Ribs And Cajun Chicken ComboHalf Order$25.50
Braised BBQ Back Ribs And Cajun Chicken ComboFull Order$35.00

Burgers And Sandwiches

Bigger Better Burger$14.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger$16.00
The Bronx Burger$16.00
Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich$14.50
Chicken, Brie And Fig Sandwich$14.50
Los Cabos Chicken Tacos$15.00
Lobster and Prawn Roll$18.00


Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin$24.00
Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin$26.00
Certified Angus Beef New York Striploin$33.00
Add Boubon Mushroom Sauce$3.00
Add Peppercorn Sauce$3.00
Add Blackening Spice$2.00
Add sautéed prawns$8.00


Granola And Yogurt Parfait$9.00
Croque Madame$13.00
Chorizo And Mushroom Hash$14.00
Eggs Benny$13.00
Sourdough French Toast$12.00
Eggs Florentine$3.00


Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding$8.00
Buttermilk Panna Cotta$8.00
Key Lime Pie$8.00
Hot Toffee Sundae$7.00

Popular Menu Items

The menu at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar doesn’t stop with their burgers, it explores every angle of casual dining and brings delicious seafood, salads, classic sandwiches, and flavors from all over the world to you. Love seafood? Try their Dominical Fish Tacos, Seafood Louie Salad, or Oven Roasted Salmon. Innovative sandwiches? Their Chicken, Brie, and Fig Sandwich will blow your mind while their Reuben takes a classic and reinvents it without abandoning its roots. If you’re looking for an unusual soup experience, they have their Thai Carrot Soup on the menu every day. Of course, this is all alongside classics like delicious cheeseburgers and crispy chicken sandwiches.

Their most popular items stand apart:

BBQ Pork Buns

The menu at Earls never quite seems to stop surprising us, and the BBQ Pork Buns are a great example of that. That classic BBQ Pork flavor comes together with cilantro, hoisin hot sauce, and roasted peanuts to create what may be the perfect appetizer.

A small plate is $4.00; a sharing plate runs to $12.00

Chicken & Field Mushroom Fettuccine

It may seem an odd thing to find on a menu like this, but fettuccine is a classic pasta dish that couldn’t be left out of a casual dining restaurant. It’s a simple enough dish with its creamy Parmesan sauce combined with wilted spinach, and the mushrooms take it to another level.

Get your plate for $19.00

Fenway Burger

This whole thing is a tribute to the art of making a burger, combining aged white cheddar with red pepper relish, arugula, and battered onions ring on top of a hand-smashed patty. It’s everything perfect and wholesome about burgers, and you’ll be ordering it every time.

Get yours for $17.00

Bourbon Mushroom Steak

This, to us, is heaven on a plate. A combination of rich juicy steak and incredible crimini mushrooms brought together with a delicious demi-glace. If you’re a fan of both mushrooms and steak this is going to be the dish that sends you straight to heaven.

Get your plate for $36

Earls Kitchen and Bar’s History

The history of Earl’s Kitchen and Bar goes back to the titular Earl, one Leroy Earl “Bus” Fuller, who founded the business after he returned from the Korean War. Having been wounded he desired to continue serving his community and did so by opening a string of cafes and coffee shops that would feed and serve farmers throughout Montana. He then moved to Canada and began opening a string of A&W Franchises, continuing to demonstrate his talent with the restaurant industry. It wouldn’t be until 1982 that the first Earl’s Kitchen and Bar was opened in Edmonton, AB with its strict set of rules and guidelines that included small craft beers, local wineries, and freshly made burgers ground and seasoned right there on the premises. To top it all off, their business model required that these foods be made available to young families and singles. In the years that followed Earl’s Kitchen and Bar would continue to grow, opening new locations throughout Canada and the United States.