East Of Chicago Pizza Menu & Prices

Find East of Chicago Pizza Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

East of Chicago Pizza has been offering unique pizzas since 1982, all of them delivered in the traditional Chicago style at East of Chicago Pizza’s menu prices. Here you’ll find a delicious array of traditional dishes that include wings, sandwiches, pasta, salad, and sandwiches and are sure to blow your taste buds away. Every day thousands of customers enjoy the delicious offerings this chain provides, whether under the corporate stores of the franchise operations found throughout the eight states they operate in.

If you’re looking for incredible Italian fare from a pizza place that got its start in one of the homes of pizza, then stop in at East of Chicago Pizza.

East of Chicago’s entire menu can be found below:



All Meat6"$6.99
All Meat9"$9.99
All Meat12"$14.99
All Meat14"$17.99
All Meat16"$18.99
All MeatSquare 16"$19.99
All Meat (Chicago Style)$14.99
All Meat (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
All Meat (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
BBQ Chicken6"$6.99
BBQ Chicken9"$9.99
BBQ Chicken12"$14.99
BBQ Chicken14"$17.99
BBQ Chicken16"$18.99
BBQ ChickenSquare 16"$19.99
BBQ Chicken (Chicago Style)$14.99
BBQ Chicken (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
BBQ Chicken (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
DeluxeSquare 16"$19.99
Deluxe (Chicago Style)$14.99
Deluxe (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Deluxe (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
HawaiianSquare 16"$19.99
Hawaiian (Chicago Style)$14.99
Hawaiian (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Hawaiian (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)6"$6.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)9"$9.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)12"$14.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)14"$17.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)16"$18.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken)Square 16"$19.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken) (Chicago Style)$14.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken) (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Taco (Beef or Chicken) (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
The Tower6"$6.99
The Tower9"$9.99
The Tower12"$14.99
The Tower14"$17.99
The Tower16"$18.99
The TowerSquare 16"$19.99
The Tower (Chicago Style)$14.99
The Tower (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
The Tower (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
7 Layer Veggie6"$6.99
7 Layer Veggie9"$9.99
7 Layer Veggie12"$14.99
7 Layer Veggie14"$17.99
7 Layer Veggie16"$18.99
7 Layer VeggieSquare 16"$19.99
7 Layer Veggie (Chicago Style)$14.99
7 Layer Veggie (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
7 Layer Veggie (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
Buffalo Chicken6"$6.99
Buffalo Chicken9"$9.99
Buffalo Chicken12"$14.99
Buffalo Chicken14"$17.99
Buffalo Chicken16"$18.99
Buffalo ChickenSquare 16"$19.99
Buffalo Chicken (Chicago Style)$14.99
Buffalo Chicken (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Buffalo Chicken (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
Chicago Melt6"$6.99
Chicago Melt9"$9.99
Chicago Melt12"$14.99
Chicago Melt14"$17.99
Chicago Melt16"$18.99
Chicago MeltSquare 16"$19.99
Chicago Melt (Chicago Style)$14.99
Chicago Melt (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Chicago Melt (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch6"$6.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch9"$9.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch12"$14.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch14"$17.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch16"$18.99
Chicken Bacon RanchSquare 16"$19.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Chicago Style)$14.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99
Authentic Chicago Style6"$6.99
Authentic Chicago Style9"$9.99
Authentic Chicago Style12"$14.99
Authentic Chicago Style14"$17.99
Authentic Chicago Style16"$18.99
Authentic Chicago StyleSquare 16"$19.99
Authentic Chicago Style (Chicago Style)$14.99
Authentic Chicago Style (Loaded Crust)12"$16.99
Authentic Chicago Style (Loaded Crust)14"$19.99

Build Your Own

CheeseSquare 16"$13.99
Cheese (Chicago Style)$10.99
Cheese (Loaded Crust)12"$11.99
Cheese (Loaded Crust)14"$13.99
Add Topping6"$0.50
Add Topping9"$0.75
Add Topping12"$1.00
Add Topping14"$1.25
Add Topping16"$1.50
Add ToppingSquare 16"$1.75
Add Topping$1.00
Add Topping12"$1.00
Add Topping14"$1.25
Extra Cheese6"$0.50
Extra Cheese9"$0.75
Extra Cheese12"$1.00
Extra Cheese14"$1.25
Extra Cheese16"$1.50
Extra CheeseSquare 16"$1.75
Extra Cheese$1.00
Extra Cheese12"$1.00
Extra Cheese14"$1.25


Extra Toppings: 6? $0.75, 12? $1.25, Extra Meat/Cheese: 6? $1.00, 12? $1.50
Buffalo Chicken6"$4.99
Buffalo Chicken12"$7.49
Ham & Cheese6"$4.99
Ham & Cheese12"$7.49
Buffalo Chicken6"$4.99
Buffalo Chicken12"$7.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch6"$4.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch12"$7.49
Spicy Steak6"$4.99
Spicy Steak12"$7.49
7 Layer Veggie6"$4.99
7 Layer Veggie12"$7.49

Wings & More

Extra Sauce $0.75
Regular Wings10 pc$7.49
Regular Wings20 pc$14.49
Regular Wings30 pc$19.99
Regular Wings50 pc$34.99
Boneless Wings10 pc$7.49
Boneless Wings20 pc$14.49
Boneless Wings30 pc$19.99
Boneless Wings50 pc$34.99
Loaded NachosFor 2$5.49
Loaded NachosFor 4$9.99
Side Salad$3.29
Taco Salad$6.49
Chef Salad$6.49
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.49
Buffalo Chicken Salad$6.49


Garlic Cheese BreadHalf$2.99
Garlic Cheese BreadFull$3.99
Garlic Pizza Bread$5.49
Two-Topper Foldover$6.99
Meaty Foldover$6.99
Double Stuff Pepperoni Foldover$7.49


Brownie Bites$3.99
Dutch Crunch$5.49
PB&J Pizza$8.99
Stuffed Apple Foldover$6.99

Popular Menu Items

Stopping in at East of Chicago Pizza is going to immediately put you in the position of making some difficult choices. Do you dive right into their incredible Chicago-style pizza or do you start with one of their chef salads? Maybe some wings in their delicious sauces? They also serve nachos for those looking for something a little different with their pizza dinner.

Now that you’ve selected your pizza, you can choose from their tantalizing sides. Whether you go with the basic breadsticks or indulge in their more savory garlic cheese bread, you’re sure to be delighted. Of course, you can also go for their signature Parmesapops, little pieces of their house dough sprinkled with parmesan and served with a marinara dip.

Having trouble deciding what to eat East of Chicago? Check out these favorite items below:

Two-Topper Foldover

They heard you like pizza, so they decided to offer you a little pizza to go with your pizza in the form of these two-topper foldovers. These small pockets are perfect when you can’t decide what kind of pizza you want, just order one as an appetizer and the other for the main event! An ideal solution to a pizza conundrum.

Get your two topper for $3.99

Chef Salad

Salads are a perfect way to balance out all the savory, meaty deliciousness of a traditional Chicago-style pizza. A Chef Salad is ideal for the carnivore who loves a little green. With pepperoni, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, and ham, this salad is a sure pleasure for carnivores and salad lovers alike.

A delicious way to open your meal for $5.00

Spicy Steak Sub

Sub sandwiches are as traditional to pizza places as hot dog stands are to New York City, and East of Chicago Pizza offers some incredible options. The Spicy Steak Sub comes with onions, lettuce, mayo, green peppers, and their delicious blend of spicy steak strips.

Get a half for $4.75 and a whole for $6.75

The Flower

An odd name for a pizza? We can’t disagree. What we can say though is that this incredible pizza is that beautiful if you love a pizza with everything. Bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, and mild green banana peppers make this pizza a dance on your tongue.

Prices range from $10.95-$17.95 dependent on size.

East of Chicago Pizza’s History

East of Chicago originally got its start in 1982 under the name Greenwich Pizza Barn and was spearheaded by Scott Granneman when he opened it in Greenwich, OH. From that time forward he built a delicious Italian based empire with a Chicago-Style twist. The business grew well with its offering of pasta, sandwiches, wings, and salad in addition to its signature pizza dishes until 2008 when it was purchased by Tony Collins. Collins was one of those who invested in East of Chicago Pizza as a franchisee and ultimately made a move to make the business his own.

Today over 80 restaurants are in operation throughout eight states and is one of the top 50 largest pizza chains in the United States as of 2009. If you’re looking for a quintessentially Chicago style pizza experience, it’s time to make your way to your nearest East of Chicago Pizza.