Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Menu & Prices

Find Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Menu Prices don’t do the food they serve justice. At all their locations you’ll find food that’s been prepared over a real wood fire, giving it a smokiness and char that you just can’t get from a gas grill. Every location you go to will be preparing your food over a rich Oak fire, combined with woods from the local area to give each location a unique flavor. You’ll find apple wood, pecan, hickory, mesquite, and more depending on which location you stop in at, all managed by expert fire-handlers who know how to produce the right combination of heat and smoke to get the perfect flavor.

Check out their full menu of foods below:



Lobster Spinach QuesoServes 2-4$12.50
Smoked Chicken WingsServes 2-5$10.75
Jalapeno Deviled EggsServes 2-6$8
Seared Ahi TunaServes 2-7$14.95
Ranch RingsServes 2-8$8.99
Wood Grilled Jumbo ShrimpServes 2-9$13.25


Colorado Chicken Salad$14.99
Grilled Salmon Salad$16.05
Beef Tenderloin Salad$16.99
Seared Tuna Superfoods Salad$16.90
Chile Chicken Salad$13.99
Grilled Shrimp And Strawberry Salad$16.40

Firebirds Signature Salads

BLT Salad$8.29
Caesar Salad$8.29
Mixed Greens Salad$8.29
Superfoods Salad$10.50
Soup And Salad$11.25


Durango Burger$13.75
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.45
Honey Rosemary Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.25
Portabella Sandwich$11.70
Honey Whiskey BBQ Burger$13.95
Fresh Cash Tacos$13.50
Crispy Flounder Sandwich$14.95

From The Wood Fired Grill

Flet Mignon7 Oz$31.99
Aged Ribeye12 Oz$27.99
Chile Rubbed Delmonico13 Oz$24.70
Ancho Steak$16.95

Firebird Specialties

Wood Grilled Salmon$16.95
Steak Frites$20.95
Sesame Encrusted Tuna$16.95
Firebirds Chicken Pasta$13.95
Pineapple Chicken$13.95
Baby Back Ribs$16.95
Short Rib And Chuck Meatloaf$15.95


Parmesan Mashed Potatoes$5.00
Seasoned Steak Fries$5.00
Fresh Fruit$5.00
Cider Slaw$5.00
Sothwest Au Gratin Potatoes$5.00
Port Mushrooms$5.00
Seasonal Grain Salad$5.00


Crème Brulee Cheesecake$7.95
Warm Chocolate Brownie$7.95
Key Lime Pie$7.95
Tres Leches Strawberry Shortcake$7.95

Kids Menu


Entrées include the choice of two sides, a complimentary Oreo cookie packet and a beverage. For kids 12 and under.
Mahi Tacos$7.95
Grilled Chicken Breast$6.25
Kids Filet Medallions$8.95
Wood Grilled Mahi$8.75
Shrimp Tacos$7.95
Half Rack Of Ribs$8.95
Smoked Chicken Wings$6.50
Mac And Cheese$6.25
Kids Burger With Cheese$6.50
Chicken Fingers With Honey Mustard$6.25


Fresh Veggies$6.25
Green Beans$6.50
Fresh Fruit$6.25
French Fries$4.00
Parmesan Mashed Potatoes$6.50


1% Milk$1.99
Honest Kids Juices$1.99
Barqs Root Beer$1.99

Group Dining


Lobster Spinach Queso With Tri Colored Chips$30.00
Seared Ahi Tuna$48.00
Smoked Chicken Wings$28
Jalapeno Deviled Eggs$28
Wood Grilled Jumbo Mayport Shrimp$54.00


CaesarPer Person$24
BLTPer Person$24
Mixed GreensPer Person$24


Pineapple ChickenPer Person$24
Half Rack Of Baby Back RibsPer Person$24
Shortrib And Chuck MeatloafPer Person$24
Firebirds Chicken PastaPer Person$29
Wood Grilled SalmonPer Person$29
12 Oz. RibeyePer Person$29
Sesame Encrusted TunaPer Person$31
7 Oz. FiletPer Person$31
Wood Grilled SalmonPer Person$42
12 Oz. Prime RibPer Person$42


Crème Brulee CheesecakePer Person$42
Key Lime PiePer Person$42
Warm Chocolate BrowniePer Person$42


Note: these items may vary from day to day.


Caesar Salad$15.95
BLT Salad$15.95
Mixed Greens Salad$15.95


Baby Back Ribs$15.95
Wood Grilled Sirloin$15.95
American Kobe Beef Meatloaf$15.95
Pineapple Chicken Breast$15.95
Wood Grilled Salmon$15.95
Firebirds Chicken Pasta$15.95


Key Lime Pie$7.95
Crème Brulee Cheesecake$7.95
Tres Leches Strawberry Shortcake$7.95
Warm Chocolate Brownie$7.95

Wine Menu

Special Selections

Veuve Clicquot Reserve Vintage$135.00
Franciscan Magnificat$90.00
Far Niente Chardonnay$95
Cakebread Cellars Cabernet$90.00
Stonestreet Chardonnay$80.00
Faust By Quintessa Cabernet Sauvignon$85.00
Belle Glos Pinot Noir$90.00
Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta$145.00
Chimney Rock "Stags Leap District"$105.00
Mt. Brave Cabernet Sauvignon$115.00


Nivole Moscato DastiHalf$32.00
La Marca ProseccoSplit$12.00
La Marca ProseccoBottle$35.00
Domaine Chandon BrutSplit$10.00
Domaine Chandon BrutBottle$50.00
Moet And Chandon ImperialBottle$80.00

Distinctive Whites And Blush

Caposaldo Moscato IGT5 Oz.$8.50
Caposaldo Moscato IGT8 Oz.$12.50
Caposaldo Moscato IGTBottle$36.50
Chateau Michelle Riesling5 Oz.$7.00
Chateau Michelle Riesling8 Oz.$11.00
Chateau Michelle RieslingBottle$33.00
Polka Dot Riesling5 Oz.$7.00
Polka Dot Riesling8 Oz.$11.00
Polka Dot RieslingBottle$30.00
Canyon Road White Zinfandel5 Oz.$6.00
Canyon Road White Zinfandel8 Oz.$10.00
Canyon Road White ZinfandelBottle$30.00
Famille Perrin Rose5 Oz.$7.00
Famille Perrin Rose8 Oz.$11.00
Famille Perrin RoseBottle$33.00
Maso Canali Pinot GrigioBottle$42.00
Kris Pinot Grigio5 Oz.$7.00
Kris Pinot Grigio8 Oz.$11.00
Kris Pinot GrigioBottle$33.00
Pichin Pinot Grigio5 Oz.$9.00
Pichin Pinot Grigio8 Oz.$13.00
Pichin Pinot GrigioBottle$39.00
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot Gris5 Oz.$7.00
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot Gris8 Oz.$11.00
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot GrisBottle$33.00
St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc5 Oz.$8.00
St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc8 Oz.$12.00
St. Supery Sauvignon BlancBottle$36.00
Mohua Sauvignon Blanc5 Oz.$10.00
Mohua Sauvignon Blanc8 Oz.$14.00
Mohua Sauvignon BlancBottle$42.00


Louis Jadot Macon-VillagesBottle$35.00
North By Northwest5 Oz.$7.00
North By Northwest8 Oz.$11.00
North By NorthwestBottle$33.00
Markham5 Oz.$8.00
Markham8 Oz.$12.00
Simi5 Oz.$9.00
Simi8 Oz.$13.00
La Crema5 Oz.$10.00
La Crema8 Oz.$14.00
La CremaBottle$42.00
Firebirds Private Label5 Oz.$8.00
Firebirds Private Label8 Oz.$12.00
Firebirds Private LabelBottle$36.00

Pinot Noir/Merlot

Mirassou Pinot Noir5 Oz.$7.50
Mirassou Pinot Noir8 Oz.$11.50
Mirassou Pinot NoirBottle$33.50
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot Noir5 Oz.$10.00
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot Noir8 Oz.$14.00
Acrobat By King Estate Pinot NoirBottle$42.00
Kim Crawford Pinot NoirBottle$39.00
Byron Pinot NoirBottle$46.00
Meiomi Pinot Noir5 Oz.$12.00
Meiomi Pinot Noir8 Oz.$16.00
Meiomi Pinot NoirBottle$48.00
Murphy-Goode Merlot5 Oz.$8.00
Murphy-Goode Merlot8 Oz.$12.00
Murphy-Goode MerlotBottle$36.00
Swanson Cygnet Merlot5 Oz.$10.00
Swanson Cygnet Merlot8 Oz.$14.00
Swanson Cygnet MerlotBottle$42.00

Sabernet Sauvignon

Casa Lapostolle5 Oz.$7.50
Casa Lapostolle8 Oz.$11.50
Casa LapostolleBottle$33.50
Louis M. Martini5 Oz.$8.50
Louis M. Martini8 Oz.$12.50
Louis M. MartiniBottle$36.50
Duckhorn Decoy5 Oz.$13.00
Duckhorn Decoy8 Oz.$17.00
Duckhorn DecoyBottle$51.00
Franciscan5 Oz.$12.00
Franciscan8 Oz.$16.00
J. Lohr Seven Oaks5 Oz.$9.00
J. Lohr Seven Oaks8 Oz.$13.00
J. Lohr Seven OaksBottle$39.00
Sequoia GroveBottle$75.00
Mount Veeder WineryBottle$72.00

Other Reds

Red Guitar Tempranillo5 Oz.$7.00
Red Guitar Tempranillo8 Oz.$11.00
Red Guitar TempranilloBottle$33.00
Belleruche RougeBottle$38.00
Terraza De Los An Des Malbec5 Oz.$8.00
Terraza De Los An Des Malbec8 Oz.$12.00
Terraza De Los An Des MalbecBottle$36.00
Ravenswood ZinfandelBottle$37.00
"Lucky Country" By Two Hands Shiraz Bottle$42.00
North By Northwest red Blend5 Oz.$8.00
North By Northwest red Blend8 Oz.$12.00
North By Northwest red BlendBottle$36.00
Rutherford Hill Barrel Select Red BlendBottle$55.00
Estancia MeritageBottle$60.00
Firebirds Private Label Red5 Oz.$9.00
Firebirds Private Label Red8 Oz.$13.00
Firebirds Private Label RedBottle$39.00
Newton ClaretBottle$49.00


Firebirds Signature Martini

The Double Black Diamond$10.50

Seasonal Craft Cocktails

Slow And Low Old Fashioned$11.00
Manhattan My Way$11.00
Bourbon And Ginger Smash$11.00
Glenmo Sour$11.00
Bourbon Sour$11.00
The Rye Frenchman$11.00
Blackberry Alexander$11.00
Winter Is Here$11.00
Kentucky Moon$11.00
Raspberry Sour$11.00
Wildberry Ginger Mule$11.00
Blackberry Twin Tequila Margarita$11.00
Dirty Bird$11.00
Cosmic Sidecar$11.00


Iced Tea$2.99
Seasonal Flavored Iced Tea$2.99
Coca-Cola Products$2.99
San Pallegrino Sparkling Water$3.50
Fiji Natural Artesian Water$6.00
Strawberry Basil Lemonade$2.99
Wild Berry Ginger Craft Soda$2.99
Tropical Red Bull$2.99
Alexs Fresh Squeezed Lemonade$1.25

Popular Menu Items

The rich, smoky flavor of a Firebird Wood Fired Grill dish isn’t something you’re going to encounter anywhere else. Their menu includes offerings from seafood and poultry to beef and pork, all prepared with the incredible smoky flavors of their real wood-fired grill. You can get delicious Seared Ahi Tuna or enjoy their Grilled Shrimp & Strawberry Salad, or dive right in and enjoy their slow roasted prime rib offering cooked for hours over a real wood fire. Of course, for true decadence, you could just dive into their surf & turf menu offering.

Check out their most popular items below:

Seared Tuna Superfoods Salad

This salad is the penultimate combination of rich and flavorful superfoods, including cucumbers, avocado, edamame, watermelon radish, organic red quinoa, kale, arugula, and green goddess dressing tossed with seared and sliced Ahi Tuna. You’ll never find a taste combination quite like this one at another restaurant, enjoy it with Poseidon’s blessing.

A delicious ocean offering for $12.95

BLT Salad

It all starts with two special ingredients, bacon and garlic slow roasted over a real wood fire. The first is minced into a delicious spread of fresh bacon bits while the second is processed into a special roasted garlic house dressing to be combined with their classic mixed greens salad. Even without the bread, this is going to be the best BLT you’ve had.

A sandwich in a bowl for just $6.95

Wood Grilled Salmon

Their grill brings you this locally sourced, freshly prepared, deliciously grilled offering from their seafood menu. After being wrapped in seasoning and vegetables and slid into the oven to slow roast it is taken out and providing to you fresh and piping hot with a side of Parmesan mashed potatoes. This incredible meal will make you remember that steak and pork aren’t the only meats worth eating.

Flavorful, flaky salmon for just $12.95

Durango Burger

It’s likely no surprise that a place so well known for its meat-offering would provide a burger that is truly something special. Once their specially seasoned burger is done sizzling on the wood grill, it’s placed on a brioche bun combined with fried onions, pepper jack cheese, spiced Chile, and roasted garlic ranch dressing to create what may be the best burger you’ve ever placed in your mouth.

Bite into this burger for $10.65

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill’s History

The cool mountain air was feeding the wood fire that crackled in front of them, filling the air with the steaks they had cooking as part of their camp out. These conditions brought about the realization that the best meals are prepared under a starry sky over a campfire surrounded by conversation among family and friends.

A little ingenuity led to this restaurant being brought into existence, combining a comfortable dining experience with the refreshing outdoor experience of food prepared over a wood-fired grill. One restaurant turned into an institution that can be found all over the United States, bringing local flavors to their incredible menu.