GameWorks Menu & Prices

Find GameWorks Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The GameWork’s menu prices make it possible for you to enjoy a long night out gaming at your favorite restaurant while indulging in all the best items they have to offer without breaking the bank. GameWorks is an innovative idea that brought together the social aspects of dining out with the typical online social aspects of video gaming. The combination began creating a new culture where people were able to enjoy a night out while enjoying their favorite activities of a night in. Online Guilds were able to gather with local members to enjoy a long gaming session while dining on classic gamer food and enjoying the camaraderie and rivalry of other gamers at the same location. A great experience for everyone involved, and one that every gamer should try at least once in their lives.

Check out their full menu below:



GameWorks Street Wings$11.00
Mac & Cheese Balls$9.00
Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls$8.00
Stuffed Meat Balls$10.00
GameWorks Nachos$10.00
GameWorks Nachos with Chicken$14.00
GameWorks Nachos with Steak$15.00
Pretzel Bites$8.00
Mozzarella Sticks$9.00
Burger Sliders$11.00
Chicken Tenders$10.00
Classic Cheese Quesadilla$8.00
Classic Chicken Quesadilla$12.00
Classic Steak Quesadilla$13.00
Golden Fried Calamari$11.00
Stomboli Bites$9.00
Appetizer Sampler Platter$18.00


Caesar Salad$10.00
Caesar Salad with Chicken$14.00
Caesar Salad with Grilled Salmon$16.00
Classic Cobb Salad$12.00
Classic Cobb Salad with Chicken$16.00
Santa Fe Salad$12.00
House Salad$8.00

Burgers, Wraps & Sandwiches

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$13.00
The Big Raggu$13.00
Philly Cheesesteak$13.00
Turkey Club$13.00
Juicy Lucy$12.00
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$9.00
Chicken Caesar Wrap$9.00
Triple Decker B.L.A.T$10.00
BBQ Chicken Sandwich$11.00
BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$13.00


Pizza Classic (Cheese)$10.00
Pizza Classic (Pepperoni)$11.00
Hawaiian Pizza$12.00
Chicken Alfredo Pizza$13.00


Baked Mac & Cheese$10.00
Baked Mac & Cheese with Bacon$12.00
Baked Mac & Cheese with Grilled Chicken$14.00
Sam Adam's Fish & Chips$13.00
Fettuccine Alfredo$10.00
Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled, Blackened or Jerk-Seasoned Chicken Breast$14.00
Seared Salmon8 Oz.$16.00
Vodka Penne Pasta$13.00


Classic Root Beer Float$6.00
Chocolate Lava Cake$7.00
Funnel Cake$6.00
Open Face Cookie Crunch$7.00

Popular Menu Items

One of the great things about this environment is that it isn’t just aimed at young gamers, but mature gamers as well. This means that their menu contains fun starter items like GameWorks Street Wings and Vegetable Pot Stickers, as well as delicious alcoholic smoothies like their GameWorks Lava Flow and the Strawberry Shortcake. The environment is decidedly one for those who enjoy getting out and enjoying a night on the town while they game, and still want to get their Fettuccine Alfredo like a responsible adult. Their menus are diverse and delicious.

Check out some of their favorite items below:

Frozen Strawberry Lemon Drop

This slushy brings all the joy of an iced beverage together with the rich and tangy flavors of triple sec, vodka, strawberry puree, and lemonade with a splash of lemonade. It’s a great way to keep yourself going throughout the night, or just to celebrate a particularly astounding victory.

Get yours for $8

Monster Burger

They know that when you’re deep in a game, you aren’t necessarily going to have time to sit down and eat, and that’s why they carry a robust number of handheld items, like this Monster Burger. This burger brings together their house-made pork belly, battered onion rings, crispy bacon, and a fresh baked roll with two burger patties and three kinds of cheese. Food coma warning.

Yours for a game-winning $19

Margarita Flatbread

The Margarita Flatbread is a simple but popular item, a piece of their flatbread grilled and topped with mozzarella, basil, and their house-made tomato sauce. You’re going to love it, and it’s not going to leave you overly full or lose your edge.

Get a plate for $8

Caramel Brownie Bite Cheesecake

Did your team have a remarkable victory? Are midway through your night and need a sugar-loaded treat to boost you through those final critical hours? Then it’s time to dive into their Caramel Brownie Bite Cheesecake, a combination of Dulce de Leche, rich chocolate brownie bites, and a delicious layer of chocolate cheesecake filling.

Get your slice for $8

GameWorks’ History

Success isn’t just about hard work, it’s also about innovation and seeing the changing of the tide before it comes. GameWorks saw exactly that and began opening a chain of restaurant and gaming locations centered around video games and eSports, and most especially multi-player online gaming. Ever since the success of its first location in Los Angeles, it has continued to be a fantastically popular location for those involved in these activities. There are presently 8 GameWorks locations open throughout the world, 7 in the United States and one in Mexico City, Mexico.