Genghis Grill Menu & Prices

Find Genghis Grill's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is the right page for the Genghis Grill® full menu with prices. Genghis Grill offers Mongolian Grill style Asian fusion cuisine served in a casual atmosphere.

Genghis Grill puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you pick all of your favorite ingredients and sides to build a bowl of stir fry completely customized to your tastes. This is a great option for families, friends and crowds since everyone can get foods they love in a fun and family friendly atmosphere.

Below you will find the complete menu at Genghis Grill, along with some great deals to be on the lookout for.

Prices may vary by location. Consult your location's menu & your server for exact pricing.


Garlic Citrus Edamame$2.99
Chicken Pot-stickersOrder of 5$4.99
Chicken Lettuce Wraps$5.99

Signature Bowls

Teriyaki Chicken$8.99
Firecracker Bowl$8.99
Buddhist Bowl$8.99
Beef Broccoli$8.99
Bowl of Seoul$8.99
Bayou Bowl$8.99
Thai Chicken$8.99
Sweet N Sour Pork$8.99
Surf N Turf$8.99
Citrus Beef$8.99
Special Fried Rice$8.99
Mongo BBQ$8.99

Hearty Healthy Bowls

Pineapple Steak Bowl$8.99
Asian Chili Scallop Bowl$8.99
Mongolian Fiesta$8.99
Mongo Mix Chicken Bowl$8.99
Chipotle Steak Bowl$8.99
Khan Pao Bowl$8.99
Ginger Citrus Shrimp Bowl$8.99
Ginger Herb Shrimp Bowl$8.99
Chili Garlic Steak Bowl$8.99
Mexican Jalapeno Bowl$8.99

Build Your Own Bowl

Lunch BowlStandard$8.99
Make it Bottomless$12.99
Dinner BowlStandard$9.99
Make it Bottomless$13.99

Build A Genghis Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken
Beef Broccoli
Thai Chicken
Citrus Beef
Firecracker Bowl
Bowl of Seoul
Sweet N Sour
Special Fried Rice
Buddhist Bowl
Bayou Bowl
Surf N Turf
Mongo BBQ


Individual Mascarpone Cheesecake$4.99
Double Fudge BrownieOne$4.99
Princess Pineapple Coconut Cake$4.99
Tuxedo Bomb$4.99


Strawberry Lemonade$2.99
Flavored Iced Tea$2.99
Soda And Iced Tea$2.49

Kid's Menu

Future Warrior Bowl$5.99
Mighty Macaroni & Cheese$5.99
Khan's Cheese Quesadillas$5.99
Superior Spaghetti$5.99
Emperor's Pepperoni Pizza$5.99
Hawaiian Fried Rice$5.99
Cheese Chicken & Broccoli Pasta$5.99

Khan's Katering

The Invasion!Feeds 5-6$45.00
The Attack!Feeds 7-10$65.00
The Victory!Feeds 17-20$110.00
The Empire!Feeds 25-30$165.00


Sodas2 Liter$5.00
Bottled Water16 Oz.$2.29


Double Fudge BrownieDozen$29.99
Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, and SugarDozen$10.99

Popular Menu Items

Genghis Grill has plenty of options to please just about everyone. Lighter fare is made easy because you have complete control over the ingredients in your meal. Want to watch carbs? No problem! Have a side of grilled cabbage instead of rice or noodles as the base of your meal. Vegetarians will love all the veggie options to make the most of a great Mongolian grill meal.

Parents will appreciate budget friendly kid meals and a chance to let picky eaters get just the foods they love.

Here are some of our recommendations from the menu:

Chicken Potstickers

This is a great tasty appetizer to try alongside your meal at Genghis Grill. They start with all white meat chicken mixed with signature Asian spices wrapped in wontons and then seared crisp. They come with their own 3G dipping sauce. Get 5 of these tasty bites for $4.99.

Build Your Own Bowl

The centerpiece of the Genghis Grill menu is the build your own bowl concept. You get to choose from a variety of protein options like Sriracha Chicken, Marinated White Fish, Mongolian Chili Shaved Beef and shrimp just to name a few. Then you get to pick your favorite veggies from a wide range of options including cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and lots more.

You even get to customize your spices and sauces for the perfect bowl just the way you want it. There are also some preselected options in case you want the chefs to pick the perfect combination of flavors for you! Have a standard bowl for $9.99 or make it a bottomless bowl for $13.99.

Future Warrior Bowl

This is a great kid size bowl that lets your little one pick their favorites in a portion friendly sized meal. It’s a great bargain at $5.99.

The Empire

You should know that Genghis Grill also has your catering needs covered. This is one of the best deals for an assortment of great flavors from the grill. It is enough to feed 25-30 people, perfect for an office training event or family reunion, for just $165.00.

Genghis Grill’s History

The first Genghis Grill location was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1998 by founder Jeff Sinelli. In 2004 Sinelli owned all six locations of Genghis Grill to franchisees. The chain has continued to grow through the franchise model.

Genghis Grill was acquired by the Chalak Group in 2004. The investors at the Chalak group also own and operate Genghis Grill franchise locations in the Dallas area. The group has successfully focused on making the franchise opportunities with Genghis Grill affordable and accessible which has promoted strong growth.