Golden Krust Menu & Prices

Find Golden Krust Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

When you want to experience a little bit of the Caribbean, you can enjoy them at Golden Krust’s menu prices in the United States to enjoy authentic Caribbean dishes mixed with American stylings. Golden Krust found its origins in Jamaica, but now provides a menu of options to its customers throughout the United States. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional curried goat or are looking for a fusion meal in their Jerk Chicken Sandwich, you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

Golden Krust was built on the concept of opportunity for a family, and for others who wanted to join in on the journey. With franchises throughout the United States, it gives franchise owners a chance to offer a rare treat on the continent. The gift of traditional Caribbean food at affordable prices.

Find their whole menu listed below:



Chee-Zee Beef Patty$1.99
Chicken Patty$1.95
Cocktail Patties$8.99
Jerk Chicken Patty$2.05
Mild Beef Patty$1.95
Shrimp Patty$2.40
Soya Patty$1.99
Spicy Beef Patty$1.95
Spinach Patty$1.99
Vegetable Patty$1.99


Bulla Cakes4 Pc.$2.50
Bun & Cheese$3.00
Carrot Cake$3.00
Coco Bread$0.99
Duck Bread$6.00
Hard Dough BreadSmall$2.85
Hard Dough BreadLarge$3.85
Rock Cake$1.50
Round Bun$1.60
Rum Cake/Fruit Cake$3.00
Sliced Cakes$2.50
Spice Bun$4.00
Sugar Bun$1.50
Tutti Fruiti$1.60
Wheat BreadSmall$2.85
Wheat BreadLarge$3.85

Sandwiches & Wraps

Jerk Chicken Sandwich$8.85
Jerk Chicken Wrap$8.80
Jerk Fish Sandwich$8.75
Spinach Wrap$7.99

Side Orders

Fried PlantainsSmall$1.50
Fried PlantainsLarge$1.99
Rice & PeasSmall$2.99
Rice & PeasLarge$3.99
Steamed VegetablesSmall$2.99
Steamed VegetablesLarge$3.99
Tofu Sauted in VegetablesSmall$2.99
Tofu Sauted in VegetablesLarge$3.99
White RiceSmall$2.99
White RiceLarge$3.99

Soups & Salads

Jerk Chicken Salad$6.00


Ackee and Cod FishSmall$6.50
Ackee and Cod FishLarge$9.00
Callaloo and Cod FishSmall$5.50
Callaloo and Cod FishLarge$6.99


Note: These items may vary from day to day.
Soup Of The Day$4.00

Popular Menu Items

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill provides a succinct and straightforward menu that still offers enough variety to tantalize the senses while being brief enough to not overwhelm your tastes. You can start your adventure with a selection of their delicious dumplings while moving into their main dish with a choice from their Reggaefest Combos. If you’ve never tried goat or oxtail, this is your opportunity to broaden your palette.

Their patties are what they’re famous for, wrapped in their signature crust you’ll find an assortment of spiced meats and cheeses with a variety of seasonings. Find yourself desiring nothing more than the Krust? No worries! You can order the Krust all on its own! You can even stop in for a unique Jamaican breakfast experience with their Callaloo and Cod Fish dish.

Some of this Caribbean restaurant’s most popular dishes can be found below:

Jerk Chicken Patty

One of their specialties, the Jerk Chicken Patty is a tantalizing pocket style dish that comes with flavorful marinated chicken pieces seasoned with traditional jerk flavors and wrapped up in a pocket of their famous Krust. Cooked to perfection it’s a great start to any traditional Caribbean meal at Golden Krust.

For just $2.05 a piece it can’t be beat.

Jerk Chicken Salad

A chicken salad is arguably one of the most delicious salads you can be served, but when the chicken is the jerked chicken available from Golden Krust, then it indeed goes beyond the pale. This dish is a huge favorite of their customers, and it will quickly become one of yours.

This delicious salad can be yours for $8.25 for a small, or $9.50 for a large

Whole Fish Combo

The crust they serve is absolutely phenomenal, and it goes wonderfully with their whole fish combo. When they say whole fish, they mean it, and you’ll be served a breaded and fried fish with head and tail intact when you order this dish. It comes with a side of Krust and a side.

A small plate goes for $9.00, a large for $10.99

Coco Bread

Coco bread is a local favorite in Jamaica, and through their restaurants, they’ve brought it to the Americas. Light and flavorful it’s a beautiful addition to any meal, or can be enjoyed by itself with butter and a side of starfruit and mango.

Get your treat for $0.99 each

Golden Krust’s History

Golden Krust came into existence as the dream of the founders of a restaurant in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Mavis and Ephraim Hawthorne. What they didn’t know is their little brain-child would one day come to have branches all over the world with 120 of them in the United States. It got its start in 1989 with the pooling of a families resources and a location in the Bronx. Seven years later saw this family owning a total of 17 restaurants throughout the Big Apple, and a realization came to them.

With the popularity they were experiencing, the company was perfectly set for offering franchises, and offer them they did. This would also serve to create a first in the US, and that would be a Caribbean based business offering franchises in the United States. Now they operate throughout the US and the world.