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Find House of Prime Rib Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

It’s hard to believe you can enjoy a delicious and juicy slab of prime rib for the rates you’ll see in the House of Prime Rib’s menu prices. Joe Betz has run an incredible establishment that has stood as a paragon of the San Francisco community since he took over in 1985, and has the distinction of remaining popular among a crowd of restaurants that change their menu seasonally.

The House of Prime Rib, on the other hand, offers one distinctive menu item, delicious and enticing Prime Rib that will leave you satisfied yet craving another visit. Focused on providing only the best grain-fed beef from the Midwest with a selection of wonderful sides.

Check out their full menu below:


Roast Prime Rib of Beef

Includes The Salad Bowl, Mashed Potatoes or Baked Potato, Yorkshire Pudding, Creamed Spinach and Fresh Cream of Horseradish Sauce
The City Cut$40.45
House of Prime Rib Cut$43.85
The English Cut$43.85
King Henry VIII Cut$46.85
Children's Prime Rib Dinner$13.85

A La Carte

Prime Rib A La Carte$37.85


Creme Brulee$9.50
Strawberry Shortcake$9.50
House Made Tiramisu$9.50
Bread Pudding$9.50
English Trifle$9.50
Chocolate Cake$9.50
Warm Apple Crisp$9.50
Pecan Pie$9.50
Pecan Pie a La Mode$10.00
Fantasy Cake$9.50
Fresh Fruit$9.50
Fresh Fruit with Grand Marnier Sauce or Whipped Cream$9.75
Monster Chocolate Cake$16.00
San Francisco's Double Rainbow Ice Cream or Sorbet$5.75
San Francisco's Double Rainbow Ice Cream or Sorbet with Hot Fudge or Caramel Sauce$6.50



Popular Menu Items

Let’s face it. When you head down to the House of Prime Rib, you’re only after one thing, a nice juicy slice of prime rib. Their dinner menu is remarkably sparse, offering only different slices of prime rib as opposed to a broad selection of offers. The one exception is the fish offering, which contains a portion of fish from the catch of the day, also distinguished by being the only thing on the menu that’s always changing.

When it comes to dessert, you have a broad range of options, including pecan pie, bread pudding, fresh fruit, or their signature Fantasy Cake. Your drink options include espresso, tea, milk, and regular coffee. Want to take prime rib to go? That’s an option too!

Check out their most popular options below:

House of Prime Rib Cut

Succulent and tender, the House of Prime Rib Cut is their standard cut and is the one most favored by their patrons. Like all their beef it is made from 21-day aged beef that provides a rich and delicious meal to the thousands of patrons that come through their door every month.

A delicious slice at $43.85

English Cut

For those looking for a generous but reasonable portion, the English cut combines these elements. Sliced thinner than their House of Prime Rib Cut, the English Cut is a delicious and savory offering from their kitchen.

Dive in for $43.85

House Made Tiramisu

Probably the perfect coffee flavored dessert, Tiramisu has been a popular addition to many restaurants menus for many years. Comprised of ladyfingers buried under delicious mascarpone and whipped cream, Tiramisu’s are rich and delicious and a favorite of coffee lovers.

A delicious after Prime Rib treat for $9.50

Fantasy Cake

House of Prime Rib’s Fantasy Cake is a decadent delight that lives up to its name. Are you a fan of rich chocolate cake with its deep color and subtle undertones? Do you enjoy the tangy creaminess of real cheesecake? Why not have both at once with the House of Prime Rib’s fantasy cake!

Get your slice for $9.50

House of Prime Rib’s History

Down in San Francisco, there’s a unique establishment for the area, a restaurant that’s focused on just one thing. Delivering delicious, savory, juicy slabs of prime rib to its customers. Since its inception, Joe Betz has held his focus on just one thing, absolutely perfection and exquisite attention to detail. In 1985 Joe took over the restaurant and created an institution that is a pinnacle of its community, serving delicious food in an old-style environment that welcomes the community while retaining an air of respectability.

Betz and the House of Prime Rib have dedicated themselves to their community, serving thousands each year at a free event at the Glide Memorial Methodist Church, and regularly throws cocktail parties and dinners for people ranging from the Blue Angels flight team to student groups, the latter being groups he regularly donates to.