Islands Burgers Menu & Prices

Find Islands Burgers Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Two things create an environment you want for the perfect burger shop, an environment you want to be in and Island Burgers Menu Prices. At Island Burger, you’ll be presented with 64 different options for your burger or chicken burger, and an assortment of sides that will leave you wondering whether or not you have room for a burger after you have them.

Mark Calvino set out with a mission in mind, and that mission was to create a restaurant that was a must-visit-location for burger lovers and fine diners alike. Needless to say, he managed to accomplish this goal and now serves up some of the best burgers in the Big Apple.

Check out their full line of burgers on the menu below:



Beachside Sliders$7.79
Buffalo Wings$9.15
Island Fries$3.15
Onion Rings$6.05
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$8.05
Tiki Tenders$7.35
Tortilla Chips & Salsa$2.55

Birds Of Paradise

CA Flyer$9.55

BLT, Tuna & Wraps

Chicken Club Wrap$8.15
Moa Kai (Tuna)$7.55
The Wedge (BLT)$7.55
Tuna Wrap$7.55


Big Wave$7.99
Big Wave With Cheese$8.75

Entree Salads

China Coast Salad$8.29
Greek Salad$8.39
Jungle Caesar Salad$8.29
Kaanapali Kobb Salad$8.39
Wiqui Waqui Bbq Chicken Salad$8.29

Gremmie Menu

Jr. Quesadilla$4.99
Jr. Shake$2.99
Jr. Tiki Tenders$5.99
Jr. Wave$0.50
Jr. Wave$4.99
Lil Hot Dogger$4.99

Rotisserie Chicken

Moa Eke$11.25

Soft Tacos

Cabo Loco$8.59
Grilled Veggie$9.25
Island Fish$8.85


Tortilla SoupCup$3.09
Tortilla SoupBowl$6.40


Chocolate Lava$5.89
Kona Pie$5.89
Root Beer Float$2.95


Cola Lime Ice$3.49
Cool Breeze Smoothie$4.49
Freshly Brewed Coffee Or Decaf$3.39
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$3.49
Fruit Juice$3.00
Island Shake$3.39
Mango, Strawberry Smoothie$4.49
Soft Drinks$2.99
Strawberry Lemonade$3.99
Trade Wind Smoothie$4.49
Wildberry, Banana Smoothie$4.49

Popular Menu Items

When you dive into a Menchies, you’re about to enjoy some of the most delicious frozen yogurts you’ve ever had. Whether you’re diving in on a diet and want to enjoy their non-fat cookie dough monster, or are a firm believer in the full experience and want to enjoy their chocolate caramel biscuit with a lavish assortment of toppings, then Menchies has what you need.

Speaking of toppings, Menchies provides an incredible assortment of toppings ranging from the traditional almonds and gummy bears to the less typical mochi and milk-caramel turtles. Once you’ve got them properly sprinkled it’s time to drown them in creamy marshmallow topping. Whatever you can conceive of can be put together for you by these talented creators.

Want to see some of the favorites on their menu? Try these popular options:

Spicy Smothered “IB” Wings

These wings are certainly worthy of being served in one of America’s best burger joints. Made with a classic hot wing sauce and smothered with a selection of their secret ingredients, these wings are a masterwork of the hot wing art.

Get yours for $9.50

Frog Burger

This hamburger comes with a little bit of class that will have you hopping with joy. Their house-ground patty is topped with sauteed onions, bacon, and Boursin cheese, a combination that is more than a little delicious.

You’ll be hoppy to get yours for $13.95

Honey West Burger

Honey mustard doesn’t get put on burgers enough, but this burger is topped with it. It doesn’t end there, combining that mustard with rich cheddar cheese and delicious tangy ham makes this burger an absolute barnyard of good flavor.

A tangy experience is yours for just $13.95

Mona Lisa Burger

Even a sandwich can be a masterpiece, and the Mona Lisa chicken burger deserves the name. This piece of art I made with mushrooms, roasted peppers, sauteed onions, pesto, and mozzarella speed over parmigiana on ciabatta bread.

Get your masterpiece for $14.95

Islands Burgers History

There’s a lot of competition out there for the perfect burger, and Mark Calvino had yet to find the one he felt was perfect. A lover of all things hamburger, he set out to create a restaurant that would create the perfect one and got his start down in Hell’s Kitchen with his Island Burgers location. There he served up the best flame-grilled burgers he’d ever tasted, along with rich, creamy shakes and artisanal salads. Along with his chicken sandwich line, you’ll find an assortment of over 64 different styles of burgers and chicken sandwiches.

If you’re looking to get your burger fix stop by one of the two locations this restaurant boasts. The first is that their original location in Hell’s Kitchen, the other can be found on the Upper West Side at 442 Amsterdam Avenue.