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Keno’s Ice menu prices ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite flavors without breaking the bank. Their business has worked to spread the love of shaved ice through all the regions they work in a while also striving to remain an important and active part of their communities. Keno’s Ice knows that you without their community they don’t have a business, and so has made being actively involved and contributing to it a priority right from the beginning. Now you can find Keno’s Ice trucks traveling throughout communities in much the same manner as ice cream trucks while providing incredible flavors and experiences to everyone they encounter.

Check out their full menu of shaved ice delight below:


Shaved Ice Cups

Ice CupsCup$3.00
King KonaCup$4.00
Color Changing Cup$5.00

Birthday Package

Birthday Package24 Cups$110.00
Each Cup Over 241 Cup$2.50

Popular Menu Items

Kona Ice brings a rainbow of flavors to their shaved ice empire that keeps their customers coming back for more. With delicious options like Island Rush, Pina Colada, and the ever bright citrus “Orange Ya Happy?”, You’re never going to get tired of these flavors. For those who like a great berry experience, there’s Strawberry treasure, Blue Raspberry, and the incredible groovy grape. You can have these flavors alone or mix them in a cone to suit your particular tastes.

Check out our favorite flavors below:

Tiger’s Blood

This incredible treat is a blending of watermelon and strawberry along with a dash of coconut mixed into their delicious shaved ice. In the best examples of this treat, those flavors are mixed with cream to give the treat a rich and luxurious texture and flavor.

Get a regular for $3.00, a King Kona for $4.00, and a Kowabunga for $5.00

Groovy Grape

Groovy Grape is a blending of their proprietary basic grape flavor, a powerful purple punch that will leave you craving another one while bringing you back to the grape drink days of youth. If you’ve got a craving for a classic grape flavor, give Groovy Grape a try.

Get a regular for $3.00, a King Kona for $4.00, and a Kowabunga for $5.00

Ninja Cherry

Ninja Cherry brings classic cherry flavor to your shaved ice, a powerful kick of cherry sweetness that will make you want another one as soon as you finish the first. Delicious and satiating, you’ll appreciate what it has to offer and want to add a little cream to it for the next time.

Get a regular for $3.00, a King Kona for $4.00, and a Kowabunga for $5.00

Lemon Lime-A-Licious

A classic combination flavor the light and uplifting taste of lemon and lime come together in this shaved ice extravaganza and will leave you brightened and ready to face the day. The citrus bite is about perfect, and it’s always our favorite way to uplift our mood and cleanse our palate on a hot day.

Get a regular for $3.00, a King Kona for $4.00, and a Kowabunga for $5.00

Kona Ice’s History

Kona’s Ice is continuing to uphold a tradition that heralds back to the time of the Ancient Romans when Emperor Nero had his people bring down buckets of snow from the nearby mountain peaks and blend it with honey and fruit. At nearly that same moment in history, the same thing was being invented in Japan, showing that a good idea doesn’t need word of mouth to spread, sometimes the collective unconscious pulls it off for us. The point is that for thousands of years shaved ice has been a favorite treat of people everywhere, from the far Western edge of Europe to the refined cultures of Eastern Asia, and traveling into the new world after its discovery. Kona Ice continues this tradition all over America to provide their delicious flavors to people everywhere.