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There’s something special about dining in an establishment that’s been open nearly 100 years, and the K&W Cafeteria’s menu prices are a testament that their dedication to service hasn’t changed in the past near-century. This business has its roots in Depression-era America, and the tenacity that led them to succeed in the intervening decades has been reflected both in the food they serve, and the care they take to provide a fantastic experience to their customers. When you stop in at K&W Cafeteria, you’re going to discover what 80 years of experience can do to a dining establishment, and how some great things never truly change.

Review their entire menu below:



Baked Beef MacaroniServes 3-4$12.65
Baked Beef MacaroniServes 8-10$31.50
Baked LasagnaServes 3-4$13.65
Baked LasagnaServes 8-10$33.90
Baked SpaghettiServes 3-4$12.65
Baked SpaghettiServes 8-10$31.50
Beef Pan PieServes 3-4$10.89
Beef Pan PieServes 8-10$27.10
Chicken Pan PieServes 3-4$10.89
Chicken Pan PieServes 8-10$27.10
Chicken Ranch CasseroleServes 3-4$11.35
Chicken Ranch CasseroleServes 8-10$28.25
Chicken Vegetable PastaServes 3-4$11.35
Chicken Vegetable PastaServes 8-10$28.25
Ham and Macaroni CasseroleServes 3-4$12.55
Ham and Macaroni CasseroleServes 8-10$31.15
Pizza Baked SpaghettiServes 3-4$13.65
Pizza Baked SpaghettiServes 8-10$33.90
Turkey Pan PieServes 3-4$10.89
Turkey Pan PieServes 8-10$27.10
Vegetable LasagnaServes 3-4$13.65
Vegetable LasagnaServes 8-10$33.90


BroccoliServes 3-4$4.15
BroccoliServes 6-8$8.15
BroccoliServes 18-24$22.50
CarrotsServes 3-4$3.95
CarrotsServes 6-8$7.85
CarrotsServes 18-24$21.85
Corn (any style)Serves 3-4$4.15
Corn (any style)Serves 6-8$8.15
Corn (any style)Serves 18-24$22.50
Stewed ApplesServes 3-4$4.15
Stewed ApplesServes 6-8$8.15
Stewed ApplesServes 18-24$22.50
Baked BeansServes 3-4$3.80
Baked BeansServes 6-8$7.49
Baked BeansServes 18-24$20.50
Cornbread DressingServes 3-4$7.15
Cornbread DressingServes 6-8$8.15
Cornbread DressingServes 18-24$22.50
Fried OkraServes 3-4$4.15
Fried OkraServes 6-8$8.15
Fried OkraServes 18-24$22.50
Green BeansServes 3-4$3.95
Green BeansServes 6-8$7.85
Green BeansServes 18-24$21.25
Green PeasServes 3-4$3.95
Green PeasServes 6-8$7.85
Green PeasServes 18-24$21.25
Lima Beans or Lima Beans and CornServes 3-4$4.15
Lima Beans or Lima Beans and CornServes 6-8$8.15
Lima Beans or Lima Beans and CornServes 18-24$22.50
Macaroni and CheeseServes 3-4$4.15
Macaroni and CheeseServes 6-8$8.15
Macaroni and CheeseServes 18-24$22.50
Mashed PotatoesServes 3-4$3.95
Mashed PotatoesServes 6-8$7.85
Mashed PotatoesServes 18-24$21.50
Potatoes, Au Gratin, Ranch, Santa FeServes 3-4$4.15
Potatoes, Au Gratin, Ranch, Santa FeServes 6-8$8.15
Potatoes, Au Gratin, Ranch, Santa FeServes 18-24$22.50
Rice Specialty, Brown, Creole, Spanish PilafServes 3-4$3.95
Rice Specialty, Brown, Creole, Spanish PilafServes 6-8$7.85
Rice Specialty, Brown, Creole, Spanish PilafServes 18-24$21.50
Rice, WhiteServes 3-4$3.65
Rice, WhiteServes 6-8$7.15
Rice, WhiteServes 18-24$19.25
SpinachServes 3-4$4.15
SpinachServes 6-8$8.15
SpinachServes 18-24$22.50
Squash CasseroleServes 3-4$4.15
Squash CasseroleServes 6-8$8.15
Squash CasseroleServes 18-24$22.50
Stewed CabbageServes 3-4$3.80
Stewed CabbageServes 6-8$7.49
Stewed CabbageServes 18-24$20.50
Sugar Snap Peas with Yellow RiceServes 3-4$4.15
Sugar Snap Peas with Yellow RiceServes 6-8$8.15
Sugar Snap Peas with Yellow RiceServes 18-24$22.50
Sweet PotatoesServes 3-4$4.15
Sweet PotatoesServes 6-8$8.15
Sweet PotatoesServes 18-24$22.50
Tomatoes and OkraServes 3-4$4.15
Tomatoes and OkraServes 6-8$8.15
Tomatoes and OkraServes 18-24$22.50
Turnip GreensServes 3-4$3.95
Turnip GreensServes 6-8$7.85
Turnip GreensServes 18-24$21.50
Yam SouffleServes 3-4$4.15
Yam SouffleServes 6-8$8.15
Yam SouffleServes 18-24$22.50


Iced Tea (Sweetened or Unsweetened)1/2 Gallon$1.99
Iced Tea (Sweetened or Unsweetened)1 Gallon$2.99
Lemonade1/2 Gallon$1.99
Lemonade1 Gallon$2.99

Popular Menu Items

K&W Cafeteria has a broad selection of dishes on its menu, all of them served up with 80 years of perfection. When you stop in and decide to have lunch or dinner with K&W, you’re experiencing dishes prepared with the weight of tradition and a dedication to healthy eating. All of their dishes are served up with a broad range of options, so you aren’t committing to any single compound dish. Instead, you get to select your sides and preparations to suit your preferences and your healthy lifestyle. This isn’t your mama’s cafeteria food.

Check out some of our favorites below:

Baked Spaghetti

There’s something about spaghetti properly seasoned and baked with a thick layer of cheese that makes our stomachs sing with joy. There are so many flavors to be enjoyed, and the satisfaction of a happily full stomach after enjoying the textures and flavors inherent in the dish make this a wonderful choice.

Get your plate for $6.99

BBQ Spareribs

Their classic spareribs are made with a recipe perfected over the last 80 years to be the best they’ve ever tested. We’re going to be they’ll be the best you’ve ever tasted as well, that’s just what eight decades of perfecting a recipe can do for you. Try these out when you want a classic BBQ dish, but be sure to get the hand wipes.

A hearty plate for $10.99

Beef Stew

Their beef stew, like everything else on their menu, is the result of 80 years of perfecting a recipe by preparing it again and again until they got it right. The flavor balance is always perfect, and the peppery nature of the dish will remind you of some of your favorite home-cooked meals.

A thick bowl is yours for just $7.89

Trout Entree

It’s not often that you see trout offered on a restaurant’s menu, and it can be difficult to source and tricky to prepare at a price that makes it worthwhile. Thankfully they’ve had plenty of time to produce a recipe that will have you happily content with a full belly of seasoned trout and sides.

Experience perfection for $13.99

K&W Cafeteria’s History

K&W Cafeteria is a Depression-era success story, a business that was struggling to succeed and ultimate got its big break after years of working to make ends meet. Shortly after the business started regularly bringing in income, it became a familiar affair, one that would go on to create an 80 year legacy of incredible food and a dedication to service that their customers would come to love. Today there are 19 K&W Cafeteria’s throughout the United States, and the business continues to be family owned, with plans to remain that way and continue to expand in the coming years. Great food, a champion spirit, and a history of excellence make K&W a wonderful place to eat.