Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Menu & Prices

Find Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken menu prices are part of a legacy that started with a corroboration between two poultry tycoons that saw an opportunity to create a restaurant in the modern market. After helping Colonel Harland Sanders open over 800 restaurants in just three years, this KFC founder set out on his own to create Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken using his special blend of herbs and spices. Today there are nearly 200 locations open all over the world, with more coming as they push to bring this flavor to everyone.

Check out their full menu below:


Classic Chicken

Leg & Thigh - Snack2 Pc.$3.99
Leg & Thigh - Meal2 Pc.$5.49
Breast & Wing - Snack2 Pc.$4.79
Breast & Wing - Meal2 Pc.$6.39
Leg, Thigh & Wing - Snack3 Pc.$4.99
Leg, Thigh & Wing - Meal3 Pc.$6.59
Breast, Thigh & Leg - Snack3 Pc.$5.99
Breast, Thigh & Leg - Meal3 Pc.$7.59
Breast - Snack$3.69
Breast - Meal$5.29
Wings - Snack3 Pc.$4.19
Wings - Snack5 Pc.$6.29
Wings - Meal3 Pc.$5.79
Wings - Meal5 Pc.$7.89
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Snack$0.99
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Meal$2.99
Low Carb - Meal$5.49
Country Fried Steak - Meal$5.99
Chicken Pot Pie - Snack$4.99

Jumbo Breast Strips

Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)8 Pc.$11.69
Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)12 Pc.$15.29
Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)16 Pc.$19.99
Family Strips - Meal (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)8 Pc.$17.29
Family Strips - Meal (With 3 Sides & 6 Biscuits)12 Pc.$22.29
Family Strips - Meal (With 4 Sides & 8 Biscuits)16 Pc.$29.99
Individual Strips - Snack3 Pc.$4.29
Individual Strips - Meal3 Pc.$6.29
Individual Strips - Snack5 Pc.$6.69
Individual Strips - Meal5 Pc.$8.69


Leg & Thigh (With 1 Side)2 Pc.$5.69
Leg & Thigh (With 2 Sides)2 Pc.$6.69
Livers & Gizzards (With 1 Side)$5.89
Livers & Gizzards (With 2 Sides)$6.99
Jumbo Boneless Dippers (With 1 Side)$6.49
Jumbo Boneless Dippers (With 2 Sides)$7.69
Jumbo Strips (With 1 Side)3 Pc.$6.59
Jumbo Strips (With 2 Sides)3 Pc.$7.59
Leg, Thigh & Wing (With 1 Side)3 Pc.$6.99
Leg, Thigh & Wing (With 2 Sides)3 Pc.$7.99
Jumbo Strips (With 1 Side)5 Pc.$8.89
Jumbo Strips (With 2 Sides)5 Pc.$9.79
Wings (With 1 Side)3 Pc.$6.19
Wings (With 2 Sides)3 Pc.$7.19
Country Fried Steak (With 1 Side)$6.19
Country Fried Steak (With 2 Sides)$7.19

Family Meals

Mixed - Box8 Pc.$11.99
Mixed - Box12 Pc.$16.99
Mixed - Box16 Pc.$21.99
Mixed - Box20 Pc.$24.99
Mixed - Meal (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)8 Pc.$17.99
Mixed - Meal (With 3 Sides & 6 Biscuits)12 Pc.$26.99
Mixed - Meal (With 4 Sides & 8 Biscuits)16 Pc.$32.99
Mixed - Meal (With 5 Sides & 10 Biscuits)20 Pc.$38.99
Dark Chicken - Box10 Pc.$9.69
Dark Chicken - Meal (With 2 Sides & 5 Biscuits)10 Pc.$17.49
Flock Of Wings - Box12 Pc.$11.99
Flock Of Wings - Meal (2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)12 Pc.$18.49


Spicy Jumbo DippersRegular Cup$3.69
Spicy Jumbo DippersMedium Cup$5.39
Spicy Jumbo DippersLarge Cup$6.99
Spicy Jumbo DippersIndividual Meal$6.49
Spicy Jumbo DippersBox$14.99
Spicy Jumbo Dippers (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)Family Meal$19.99
Livers & GizzardsRegular$3.79
Livers & GizzardsLarge$5.29
Livers & GizzardsMeal$5.99
ShrimpIndividual Meal$6.29
Shrimp (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)Family Meal$18.49

Classic Sides

Mashed Potatoes & GravyIndividual$1.59
Mashed Potatoes & GravyLarge$3.69
Green BeansIndividual$1.59
Green BeansLarge$3.69
Bakes BeansIndividual$1.59
Bakes BeansLarge$3.69
Cajun RiceIndividual$1.59
Cajun RiceLarge$3.69
Broccoli Pasta SaladIndividual$1.59
Broccoli Pasta SaladLarge$3.69
Potato SaladIndividual$1.59
Potato SaladLarge$3.69
Potato WedgesIndividual$1.59
Potato WedgesLarge$3.69
Corn on the Cob .20 sub.Individual$1.59
Corn on the Cob .20 sub.Large$3.69
Biscuit1 Pc.$0.59
Biscuit6 Pc.$3.49
Corn on the Cob1 Pc.$1.79
Corn on the Cob3 Pc.$4.99
Jalapeno Peppers1 Pc.$0.25
Jalapeno Peppers5 Pc.$0.99
Fried Pickles3 Pc.$1.49
Fried Pickles6 Pc.$2.89
Fried Pickles9 Pc.$3.99

Kids Meal

Strips2 Pc.$3.99
Chicken Leg$3.49


5 Jumbo Breast Strip Meal (2 Individual Sides & Biscuit)5 Pc.$6.49
Famous Chicken Pot Pie$4.99


Assorted Desserts$1.49
Apple Turnover2 Pc.$0.99


Soft DrinkRegular$1.59
Soft DrinkLarge$1.79
Iced TeaRegular$1.59
Iced TeaLarge$1.79
Iced Tea1 Gallon$3.69
Dasani WaterBottle$1.29
Vitamin WaterBottle$1.79

Popular Menu Items

Their most popular menu items are those that bring a sense of home and comfort to their customers, familiar flavors and experiences that mean the evening is going to be a good one. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has a diverse menu that provides their twist on chicken casual dining classics, including breading made with their unique recipe, delicious biscuits, and a fantastic pot pie we just can’t say enough about.

Find some of their most popular items below:

Chicken Pot Pie

There’s something incredibly comforting about digging into a chicken pot pie, that combination of rich gravy swirled around peas, potatoes, carrots, and hearty chunks of chicken all wrapped in a flaky crust. If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort food served with the world’s most delicious chicken, it’s time to dig into a Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken pot pie today.

Get yours for $4.99

Leg & Thigh Meal

Two of the best pieces of chicken come together with two of their sides to create a meal that will satisfy your craving without leaving your wallet a financial wasteland. This is a classic meal offering from Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, and it’s incredibly popular with their fans.

Get your meal for $5.49

Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

The measure of any chicken place is its mashed potatoes and gravy, and if they aren’t up to muster then, it’s time to find yourself another chicken restaurant to patronize. Thankfully you won’t be disappointed with what Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has to bring to the table with their potatoes and gravy.

Get an individual order for $1.50, or a large for $3.69

Chicken Strips

A delicious flaky breading is joined with the fantastically tender and juicy chicken that Lee’s is famous for. If you’ve never had a Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken strip, then we can only suggest that you start off with a full-sized order of them. Once you start snacking on these, you’re not going to end until every cranny of your stomach is filled.

Get 3 for $4.29, or 5 for $6.69

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken’s History

There is a shared legacy to be discovered in Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, a legacy that binds together Lee Cummings, the eponymous Lee in Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, and Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. You see Lee is the good Colonel’s nephew, and in the beginning, they were working together to create the legacy that would become KFC. Eventually, Lee set out on his own with Harold Omer to start “Harold’s Take-Home,” and it was there that Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken became famous. Over the next 50 years, this company would grow and open new franchises, even going international into Trinidad as it continued to advance its name. Presently the organization is in the middle of a massive franchising push, hoping to bring Lee’s Famous Chicken Recipe to locations near you.