Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Menu & Prices

Find Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Spot menu prices are a bit different than many locations, in so far that rather than providing a list of individual dishes that you can purchase they provide a list of choices that come together to create your final meal. They’ve grown rapidly since they were first instituted in 1999 in Inner Mongolia, and now provide their unique dining experience at their 300 locations all over the world. Their menu also includes some unusual meat selections not available at most restaurants, including goose, cuttlefish, green mussels, and several types of clam.

Check out their full menu below:


Hot Pot Ingredients

Soup Base, Protein, Vegetables And Noodles$19.99


Lamb Skewers$11.99
Sesame Pancake$11.99
Mongolian Kimchi$11.99
Mongolion Beef Pie$11.99
Chicken Skewers$11.99


Sweet Yam Cake$15.99
Mochi Ice Cream$15.99
Macaron Ice Cream$14.99
Sesame Balls$15.99

Popular Menu Items

What constitutes their most popular items depends largely on where in the world you’re dining. Throughout the US the most popular items are those that are most familiar, their House Original Pot tops the list, except for those daring enough to try the House Spicy Pot, both of which are soup bases with a different level of spice. From there you can go on to select Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Pork, and several variations on each of these, including pork blood and beef tripe. If you’re feeling daring, there’s something there for you to try, or you can keep things simple by sticking to familiar flavors.

Check out their favorite options below:

House Original Pot

The House Original Pot is a bowl of soup base that’s served up fresh and hot, and while it isn’t spicy by default, you have a few options to choose from here as well. This includes a low sodium option, a vegetarian broth, and several levels of spice. These options are available for their spicy pot as well, but it starts at a significantly spicier base already.

All soup bases are $3.75 a person.

Supreme Lamb Shoulder

A plate of thinly sliced lamb shoulder is brought out to the table for everyone to share by taking slices and adding it to their hot pot dish. This allows each individual to balance their hot pot to their liking, including different levels of preparation and different amounts of meat in their finished product.

You can get 8oz for $7.50, or 16 for $13.95

Kobe Reef Ribeye (6oz)

A selection for the truly decadent, their Kobe Beef Ribeye is sourced from some of the finest meat cattle in the world and brought to your table ready to join your soup. The price of this item varies based on the market, meaning there are multiple factors that affect its price and it may not be the same visit to visit.

Based on market price

Tiger Shrimp Shell-Off

For those looking for a seafood experience with their hot pot, they can order one of the many options, the most popular being their Tiger Shrimp. These shrimp are delivered to the table without their shells and ready to be quickly prepared by dropping them in your Hot Pot.

Enjoy these for $4.25 for a small order, $7.95 for a large

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot’s History

This restaurant was established in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China in 1999, and works hard to bring the world the fantastic experience that is the Mongolian Hot Pot. This company has grown from its home country to bring over 300 restaurant locations to locations around the world, including Japan, Taiwan, China, and the entirety of North America. The company performed so well that it was eventually purchased by Yum! Brands Inc, the same company that owns such major franchises as Taco Bell, Wingstreet, KFC, and Pizza Hut. To avoid anti-trust issues, they split off Little Sheep into a separate organization known as Yum China, which manages its affairs in that country. This company continues to provide an amazing hot pot experience in their stores, as well as providing catering services for large groups and events.