L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Menu & Prices

Find L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue menu prices are incredibly reasonable, and likely to provide you with some of the most diverse and high-quality cuisines you’ve ever had the good fortune to eat. Everything on their menu is a herald back to another time when the tradition of Hawaiian “Plate” meals was just getting started. Today customers from all over the United States get to experience a cuisine typically restrained to the Hawaiian Islands where it was born by the shared lunches of plantation workers over 200 years ago.

Check out their full menu below:


Combination Plate Lunch

Seafood Combo With Hawaiian BBQ Beef$7.25
Seafood Combo With Hawaiian BBQ Short Ribs$7.25
Curry Mix Plate$6.95
Kakele Mix Plate$6.95
Atkins Mini Plate$4.50
Seafood Combo With Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$7.25
Seafood Combo With Kalua Pork$7.25
BBQ Mix Plate$6.95
Atkins BBQ Plate$6.95


Seafood Platter$7.25
Fried Shrimp$7.25
Garlic Shrimp$7.25
Fried Mahi Mahi$7.25


Hawaiian BBQ Short Ribs$4.75
Hamburger Steak$4.25
Beef Curry$4.25
Hawaiian BBQ Beef$4.25
Loco Moco$4.25


Hawaiian BBQ ChickenSmall$4.25
Hawaiian BBQ ChickenLarge$6.25
Curry Chicken KatsuSmall$4.25
Curry Chicken KatsuLarge$6.25
Chicken CutletSmall$4.25
Chicken CutletLarge$6.25
Chicken KatsuSmall$4.25
Chicken KatsuLarge$6.25


Kalua And Lau Lau Combo$7.95
Kalua PorkSmall$4.25
Kalua PorkLarge$6.95
Hawaiian Lau Lau$7.95
Roast Pork With Gravy$4.25
Roast Pork With GravySmall$6.95


BBQ Chicken Burger$2.65
Mahi Burger$2.65
BBQ Cheeseburger$2.65
Garden Burger$2.65


L And L Saimin$2.90
Teri Beef Saimin$3.95
Aloha Saimin$3.95


Span Musubi$2.75
Katsu Musubi$2.75
BBQ Chicken Musubi$2.75
Mahi Mahi Musubi$2.75


Macaroni Salad$1.50
BBQ Chicken Salad$5.25
Garden Salad$3.95
Katsu Chicken Salad$5.25

Side Orders

Hawaiian Seafood Chowder$2.00
French Fries$1.25
Hawaiian Haupla Dessert$1.95

Soft Drink

Soft Drink$1.49

Popular Menu Items

The L&L Hawaiian barbecue menu contains a vast assortment of items that touch on flavors and cultures from all over the world, thanks to the multicultural nature of plantation workers in the 19th century. That tradition of shared experiences and flavors has moved forward throughout the centuries to wind up on the menu of a humble restaurant that brings you BBQ Short Ribs, Chicken Katsu, Grilled Ahi, and dozens of other dishes that will light up your palate with the flavor of days gone by. We suggest you make a point of stopping by this restaurant to see what they have to bring you.

An incredible set of popular choices lie below:

Mahi Mahi Sandwich

Mahi Mahi is a delectable fish that’s commonly caught and served in Hawaii, and most other locations where seafood is a major part of the diet. This sandwich brings the light flavor of Mahi to an incredible sandwich that you can enjoy anytime, and it’s low calorie enough that it’s healthy for you to boot!

Get yours for $4.45

Kalua Pork Burger

Is there anything better than the delicious flavor BBQ pork mixed with crisp lettuce, light tomato, and all the condiments that make a burger great? We certainly don’t think so, and after you bite into this Kalua Pork Burger, neither will you.

Indulge in the pork for just $4.25

Hawaiian BBQ Mix

The perfect blending of beef, chicken, and pork brought together with the incomparably sweet flavors of Hawaiian BBQ are all yours. Served with a side of seasoned rice you’ll be able to indulge in all the flavors and leave pleasantly full knowing that you’ve experienced the best they have to offer.

Get your mix for $8.95

Healthy BBQ Chicken

Sometimes you need to watch what you eat, but still, want to get all the great flavors that are available from a rich and diverse menu. Thankfully their BBQ Chicken fits that bill perfectly, richly flavored but light in both calories and fat, you’ll be able to dine guilt-free with this plate of healthy BBQ chicken, brown rice, and tossed greens.

Pack in the poultry for $7.50

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s History

There’s a form of lunch that was common in 19th century Hawaii, a sort of blending of all of the lunches brought out to the pineapple fields and sugar plantations by the laborers of the day. These combined lunches were often shared between friends and co-workers resulting in an unprecedented fusion of tastes that brought together Portuguese, New England, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Philippine food together all in one place. While this concept wasn’t familiar to mainland America when it was brought over by Eddie Flores Jr. and Johnson Kam, they rebranded it as ‘Hawaiian BBQ’ and opened their first restaurant. From that point forward they’ve used this incredible fusion of flavors to introduce this cuisine to their populace, and its only grown in popularity.