Luby's Menu & Prices

Find Luby's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Here you will find full Luby’s menu prices. Luby’s serves a large selection of American cuisine offered cafeteria style.

Every day is a little different at Luby’s. The cafeteria style service allows you to customize your meal and choose among a large selection of dishes so that you get all of your favorites. Whether you are in the mood for old-timey comfort food or prefer something light and fresh, you will find something delicious.

Classic desserts like Chess Pie can be found among the desserts. Some of these old-time desserts are hard to find anywhere else, making Luby’s a hit for older generations and those that remember food from a simpler time.

Below we will cover the menu with prices along with a closer look at some favorites on offer at Luby’s.


Our Food


Blackened Tilapia$10.99
Chicken Fried Chicken$10.49
Angus Chopped Steak$9.99
Blackened Chicken$10.99
Luby's Texas Ribeye$10.29


Luby's Fried Fish$7.99
Roast Chicken$7.99
French Grilled Liver and Onions$7.99
Chicken Fried Steak$7.99
Bacon Cheese Steak$7.99

Veggies and More

Fresh Broccoli$1.99
Fried Okra$1.99
Mashed Potatoes$1.99
Roasted Mixed Vegetables$1.99

Soups and Salads

Carrot and Raisin Salad$2.39
Fresh Fruit Salad$2.39
Home-Style Chicken Noodle$2.39
Seafood Gumbo$2.39


Pecan Pie$4.99
New York Cheese Cake$29.99
Chocolate Ice Box Pie$15.99
Fresh Strawberry Short Cake$3.99
Coconut Meringue Pie$15.99

Kid's Menu


Served With 2 Sides, Jello, Bread, And Kid's Drink
Chicken Tenders$5.99
Chicken Leg or Thigh$5.99
Chicken Tetrazzini$5.99
Roast Turkey Breast$5.99


Luby's Fried Fish$5.99
Baked White Fish$5.99
Baked Almondine$5.99


Chopped Steak$5.99
Bacon Cheesesteak$5.99
Italian Spaghetti$5.99
Roast Beef$5.99
Meat Loaf$5.99
Liver and Onions$5.99

Veggie Plate

Choose 3 Veggie$5.99

Family Packs To-Go

Add A Gallon Of Tea For $3.99.
Chicken Tenders15 pc$29.95
Chicken Tetrazzini$29.95


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Italian Spaghetti with Meat Sauce$29.95
Cheese Enchiladas$29.95

Popular Menu Items

At Luby’s you can mix and match entrees that are priced in different classes along with sides of your choice. The menu varies daily so expect some surprises on your next visit.

Much of the food on the menu is comfort food, reminiscent of a time when cafeteria style dining was more popular. Entrees like Liver and Onions, Chopped Steak, and Roast Beef are cooked up just the way grandma did.

There are also more updated choices. You can find a wide variety of seafood and veggie options if you are looking for some lighter fare. Cool prepared salads and hot soups are also good choices for those seeking lower calorie dishes.

Here are some favorites that keep the regulars coming back:

Luby’s Fried Fish

This is a customer favorite for a reason! The special batter is crunchy and perfectly seasoned and the fish is flaky and moist. You get two large planks with your meal as well as two sides of your choice and some bread. Fantastic with fried okra and seasoned greens for a southern fish fry feast.

Chicken Fried Steak

Beef eye rounds are tenderized, breaded and deep fried for a crispy exterior around a tender and flavorful steak. Topped with country gravy for a filling and decadent comfort food meal. Green beans and mashed potatoes smothered in more country gravy make the best sides.

Baked White Fish

If you are looking for lighter fare on the menu at Luby’s, this is one of the better choices. Flavorful and moist whitefish is seasoned and baked for a classic healthy main dish. Choose two sides of your choice to accompany your meal. We recommend it with wild cranberry rice and steamed broccoli for a light lunch or dinner that you can feel good about.

Buttermilk Chess Pie

One of the things that keeps folks coming back to Luby’s are the delicious desserts, including many old-timey classics hard to find anywhere else. Take a trip down memory lane with this classic. Its gooey sweet goodness is a regional favorite in the American South.

Lemon Icebox Pie

Another favorite dessert item at Luby’s is this creamy lemon flavored whipped pie served on a graham cracker crust. This is often available by the whole pie so you can take it home to share.

Luby’s History

Bob Luby and his cousin Charles R. Johnston opened the first Luby’s Cafeteria in 1947 in San Antonio, Texas. Bob had just returned from serving in WWII. Growing up, his father Harry Luby had owned and operated a small chain of similarly themed restaurants called New England Dairy Lunch Cafeteria.

The cousins slowly expanded to new restaurants, eventually going public. Years later Luby’s Cafeteria still remains a popular chain, located mainly in Texas.