Marble Slab Creamery Menu & Prices

Find Marble Slab Creamery Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Marble Slab Creamery’s menu prices add it to the list of companies that are producing incredible and innovative ice cream treats designed to your specifications using an ice-cold slab of stone. Every day thousands of customers all over the world stop in at a Marble Slab Creamery to enjoy their unique ice cream dishes, knowing that anything they can imagine using the ingredients available can be put together for them. Over 300 locations exist in countries all over the world providing both a common range of flavors and ingredients, and those that are popular in the local cuisine. If you’ve never had a Marble Slab Creamery ice cream, then you are seriously missing out.

Check out their menu below and get to one promptly:


Sweet Innovations

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Cookie Jar ChaosSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Cookie Jar ChaosMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Cookie Jar ChaosLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Savannah Banana FudgeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Savannah Banana FudgeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Savannah Banana FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Raving Craving SprinkleSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Raving Craving SprinkleMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Raving Craving SprinkleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Strawberry ShortcakeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Strawberry ShortcakeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Strawberry ShortcakeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99

The Classics

Chocolate HeavenSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Chocolate HeavenMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Chocolate HeavenLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
SprinkleSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
SprinkleMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
SprinkleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Pecan PerfectionSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Pecan PerfectionMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Pecan PerfectionLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Caramel DrizzleSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Caramel DrizzleMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Caramel DrizzleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
TurtleSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
TurtleMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
TurtleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Classic Cookies N CreamSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Classic Cookies N CreamMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Classic Cookies N CreamLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Maggies MudSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Maggies MudMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Maggies MudLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99

Holiday/Party Cakes

Sweetheart6 Inch$32.99
Valentines Heart8 Inch$19.99
Mothers Day Polka DotSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Mothers Day Polka DotMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Mothers Day Polka DotLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
GiftSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
GiftMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
GiftLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Fathers Day ArgyleSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Fathers Day ArgyleMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Fathers Day ArgyleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Graduation CapSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Graduation CapMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Graduation CapLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99

Create Your Own Cake

Create Your Own CakeSmall 6 Inch Round$28.99
Create Your Own CakeMedium 8 Inch Round$32.99
Create Your Own CakeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99

Classic Cupcakes

Classic Ice Cream Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Classic Ice Cream Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sprinkle Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sprinkle Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cool Swirl Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cool Swirl Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99

Specialty & Holiday Cupcakes

Basketball Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Basketball Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Football Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Football Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Heart Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Heart Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Flower Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Flower Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sunflower Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sunflower Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99

Ice Cream Pizzas

Supreme Pizza14 Inch$24.99
Chocolate Lovers Pizza14 Inch$24.99
Plain & Simple Pizza14 Inch$22.99

Pints & Quarts

Hand-Packed Ice Cream, Yogurt or SorbetQuart$7.99

Classic Pies

Pumpkin Pie$19.99
Butter Pecan Pie$19.99
Key Lime Pie$19.99

Popular Menu Items

Marble Slab Creamery doesn’t just offer traditional ice cream by the scoop, but also as many blendings of toppings and ice cream as you can imagine. Further, they’re well known for their range of dairy treats, including menu items like their Cookie Jar Chaos Cake, the Chocolate Rocky Road Brownie, and their Mocha Cappauccino Fudge. Looking for something a little smaller? Give their Classic Ice Cream cupcake a try, and once you’ve discovered how wonderful they are move on to their arrangement of other flavors. If you love ice cream and cake, you’re going to love everything Marble Slab Creamery has to offer.

Check out our favorite items below:

Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake

The Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake is an incredible addition to their menu, a positive celebration of flavor and sweetness that contains cotton candy ice cream, M&M’s, and a light layer of frosting. The cake itself is a beautiful and festive blue that creates a craving for sweet that can’t be beat.

Get 6 for $12.99, or a dozen for $24.99

Maggie’s Mud Ice Cream Cake

Maggie’s Mud Ice Cream Cake is one of the classic items on their menu, a combination of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate ice cream iced with a chocolate peanut-butter icing. These flavors are a commonly known rendition of “mud” ice creams, and will leave you feeling nostalgic for the days of youth.

6” cake costs $28.99, 8” is $32.99, a ¼ sheet is $46.99

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake

This is a combination of classic flavors that takes a traditional dessert and turns it into something truly special. Here you’ll find birthday cake ice cream combined with vanilla ice cream and strawberry puree, all brought together on a yellow cake base. This delicious combination is brought together with vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries to create the perfect item.

6” cake costs $28.99, 8” is $32.99, a ¼ sheet is $46.99

Supreme Ice Cream Pizza

The Supreme Pizza is a decadent conglomeration of flavors that are simply sinful in their deliciousness. A combination of yellow cake or chocolate cake “crust” comes together with cherry disks, M&M’s, chocolate curls, crushed heath bars and peanut butter cups, and a layer of red icing that perfectly brings the pizza to the ice cream.

Get yours for $24.99 for a 14” pizza

Marble Slab Creamery’s History

Back in 1983 a little company sprang up in Houston Texas under the name “Cones & Cream”, a venture project put together by Tom LePage and Sigmund Pen, two chefs who were inspired by another Ice Cream location they had visited in Boston. Almost 50 years later there are now nearly 400 locations open in countries all over the world. While Cold Stone Creamery is an undeniably better known brand, Marble Slab Creamery is noted as being the first one to use a frozen stone to mix their ice cream creations on a slab in front of the customers. It’s name may not remain in relative obscurity for long, however, as a massive push for expansion has been made by the company in recent years. If there isn’t one already, there may be a Marble Slab Creamery opening near you.