Mountain Mike's Pizza Menu & Prices

Find Mountain Mike's Pizza Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

You won’t have to climb a mountain to conquer Mountain Mike’s Pizza’s menu prices. This pizza chain got its start on America’s West Coast with the idea that a pizza dining experience should be relaxed and easy-going. In the interest of creating a family dining pizza place, the creator of this company set off from his roots with Round Table Pizza to create Mountain Mike’s Pizza. It’s been a popular location for families to visit and has grown through its franchising campaign to include over 160 different locations throughout the country.

30 years later the company continues to hold a presence in the hearts and stomachs of customers everywhere with its traditional pizza-house offerings. Every day they work to ensure that the best quality ingredients are brought to their patrons in the best tasting pizzas around.

Take a look at all they have to offer in their full menu below:


Specialty Pizza

The McKinley10 Inch$14.99
The McKinley12 Inch$21.99
The McKinley14 Inch$25.99
The McKinley20 Inch$39.99
The Everest10 Inch$14.99
The Everest12 Inch$21.99
The Everest14 Inch$25.99
The Everest20 Inch$39.99
Mt. Veggiemore10 Inch$14.99
Mt. Veggiemore12 Inch$21.99
Mt. Veggiemore14 Inch$25.99
Mt. Veggiemore20 Inch$39.99
Pikes Peak10 Inch$14.99
Pikes Peak12 Inch$21.99
Pikes Peak14 Inch$25.99
Pikes Peak20 Inch$39.99
Robbers Roost10 Inch$14.99
Robbers Roost12 Inch$21.99
Robbers Roost14 Inch$25.99
Robbers Roost20 Inch$39.99
Snowy Alps10 Inch$14.99
Snowy Alps12 Inch$21.99
Snowy Alps14 Inch$25.99
Snowy Alps20 Inch$39.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau10 Inch$14.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau12 Inch$21.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau14 Inch$25.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau20 Inch$39.99
Chicken Club10 Inch$14.99
Chicken Club12 Inch$21.99
Chicken Club14 Inch$25.99
Chicken Club20 Inch$39.99
Sizzlin Bacon Classic10 Inch$14.99
Sizzlin Bacon Classic12 Inch$21.99
Sizzlin Bacon Classic14 Inch$25.99
Sizzlin Bacon Classic20 Inch$39.99
Garlic Tuscan10 Inch$14.99
Garlic Tuscan12 Inch$21.99
Garlic Tuscan14 Inch$25.99
Garlic Tuscan20 Inch$39.99

Two Item Specialty Pizza

Diamond Head10 Inch$12.99
Diamond Head12 Inch$16.99
Diamond Head14 Inch$20.99
Diamond Head20 Inch$32.99
Mt. St. Helens10 Inch$12.99
Mt. St. Helens12 Inch$16.99
Mt. St. Helens14 Inch$20.99
Mt. St. Helens20 Inch$32.99
Create Your Own10 Inch$11.99
Create Your Own12 Inch$14.99
Create Your Own14 Inch$17.99
Create Your Own20 Inch$29.99


Italian Sausage$4.99
Louisiana Style Hot Links$4.99
Extra Cheese$4.99
Fresh Tomatoes$4.99
Canadian Style Bacon$4.99
Diced Tomatoes$4.99
Sun-Dried Tomatoes$4.99
Bell Peppers$4.99
Green Chiles$4.99

Appetizers And Sides

Garlic Bread$3.99
Garlic Sticks$4.99
Hot Wings$6.99
Mozzarella Sticks$5.99
Jalapeño Poppers$5.99
Salad Bar$5.99


Half Dome$6.99
Cliff Hanger$7.99


Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Diet Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Sierra Mist2 Liter$2.99
Root Beer2 Liter$2.99
Dr. Pepper2 Liter$2.99

Popular Menu Items

You’ll find an assortment of pizzas on their menu that reference areas in the Northwest, and that’s just one more way we know that this restaurant is proud of its West Coast roots. When you first stop in, we recommend starting off with their Garlic Sticks with Cheese or a plate of their Buffalo Wings. Once you’ve enjoyed the rich, savory tastes available in those appetizers you can move on to a small salad that will prepare you for the epic flavors of their pizza offerings.

You can order your selection of their traditional assortment of pizza offerings, or you can go for the house special and pick up the Mount Saint Helens pizza in whatever size suits your party. Rather have a sandwich? Their grilled chicken breast sandwich is perfect for those eating light.

You can reach the summit with some of their popular items below:

Chicken Tenders

While most pizza places aren’t crowed about for the quality of their chicken, Mountain Mike’s is well known for their house-breaded chicken tenders that are deep-fried and served up with your choice of ranch, marinara, or blue cheese sauce. They come 5 to an order and are a favorite among children and adults alike.

Get your plate of 5 for $6.99

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

The grilled chicken breast sandwich is delicious, made with a carefully grilled fresh chicken breast sizzling with flavor while still being juicy and tender. Combined with a layer of shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a sprinkling of onion along with a generous helping of mayo.

Get something to cluck about for $7.95

St. Helen’s Pizza

This pizza is guaranteed to make your mouth erupt with flavor. Laid out on their traditional crust with a layer of their house pizza sauce, you’ll find the savory spice of Louisiana Style Hot Sausage interspersed with the biting tang of green chilies. Sure to set your mouth sizzling after just a couple bites.

Available in mini $6.99, small $12.99, medium $20.99, and large $32.99

Diamond Head Pizza

The Diamond Head is the pizza for all those pizza lovers out there who are right thinking and enjoy all that is good in life. In this case, we mean those who enjoy pineapple on their pizza and know that it pairs perfectly with ham. An homage to the crystalline blue waters and towering peaks of Hawaii, Diamond Head is the world’s premier pizza.

Available in mini $6.99, small $12.99, medium $20.99, and large $32.99

Mountain Mike’s Pizza’s History

In 1978 Mountain Mike’s started providing pizza to the Bay Area by someone who had recently been a principal in Round Table Pizza, one of their West Coast Competitors. After spending his time with Round Table he wandered his way to Palo Alto, California and, along with his incredible wife, came up with the concept for Mountain Mike’s Pizza. His time with this other company had instilled a sense of excellence in him that he wanted to bring to his new pizza chain.

The new chain quickly took hold in the Bay Area he decided it was time to start setting up a franchise option. After a significant amount of campaigning and advertising Mountain Mike’s Pizza finally took hold as a franchise and rocketed to success. The creator finally decided to let go of his empire sometime in the early 2000’s, and it’s been under other ownership ever since.