Noodles & Company Menu & Prices

Find Noodles & Co Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

You have come to the right place for the Noodles & Company® menu with prices.

You will find internationally inspired noodle dishes and American classic pasta fare served in a fast casual environment at Noodles & Company.

With a large menu featuring a wide variety of pasta flavors from around the world, everyone can find something they love at Noodles & Company.

The fast and friendly service makes it an excellent choice for a fast healthy meal on the go.

Before your next visit, check out some of the favorite dishes we have included below. But first, the complete menu with prices:

Prices may vary by location. Consult your location's menu & your server for exact pricing.


Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang (go-choo-jang) Sauce5 Meatballs$2.99
10 Meatballs$4.89
Potstickers3 Pc.$2.99
6 Pc.$4.99

Noodles & Pasta

Alfredo MontAmore®Small$4.90
Penne RosaSmall$4.49
Japanese Pan NoodlesSmall$4.49
Wisconsin Mac & CheeseSmall$4.49
Pesto CavatappiSmall$4.49
Pad ThaiSmall$4.49
Spaghetti & MeatballsSmall$4.40
Bangkok CurrySmall$4.49
Steak StroganoffSmall$4.40
Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaSmall$4.49
Indonesian Peanut Sauté©Small$4.49
Buttered NoodlesSmall$3.99

BUFF Bowls

Double the Veggies & Swap Spinach for Noodles
BUFF Tuscan Fresca with Grilled Chicken Breast$8.49
BUFF Japanese Pan with Marinated Steak$8.49
BUFF Pesto with Naturally Raised Pork$8.49
BUFF Bangkok Curry with Organic Tofu$8.49


Comes with a Side Soup or Salad
BBQ Pork Sandwich$7.29
The Med$6.69
Veggie Med$6.69
Spicy Chicken Caesar$6.69
Wisconsin Cheesesteak$7.29


Chicken Veracruz SaladSmall$6.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladSmall$4.40
Napa Market Salad with ChickenSmall$6.99
Med Salad with Grilled ChickenSmall$4.40


Thai Curry SoupSmall$4.49
Tomato Basil BisqueSmall$4.49
Chicken Noodle SoupSmall$4.49


Petite Baguette$0.79
Side of Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breast$2.59
Side of Naturally Raised Pork$2.79
Side of Chicken Breast$2.59
Side of Marinated Steak$2.79
Side of Shrimp$2.99
Side of Oven-Roasted Meatballs$2.59
Side of Organic Tofu$2.39

Kids Meals

Kids MealEntrée, Drink & 2 Sides$5.00


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.89
Snoodledoodle Cookie$1.89
Rice Krispy$1.89


Fountain DrinkLarge$2.29
1% Organic Milk$1.59
Chocolate Organic Milk$1.59
Izze DrinkBottle$2.49
Fresh-Brewed Honest TeaLarge$2.29
Nantucket Nectar$2.49

Square Bowls

Feeds 4-5 People
Alfredo MontAmore®Family Square Bowl$26.50
Napa Market Salad with ChickenFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Penne RosaFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Japanese Pan NoodlesFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Wisconsin Mac & CheeseFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Pesto CavatappiFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Spaghetti & MeatballsFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Steak StroganoffFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Chicken Veracruz SaladFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Pad ThaiFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Med Salad with Grilled ChickenFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Tossed Green SaladFamily Square Bowl$16.00
Indonesian Peanut Sauté©Family Square Bowl$20.00
Buttered NoodlesFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Bangkok CurryFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Tomato Basil BisqueFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Chicken Noodle SoupFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Thai Curry SoupFamily Square Bowl$22.00

A La Carte Catering

Feeds 8-10 People
Penne Rosa, Bangkok Curry, Mac & Cheese, Pesto Cavatappi, Whole Grain Tuscan Fresca, Alfredo MontAmore, Pad Thai, Indonesian Peanut Sauté©, or Stroganoff$40.00
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce or Buttered Noodles$35.00
Med, Veracruz, or Napa Market Salad$35.00
Tossed Green or Caesar Salad$20.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread$15.00
Iced Tea or LemonadeGallon$10.00

Popular Menu Items

Everything at Noodles & Company is made to order which means you have control over the ingredients in your dish.

This also means that almost every dish is available in a vegetarian version. Counting carbs? No problem.

Check out the BUFF section of the menu for some of the most popular dishes translated into noodle free meals.

Here are some top picks at Noodle & Company.


Few starters go better with a noodle meal than the Asian flavors of Potstickers.

Savory chicken dumplings are steamed and then pan fried for the best of two textures: tender and crunchy.

They are served with a soy dipping sauce and are a perfect place to start your world tour of flavors. Get 6 to share for $4.99.

Japanese Pan Noodles

These udon style noodles are finished in the hot skillet to bring out a delicate caramelized flavor.

They are dressed in a sweetened soy sauce and join broccoli, carrots and shiitake mushrooms in the pan.

Cool Asian sprouts, toasted black sesame seeds and fresh cilantro are added before serving for plenty of bold flavor and texture. $5.89.

Steak Stroganoff

This french classic is a rich and comforting meal perfect for those with a hearty appetite.

Tender beef is seared and then braised in a sauce made with plenty of sautéed mushrooms, sherry and cream.

It is served over wide egg noodles and then topped with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese. A meatless version of this dish is available upon request. $5.80.

BUFF Tuscan Fresca

There are several more carb friendly dishes on the menu for those that love the flavors at Noodle & Company, without the noodles.

Instead, this dish is served over a bed of fresh spinach. It includes a tender grilled chicken breast, fresh tomato, roasted garlic, feta cheese and thinly sliced red onion.

This is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking lighter fare on the menu. $8.49.

Med Salad with Chicken

Mediterranean flavors are the highlight of this dish that features grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and sliced red onion.

Corkscrew pasta called cavatappi gives this salad great body, and spicy yogurt dressing marries all of the flavors perfectly. $5.80.

Noodles & Company History

Staked with personal money and loans from friends and family, Aaron Kennedy opened the first Noodles & Company location in 1995.

The first restaurant was in Denver, Colorado with a second location soon to follow in Madison, Wisconsin. The chain had a rocky start after some mixed restaurant reviews, but rebounded quickly after a menu and décor overhaul in 1996.

By 2002 there were 37 thriving locations and 142 by 2007. Rapid expansion continued, and the restaurant currently boasts 410 locations throughout the United States.