Oberweis Menu & Prices

Find Oberweis Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The dedication to their customers is obvious when you pick up a copy of Oberweis’s menu prices, showing that they don’t overcharge for delicious and healthy milk and dairy products. If you live near one of the over 100 locations operated by the Oberweis family, you’ll be able to experience the old world satisfaction of having fresh milk delivered to your door every day. Only now you’ll have the convenience of tracking those deliveries through their new Smartphone App!

If you enjoy healthy meat and milk provided by happy cows, you can also stop in at their newest venture, That Burger Joint. This traditional hamburger restaurant stands to challenge Five Guys for having the best burgers in the United States.

You can find out what’s on Oberweis Dairy’s full menu below:


Frostbites & Smoothies


Ice Cream

Vanilla Soft ServeKids$0.99
Vanilla Soft ServeSmall$1.69
Vanilla Soft ServeLarge$3.49
Chocolate YogurtKids$0.99
Chocolate YogurtSmall$1.69
Chocolate YogurtLarge$3.49
French Vanilla YogurtKids$0.99
French Vanilla YogurtSmall$1.69
French Vanilla YogurtLarge$3.49

Waffle Cones & Bowls

Dipped & Nuts$1.59


Banana Royal$7.29
Turtle CandyRegular$4.99
Turtle CandyLarge$6.69
Peanut ButterRegular$5.69
Peanut ButterLarge$7.39
Hot FudgeRegular$4.39
Hot FudgeLarge$6.09
Fudge BrownieRegular$6.49
Fudge BrownieLarge$8.19
Old FashionedRegular$4.29
Old FashionedLarge$5.99


Frozen CoffeeRegular$3.99
Frozen CoffeeLarge$4.99
Hot Coffee Americano$1.39
Hot Coffee Latte or Cappuccino$3.19
Hot Coffee Mocha$3.49
Hot Coffee Ultimate Latte$4.19


Sweet Drink On IceRegular$0.89
Sweet Drink On IceLarge$1.29

Shakes & Malts

Shakes or MaltsRegular$5.29
Shakes or MaltsLarge$6.99

Popular Menu Items

If you’re looking for some of the most tantalizing dairy products available on the market today, it’s time to stop in and enjoy the fresh, home-style dairy of Oberweis Dairy. Here you’ll find their hand-crafted butter in salted and unsalted varieties, a broad range of cow-milk delicious cheeses ranging from their fine Verdaccio Grated Parmesan to their spicy Oberweis Fire Jack.

Are you a fan of cottage cheese? They offer them in two varieties, the low-fat Oberweis 2% with its traditional texture and flavor, and the extra rich and creamy 4% cottage cheese for those with a more decadent palette. If you love baking, there’s nothing better than natural heavy whipping cream frothed up and sugared.

Check out some of their most popular menu items on the list below:

Smithfield Cream Cheese

It’s rich, creamy, and decadent, and perfect for serving on a freshly toasted bagel. It doesn’t end there though, the creamiest cream cheeses still serve as the foundation for some of the best frostings and cakes, so it doesn’t all have to be about breakfast.

Available for just $3.49

Phil’s Extra Large White Cage Free Nest Eggs

When you’re looking for an assortment of eggs that are laid by responsibly raised chickens and have the brightest yellow yolks around, you’re looking for Phil’s Extra Large White Cage Free Nest Eggs. These chickens have never seen the inside of a cage and enjoy the freedom of the open range.

Get a dozen for $3.99

Green Mountain Blueberry Greek Yogurt

The yogurt sold by Oberweis Dairy is an incredible treat and uses only the freshest fruit and flavors to produce their rich and creamy Greek yogurt. The blueberry flavor is one of our favorites, but it also comes in Mixed Berry Pomegranate, regular vanilla, peach, and an assortment of other flavors.

Get a 5.3oz container for $1.39

Oberweis Cherry Pie Ice Cream

We’ll admit it, we’re absolute suckers for Cherry Pie any day of the week, but when it comes in a cold and creamy Cherry Pie Ice Cream? There’s no way we can resist it. You can dip into this cherry pie at any time of day or night, and there’s no need to heat it up or bake it, just scoop into this ice cream and indulge!

Get your quart for $6.99

Oberweis’s History

In 1927 there was a business started with a simple goal, to sell the excess milk produced by Peter Oberweis’s cows at the Big Woods Dairy to those neighbors of his who lived in Kane County, Illinois. His investment would pay off better than he ever dreamed, with the company running smoothly at the hands of his family through to this very day. In 1951 the family made the bold move of expanding into a line of their very own Dairy & Ice Cream stores named, aptly enough, Oberweis Dairy.

Throughout their time doing business, they’ve dedicated themselves to keeping their cows as healthy as possible so that their customers will be able to enjoy the best meat and dairy from the best people. To this end, they only feed their cows on corn silage and corn, hay, and soy meal with daily vitamins provided as a boost.

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