Pasta Pomodoro Menu & Prices

Find Pasta Pomodoro Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

When you look at Pasta Pomodoro’s menu prices, one of the first things you’re going to notice is how many gluten-free options there are. This menu was designed on the basis that everyone deserves to be able to enjoy rich, delicious pasta in their lives, even those who suffer from a gluten-sensitivity. When you stop in at Pasta Pomodoro, you’ll be enjoying a flavorful and delicious blend of foods served in family sized portions, though they do offer regular lunch sized portions if you’re dining alone.

Once you stop in, you’ll begin to enjoy the experience that is casual dining in a restaurant that believes in delivering a family atmosphere to its customers.

Wondering what’s on the menu? Check out the full listing below:



Mozzarella En Corozza$12.99
Mussels Posillipo$8.99
Calamari Fritti$8.99
Antipasto Classico$11.99
Mozzarella Sticks$8.50
Mozzarella Caprese$8.99
Melanzane Ripiene$8.99
Roasted Peppers And Mozzarella$8.99
Zuppa Del Giorno$3.99
Broccoli Rabe Di Napoli$8.99


Caesar Salad$7.99
Garden Salad$7.99
Lemon Pepper Chicken$9.00
Scungilli Salad$13.99
Blackened Salmon$11.00
Mediterranean Salad$13.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.00


Grilled Vegetables$4.00
Broccoli Rabe$6.00
French Fries$3.99
Roasted Potatoes$3.99


The Prices For Dinner For Each Item Are $13.99
Aglio E Olio$8.99
Alla Vodka$8.99
Alla Nonna$8.99
Meatball or Sausage$8.99

Baked Pasta

The Prices For Dinner For Each Item Are $15.99
Campione D Italia$10.50
Bakes Penne$10.50
Stuffed Shells$10.50
Penne Siciliano$10.50
Eggplant Parmigiana$10.50
Eggplant Rollantini$10.50


All these Prices Are Lunch Prices.
Pollo Parmigiano$9.99
Pollo Capri$9.99
Pollo Napoli$9.99
Pollo Valdostano$9.99
Pollo Fiorentino$9.99
Pollo Griglia$9.99
Pollo Marsala$9.99
Pollo Riviera$9.99
Pollo Maximo$9.99
Pollo Franchaise$9.99
Pollo Verde$9.99

Veal And Steak

All these Prices Are Lunch Prices.
Vitello Parmigiano$10.99
Vitello Piccata$11.99
Vitello Olivia$13.99
Vitello San Marco$11.99
Vitello Milanese$10.99
Vitello Saltimbocca$11.99
Vitello Marsala$11.99
Vitello Almavia$12.99
Bistecca Romano$25.99
Vitello Helena$13.99
Vitello Scallopine$10.99
Bistecca Pizziola$25.99


All these Prices Are Lunch Prices.
Shrimp And Scallops$12.50
Linguine And Clams$9.00
Capellini Positano$14.50
Frutti Di Mare$14.50
Salmone Griglia$12.50

Healthy Heart

All these Prices Are Lunch Prices.
Grilled Alaskan Salmon$11.99
Baked Involtine$10.50
Chicken Piccata$9.99
Whole Wheat Linguine Angelica$9.00
Grilled Chicken$9.99

Personal Pizza

Personal Cheese Pizza$7.50
Margherita Pizza$9.99
Roasted Pepper Pizza$9.00
Cheese Steak Pizza$10.00
Napoli Pizza$10.50
Pollo Griglia Pizza$10.00
Diavalo Pizza$9.00
Vegetarian Pizza$9.50
Capri Pizza$13.99
Bianco Pizza$9.50

Large Pizza

All Large And Specialty Pizza


Large Specialty Pizza


Childrens Menu

Spaghetti And Meatballs$7.99
Chicken Parmigiano$7.99
Stuff Shell$7.99
Chicken Fingers And French Fries$7.99
Fettucine Alfredo$7.99



Popular Menu Items

For many people suffering from conditions that are aggravated by gluten, such as dermatitis herpetiformis or coeliac disease, the delicious and comforting flavors of Italian pasta are a thing of the past, especially when dining out. When you come to Pasta Pomodoro, you’ll find multiple entrees that are gluten-free, including Melenzane Madonna, Salmon Tribeca, and Pollo Savana.

They also offer traditional options that allow you to build your pasta dish from the ground up with options like linguine, penne, and capellini noodles served with or without chicken, and covered in one of their 16 sauce and topping combinations.

A list of their popular items can be found below:


Stopping in at the Pasta Pomodoro and not starting your evening off with their Bruschetta is an affront to everything beautiful and delicious about Italian food. Expertly prepared you can indulge in this grilled country bread served with extra virgin olive oil, Roma tomatoes, garlic, and basil.

Get a small portion for $2.95, or share it with the family for $4.95


Cappellini is a wonderful and traditional Italian dish that fills your stomach and your mouth with joy. A fantastic base of pasta of your choice served with pomodoro sauce, roasted garlic, and basil makes this the perfect main course for the quintessential Pomodoro experience.

Get a single plate for $5.95, or a family serving for $8.96, add minestrone or Mista salad for $1.75 extra. Gluten-free available for $0.50 more, high-protein for $1.00

Minestrone Soup

Available as a side, an entree, or as an addition to their main dishes, we would be remiss not to feature their award-winning soup. Every day this minestrone is made in-house with minestrone noodles, green beans, crushed tomatoes, basil, and oregano.

Get a cup for $2.95, or a bowl for $3.75, or add it to any meal for $1.75

Caesar Salad

There is nothing more traditional to serve with a full Italian meal than a delicious and crispy serving of Caesar Salad. Made with pecorino romano, olives, and pepperoncini peppers chopped and mixed in with a garlic croutons tossed together with their house Caesar dressing, you won’t find a better Caesar salad anywhere.

You can have a single serving for $1.75, or a family portion of $3.95

Pasta Pomodoro’s History

This chain of restaurants got its start in San Francisco, California in the Marina District, providing an incredible pasta selection. Part of their ambition was to create an Italian restaurant where those suffering from a Gluten-Sensitivity would be able to stop in and enjoy a rich, delicious plate of pasta. They were so successful at their ambition that the company grew to include over 25 locations throughout the San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles areas, while its headquarters remained in the city by the bay.

It’s experienced some rough times during its existence but has managed to hold on to both its name and its business throughout it all. At some point in their past, they expanded into the New Jersey area and are proud to offer their gluten-free menu to their customers everywhere.