Piada Italian Street Food Menu & Prices

Find Piada Italian Street Food Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Piada Italian Street Food menu prices may be a little bit unexpected for you, especially considering the quality of the food that comes out of these establishments. They have an outstanding passion for food that serves as the basis for every meal they prepare. All of their menus start with some basic principles, fresh ingredients, a great attitude, and a passion for life instilled by a trained chef who knows how to run a kitchen and a restaurant. That’s right; every Piada location is run by a chef with a passion for food, not a manager who only cares about the bottom line. This means your food is fresh, of the highest quality, and prepared by someone who loves food as much as you do.

Check out their full menu below:


Seasonal Specials

Summer Lunch Bundle$9.99
Summer Avocado Piada$8.49
Farmers Market Salad$8.49
Crispy Chicken BLT$7.99
Turkey Pesto Tasca$7.99
Italian Trio Tasca$7.99
Roasted Corn Salad$2.49
Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade$2.99


Summer Avocado Piada$8.49
Chefs Favorite Piada$6.99
Tuscan Piada$6.99
Create Your Own Piada$6.99


Farmers Market Salad$8.49
Balsamic SaladSmall$6.49
Balsamic SaladRegular$7.49
Sweet Roma & FetaSmall$6.49
Sweet Roma & FetaRegular$7.49
Create Your Own SaladSmall$6.49
Create Your Own SaladRegular$7.49


Basil Pesto PastaSmall$6.49
Basil Pesto PastaRegular$7.49
Diavolo PastaSmall$6.49
Diavolo PastaRegular$7.49
Create Your Own PastaSmall$6.49
Create Your Own PastaRegular$7.49

Grill Items

Crispy Calamari$1.79
Crispy Chicken Fritte$1.79
Grilled Chicken$1.49
Italian Sausage$0.99

Street Sides

Roasted Corn Salad$2.49
Pepperoni Piada Stick$2.29
Parmigiano Reggiano Piada Stick$2.29
Garlic Dough$1.49
Tomato Basil SoupCup$2.59
Lobster Bisque SoupCup$3.39
Side Salad$3.99
Calamari Fritto Mistro$4.99
The Piada Meatball$3.99


Kids Pasta$4.99
Kids Chicken Tenders$4.99
Grass-Fed Kids Meatball$5.99


Cannoli Chips$2.99


Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade$2.99
Italian Sodas and Teas$2.29
Regular Soft Drink$2.29
Aqua Panna Spring Water$2.49
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.49

Popular Menu Items

You won’t believe the collection of items you’ll find on the Piada Italian Street Food menu, and that experience starts directly with their appetizer menu. Looking for a refreshing salad? Try their Super Greens Salad, a combination of flavors and textures that comes to you in the form of kale, red cabbage, shaved Brussel sprouts, chickpeas, and more. When it’s time to get into the main dish, you might want to try their Diavolo tossed pasta, a combination of fresh parmesan, angel hair pasta, bruschetta tomatoes, and a spicy Diavolo sauce that perfectly compliments the green onions found int his dish. This is the start of your walk through the delicious flavors on the Diavolo menu.

Find their favorite items on the menu below:

Harvest Grain & Apple

This salad comes straight off their greens and grains menu, bringing crisp Granny Smith Apples together with pepitas, fennel, field greens, sweet potatoes, pecans, cranberries, farro, and feta cheese all mixed up together with a lemon-basil dressing. Proving that even a salad can be an adventure, it’s a great way to start your meal.

Get yours for $8.49


A simple dish yet delightfully complex in the flavor department. You’ll find bruschetta tomatoes, angel hair pasta, freshly grated parmesan, spinach, and incredible pancetta served up with a rich and creamy Parmesan alfredo. It’s heaven on a plate.

You can dive in for just $6.49 for a regular, or $7.49 for a large

Italian Trio Tasca

These sandwiches are a hit on their menu and are made from a Piada dough with capicola stuffed with bruschetta tomatoes, pancetta, spicy balsamic aioli, arugula, sweet & spicy pickles, sweet & spicy peppers, lemon basil dressing, pepperoni, and Genoa salami. A wonderful little sandwich for a reasonable price.

Get yours for $7.99

Roasted Sweet Potato

This heralds directly back to the streets where they found their inspiration, a delicious treat that is nothing more than a lightly buttered and seasoned sweet potato slow roasted and served. The natural sweetness will make this a delight to eat, while the butter and seasoning will bring a wonderful twist to the flavor.

Enjoy this sweet treat for $2.49

Piada Italian Street Food’s History

Sometimes you find inspiration in the most unexpected places, and for Piada Italian Street Food it was discovered in a series of roadside trucks and corner markets that were found all over Rimini, Italy. These trucks served an incredible array of local traditional foods that left an indelible impression on the creators of this establishment. In 2010 the first one opened, and they continued to adhere to the values they learned in Rimini, that food should be fresh and delicious, and that every meal is one held with friends and family, even if they’re new. Almost a decade later they’ve opened multiple locations and continued to serve their community with rustic, traditional Italian food in the manner of these roadside trucks.