Popeyes Catering Menu Prices

Find Popeyes Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Popeyes’ catering menu and prices, featured below, are a great lead-in to this famous Louisiana Kitchen. With unique flavor and years of experience, the Popeyes team is ready to help.

But what would make it even better would be a big plate of fried chicken and fresh buttermilk biscuits on a platter. Which, in fact, is exactly what Popeye’s offers. It makes for great picnic food and will definitely please a crowd.

They make the menu simple, offering their famous New Orleans style menu and fried chicken with sides of goodness. Of course, don’t forget the buttermilk biscuits and butter!

Prices and catering availability differ depending on location. Be sure to call your local Popeye’s to see what the options are for your next event; they are ready to help you. They have many recommendations for your party and can help you choose the best package.



50 Pc Mixed Chicken or Tenders, 1 Party Side , 24 Biscuits(Serves 20)$100.00
75 Pc Mixed Chicken or Tenders, 2 Party Side, 36 Biscuits(Serves 30)$159.00
100 Pc Mixed Chicken or Tenders, 3 Party Side, 48 biscuits(Serves 50)$249.00
150 Pc Mixed Chicken or Tenders, 4 Party Side, 72 biscuits(Serves 75)$349.00
200 Pc Mixed Chicken or Tenders, 6 Party Side, 96 biscuits(Serves 100)$489.00

Mixed Chicken Or Handcrafted Tenders

Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders (Spicy Or Mild)50 Pieces$69.99
Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders (Spicy Or Mild)75 Pieces$99.99
Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders (Spicy Or Mild)100 Pieces$134.99


BiscuitsHalf Dozen$3.79


DrinkHalf Gallon$2.49

Popular Catering Choices at Popeyes

Popeyes recommends that you first determine how many are in your party, then choose one of the catering packages already available. Once you choose how much chicken and how many biscuits you need, the fun part comes: choosing the party sides!

Party Sides

When dealing with wonderful comfort food such as this, party sides are essential so your guests get as much out of this Louisiana experience as possible. Some famous party sides include the warm mashed potatoes, red beans, and coleslaw.

Warm mashed potatoes with some fried chicken would definitely make me excited for lunch. There are a variety of sides to ensure that all guests are taken care of.

Mixed Chicken and Handcrafted Tenders

One of Popeyes biggest recommendations is to go simple and order one of their chicken packages. For example, for a party of 20, you can have 50 pieces of mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders with dipping sauce, one party side of your choice, and two dozen biscuits.

This can be multiplied for as many guests as you have – 30, 50, 75, etc. Popeyes has fried chicken ready to go for you! Their catering team will help put together the right-sized meal for your party.

Enjoy Popeyes’ Catering Offerings

Make sure to become familiar with the different options of sides and dipping sauces so you can impress your guests with your decisions.

Popeyes is a classic American place to eat, and the Louisiana flavor can be brought to your next event. They say, “planning a picnic, family reunion or tailgating party? Let Popeyes ‘Cater the Flavor!’”