Pressed Juicery Menu & Prices

Find Pressed Juicery Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

When you’re looking for a way to help improve your health and purge your bodies of the toxins that are found in everything we eat these days, you’re going to want to stop by and check out the Pressed Juicery’s menu prices. In the pursuit of optimum health, three friends came together in the summer of 2010 to create a little store in a little nook in Brentwood, CA.

This storefront provides its customers with rich and flavorful cold-pressed juices that provide incredible health benefits to those who consume them regularly. With a range of ingredients that include celery, parsley, sea salt, kale, as well as a variety of roots, fruits, and vegetables, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Check out their full menu below:



Greens 1$6.50
Greens 1.5$6.50
Greens 2$6.50
Greens 3$6.50
Greens 4$6.50
Greens 5$6.50


Roots 1$6.50
Roots 2$6.50
Roots 3$6.50


Citrus 1$6.50
Citrus 2$6.50
Citrus 3$6.50


Orange Turmeric Apple Lemon$6.50
Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne$6.50
Strawberry Apple Lime$6.50


Vanilla Almond$8.00
Chocolate Almond$8.00
Coconut Cinnamon$8.00


Vanilla Coffee$5.50


Lemon H2O$2.50
Chlorophyll H2O$2.50
Aloe Vera H2O$2.50


Activated Charcoal Lemonade$6.50
Coconut Water$6.50


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Strawberry Almond$8.00
Movember Milk$8.00

Popular Menu Items

It all starts with kale, unsurprisingly. Their green selection has a broad range of juices that will help to cleanse your system, revitalize your body, and uplift your spirit with every bottle. You can enjoy the earthy flavors of Kale, spinach, romaine, and parsley, cucumber, and celery mixed up with four different additives, or go for the vibrant colors of their root selection with selections like beets, carrots, and more.

Everything on their menu is rich and refreshing, packed full of vitamins and minerals that will help your body operate at peak efficiency while flushing the toxins from your system. Along with these classic offerings, you’ll also find their signature blends and citrus blends available.

Their most popular items can be found below:

Golden Milk

This juice blend is one of their most popular for obvious reasons. The combination of black pepper, dates, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, and almonds comes together to produce an enticing and nuanced drink that will satisfy your body and your taste buds. Its creamy texture will leave you craving another.

Rich and satisfying for $8.00

Chlorophyll H20

It may seem strange, but the chlorophyll blend in the water provides a light and refreshing flavor of green tea to the mix. Chlorophyll water won’t make you photosynthesize energy, but it will help you prepare for a work-out or refresh after one while providing a great boost of anti-oxidants. This blend is perfect for those who confront impure air each day.

Get yours for $2.95

Activated Charcoal Lemonade

The ultimate cleansing drink, their Activated Charcoal Lemonade provides a dark sooty flavored blended with a bright taste of lemon that will come together to wash the toxins from your body without loading you down with calories.

Flush yourself clean for $5.00


Ready to experience the most delicious cleanse you’ve ever had? Pressed Juicery’s Cleanse blends are designed to help flush your system of toxins, revitalize your system, and help you get back to living a deliciously balanced lifestyle. There are three varieties, 1 for each experience levels with cleansing.

You can get each cleanse for $30 a day, or $90 for 3, add Chlorophyll & Aloe Water for Just $5 more.

Pressed Juicery’s History

It was a quest for health that brought three entrepreneurs together to create the company that would come to be known, quite simply, as Pressed Juicery. These three had all been through the struggles of life, pursuing improved health, and found that while many parts of their mutual stories varied, the one thing that was a cohesive element was the use of juice and juice cleanses in their path.

Each of them had experienced incredible benefits and had seen their health improve as they pursued a healthier life through cold-pressed juices. Their results had been consistent for all of them, and they believed it could be for other people as well. So they came together to create Pressed Juicery, a company that’s sole ambition was to bring their cold-pressed juices to everyone.