Round Table Pizza Menu & Prices

Find Round Table Pizza Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Round Table Pizza menu prices are here! This restaurant is recognizable for using the legend of King Arthur’s Court for its branding, offering pizza for dine in, pick up, or delivery (in some locations).

Round Table is so committed to serving pizza with quality ingredients that their slogan is, “The Last Honest Pizza.”

Below, you’ll find some valuable information on Round Table Pizza’s menu prices as well as some suggestions to try the next time you’re in the mood for a pizza.


Premium Specialty Pizzas

King Arthur's SupremePersonal$7.99
King Arthur's SupremeSmall$13.49
King Arthur's SupremeMedium$18.79
King Arthur's SupremeLarge$22.99
King Arthur's SupremeExtra Large$25.99
Montague's All Meat MarvelPersonal$7.99
Montague's All Meat MarvelSmall$13.49
Montague's All Meat MarvelMedium$18.79
Montague's All Meat MarvelLarge$22.99
Montague's All Meat MarvelExtra Large$25.99
A Legendary CombinationPersonal$7.99
A Legendary CombinationSmall$13.49
A Legendary CombinationMedium$18.79
A Legendary CombinationLarge$22.99
A Legendary CombinationExtra Large$25.99
Four Marvelous MeatsPersonal$7.99
Four Marvelous MeatsSmall$13.49
Four Marvelous MeatsMedium$18.79
Four Marvelous MeatsLarge$22.99
Four Marvelous MeatsExtra Large$25.99
Guinevere's Garden DelightPersonal$7.99
Guinevere's Garden DelightSmall$13.49
Guinevere's Garden DelightMedium$18.79
Guinevere's Garden DelightLarge$22.99
Guinevere's Garden DelightExtra Large$25.99
Maui ZauiPersonal$7.99
Maui ZauiSmall$13.49
Maui ZauiMedium$18.79
Maui ZauiLarge$22.99
Maui ZauiExtra Large$25.99
Chicken & Garlic GourmetPersonal$7.99
Chicken & Garlic GourmetSmall$13.49
Chicken & Garlic GourmetMedium$18.79
Chicken & Garlic GourmetLarge$22.99
Chicken & Garlic GourmetExtra Large$25.99
Gourmet VeggiePersonal$7.99
Gourmet VeggieSmall$13.49
Gourmet VeggieMedium$18.79
Gourmet VeggieLarge$22.99
Gourmet VeggieExtra Large$25.99
Italian Garlic SupremePersonal$7.99
Italian Garlic SupremeSmall$13.49
Italian Garlic SupremeMedium$18.79
Italian Garlic SupremeLarge$22.99
Italian Garlic SupremeExtra Large$25.99
Ulti-MeatExtra Large$25.99
Wombo ComboPersonal$7.99
Wombo ComboSmall$13.49
Wombo ComboMedium$18.79
Wombo ComboLarge$22.99
Wombo ComboExtra Large$25.99
BBQ Chicken PizzaPersonal$7.99
BBQ Chicken PizzaSmall$13.49
BBQ Chicken PizzaMedium$18.79
BBQ Chicken PizzaLarge$22.99
BBQ Chicken PizzaExtra Large$25.99
HawaiianExtra Large$25.99


Garlic Parmesan Twists3 Pc$3.99
Garlic Parmesan Twists6 Pc$5.99
Garlic Parmesan Twists8 Pc$7.99
Garlic Parmesan Twists12 Pc$9.99
Garlic Parmesan Twists24 Pc$17.99
Classic Wings6 Pc$5.99
Classic Wings8 Pc$7.99
Classic Wings12 Pc$9.99
Classic Wings24 Pc$17.99
Boneless Wings8 Pc$5.99
Boneless Wings16 Pc$9.99
Boneless Wings32 Pc$18.99


Garden SaladPersonal$5.49
Garden SaladFamily$7.99
Garden SaladParty Pack$14.99
Salad Bar$7.99


All Sandwiches Come With A Side Of Lay's Potato Chips.
Chicken or Ham Club Sandwich$5.99


Soda2 Litter Bottle$2.99
Beer2 Litter Bottle$2.99

Popular Menu Items

Round Table’s “honest” pizza starts with the ingredients. They make their dough in-house from scratch every day using wheat grown on family farms specifically for the restaurant. They only use premium meats and cheeses to create the perfect base for their fresh-cut veggies, including their selectively-picked tomatoes. You can tell that Round Table takes pride in its pizzas, from start to finish.

Which brings us to the pizzas themselves. There are a lot of specialty pizzas to choose from – you can choose from three different crusts (original, pan, or skinny) and from four sauces: Zesty Red, Creamy Garlic, Polynesian, or BBQ. From there, you choose from over 20 toppings of meats and veggies, including anchovies.

Round Table Pizza also offers salads and a couple of sandwiches if you’re not in the mood for pizza. But, honestly, how often can that happen?

If you’re looking for a few helpful insights, here are some of Round Table Pizza’s most popular items:

King Arthur’s Supreme

King Arthur was the leader of a group of Knights, and this namesake pizza leads the Round Table in flavor. It’s got everything you could want on a fully-loaded pizza: pepperoni, Italian sausage, salami, linguica (an Italian smoke-cured pork sausage), mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives. You can even add shrimp or anchovies if they’re available. Now that’s a meal worthy of a king!

Guinevere’s Garden Delight

Guinevere was King Arthur and Sir Lancelot’s beautiful love, and this lovely veggie option is a beauty in its own right. Starting with the Zest Red Sauce and cheese blend, Round Table adds mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and black olives.

Club Sandwich

So you don’t want pizza. That’s cool. Round Table offers a club sandwich as well. You can choose from ham or turkey and then add bacon, onion, cheese, lettuce, and tomato and a creamy ranch sauce.


Some Round Table Pizza locations offer a pizza buffet that lets you try their different styles. This is a great deal if there’s a participating location near you, so visit their website and find out. The buffet runs for lunch and dinner.

Round Table Pizza’s History

Round Table Pizza has been around for a long time. In 1961, William Larson opened the first location in Menlo Park, California, after getting the idea from a drawing a friend did of the knights of King Arthur’s Court eating pizza. In 1970, he added the three shields to the logo, which are meant to represent the word “fun.”

Today, there are hundreds of locations in the US and worldwide; a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to serving fresh, innovative flavors in everything they serve!