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Find Saint Louis Bread Co Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you’re considering heading to Saint Louis Bread Co for a meal, you might be looking for the Saint Louis Bread Co menu prices. Fortunately, we have them all right here — you can browse their different offerings and prices to see what you and your family may enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Saint Louis Bread Co is known for having an extensive menu that branches across a wide range of food types. You’ll be pleased to find soups, salads, sandwiches, pasts, baked goods, and many more flavorful options on their menu. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Don’t wait to head into your local Saint Louis Bread Co to find out what’s in-store, you can find all the menu items and prices right here on our website!


Freshly Baked Breads

Whole GrainLoaf$3.79
Whole GrainMiche$7.79
Hoagie Roll$4.79
SourdoughBread Bowl$1.99
SourdoughExtra Large Loaf$4.99
Asiago CheeseLoaf$4.59
Cinnamon Raisin SwirlLoaf$4.79
Tomato BasilLoaf$5.29
Honey WheatLoaf$3.79
French Baguette$3.09
Asiago Cheese FocacciaLoaf$3.39
Sea Salt FocacciaLoaf$3.19
Classic WhiteLoaf$3.19
Sesame SemolinaLoaf$3.69
Sesame SemolinaMiche$7.79
Sprouted Grain Roll6 Pack$0.99
Soft Dinner Roll6 Pack$2.99

Pastries & Sweets


Cherry Pastry1 pc$2.69
Cheese Pastry1 pc$2.69
Chocolate Pastry1 pc$2.69
Bear Claw1 pc$2.69
Pecan Braid1 pc$2.69
French Croissant1 pc$2.39
Pastry Ring$8.79

Muffins & Muffies

Cranberry Orange Muffin1 pc$2.29
Pumpkin Muffin1 pc$2.29
Apple Crunch Muffin1 pc$2.29
Blueberry Muffin with Fresh Blueberries1 pc$2.49
Chocolate Chip Muffie1 pc$1.69
Pumpkin Muffie1 pc$2.29


Wild Blueberry Scone1 pc$2.59
Cinnamon Crunch Scone1 pc$2.59
Orange Scone1 pc$2.59
Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone1 pc$2.69
Mini Scones Variety Pack9 pc$6.99

Sweet Rolls

Pecan Roll1 pc$2.69
Cinnamon Roll1 pc$2.89
Cobblestone1 pc$2.69


Pumpkin Cookie1 pc$2.09
Oatmeal Raisin with Berries Cookie1 pc$2.09
Coconut Macaroon1 pc$2.39
Triple Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts1 pc$2.19
Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookie1 pc$2.19
Candy Cookie1 pc$2.09
Kitchen Sink Cookie1 pc$2.09
Petite Chocolate Chipper1 pc$2.39
Chocolate Chipper Cookie1 pc$2.09
Lemon Drop Cookie1 pc$2.19

Cakes & Brownies

Double Fudge Brownie1 pc$2.59
Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake1 pc$2.69

Bagels & Spreads


Pumpkin Pie Bagel1 pc$1.34
Cherry Vanilla Bagel1 pc$1.24
Everything Bagel1 pc$1.05
Chocolate Chip Bagel1 pc$1.34
Sesame Bagel1 pc$1.05
Blueberry Bagel1 pc$1.34
Plain Bagel1 pc$1.05
Whole Grain Bagel1 pc$1.05
French Toast Bagel1 pc$1.34
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel1 pc$1.34
Asiago Cheese Bagel1 pc$1.34
Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat1 pc$1.05
Cinnamon Swirl & Raisin Bagel1 pc$1.34
Pink Ribbon Bagel1 pc$1.34

Cream Cheese Spreads

Plain Cream Cheese2 oz$1.25
Plain Cream CheeseTub$2.99
Reduced-Fat Plain Cream Cheese3 oz$1.25
Reduced-Fat Plain Cream CheeseTub$2.99
Reduced-Fat Chive & Onion Cream Cheese4 oz$1.25
Reduced-Fat Chive & Onion Cream CheeseTub$2.99
Reduced-Fat Roasted Vegetable Medley Cream Cheese5 oz$1.25
Reduced-Fat Roasted Vegetable Medley Cream CheeseTub$2.99
Reduced-Fat Honey Walnut Cream Cheese6 oz$1.25
Reduced-Fat Honey Walnut Cream CheeseTub$2.99
Reduced-Fat Wild Blueberry Cream Cheese7 oz$1.25
Reduced-Fat Wild Blueberry Cream CheeseTub$2.99


Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham, Egg & Cheese$6.59
Avocado, Egg White & Spinach$6.59
Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Spinach$6.59
Sausage, Egg & Cheese$6.59
Mediterranean Egg White$6.59
Asiago Bacon, Egg & Cheese$6.59
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$6.59
Steak & Egg$6.59
Egg & Cheese$6.59

Baked Egg Souffl├ęs

Ham & Swiss$6.59
Four Cheese$6.59
Spinach & Artichoke$7.39
Spinach & Bacon$6.59

Breakfast Favorites

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apple Chips & Pecans$4.29
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries & Pecans$4.29
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Almonds, Quinoa & Honey$4.29
Greek Yogurt with Mixed Berries$4.29
Fruit Cup$4.29


Vegetarian Autumn Squash SoupCup$4.39
Vegetarian Autumn Squash SoupBowl$5.29
Vegetarian Autumn Squash SoupBread Bowl$5.49
Turkey ChiliCup$4.99
Turkey ChiliBowl$5.99
Turkey ChiliBread Bowl$6.19
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice SoupCup$4.99
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice SoupBowl$5.99
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice SoupBread Bowl$6.19
Low-Fat Chicken Noodle SoupCup$4.39
Low-Fat Chicken Noodle SoupBowl$5.29
Low-Fat Chicken Noodle SoupBread Bowl$5.49
Baked Potato SoupCup$4.39
Baked Potato SoupBowl$5.29
Baked Potato SoupBread Bowl$5.49
New England Clam ChowderCup$4.99
New England Clam ChowderBowl$5.99
New England Clam ChowderBread Bowl$6.19
Broccoli Cheddar SoupCup$4.39
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBowl$5.29
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBread Bowl$5.49
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato SoupCup$4.39
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato SoupBowl$5.29
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato SoupBread Bowl$5.49


Ancient Grain & Arugula Salad with ChickenWhole$8.59
Ancient Grain & Arugula Salad with ChickenHalf$6.19
Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad with ChickenHalf$6.29
Asian Sesame Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Asian Sesame Salad with ChickenHalf$6.29
Modern Greek Salad with QuinoaWhole$8.59
Modern Greek Salad with QuinoaHalf$6.19
Fuji Apple Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Fuji Apple Salad with ChickenHalf$3.29
Green Goddess Cobb Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Green Goddess Cobb Salad with ChickenHalf$6.29
Spicy Thai Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Spicy Thai Salad with ChickenHalf$6.29
Caesar SaladWhole$6.29
Caesar SaladHalf$4.69
Caesar Salad with ChickenWhole$8.99
Caesar Salad with ChickenHalf$6.29
Greek SaladWhole$6.29
Greek SaladHalf$4.69
Green SaladWhole$6.29
Green SaladHalf$4.69


Southwest Chicken Tortilla Bowl$8.99

Pasta and Mac & Cheese

Mac & CheeseSmall$4.99
Mac & CheeseLarge$7.99
Mac & CheeseBread Bowl$5.99
Chicken Tortellini AlfredoSmall$4.99
Chicken Tortellini AlfredoLarge$7.99
Chicken Tortellini AlfredoBread Bowl$5.99



Roasted Turkey, Apple & Cheddar SandwichWhole$8.99
Roasted Turkey, Apple & Cheddar SandwichHalf$6.29
Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLTWhole$8.99
Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLTHalf$6.29
The ItalianWhole$8.99
The ItalianHalf$6.29
Bacon Turkey Bravo SandwichWhole$7.99
Bacon Turkey Bravo SandwichHalf$5.79
Tuna Salad SandwichWhole$6.59
Tuna Salad SandwichHalf$4.89
Steak & Arugula SandwichWhole$7.99
Steak & Arugula SandwichHalf$5.79
Napa Almond Chicken Salad SandwichWhole$7.39
Napa Almond Chicken Salad SandwichHalf$5.39
Mediterranean Veggie SandwichWhole$6.59
Mediterranean Veggie SandwichHalf$4.89
Classic Grilled CheeseWhole$6.59
Classic Grilled CheeseHalf$4.89
Turkey SandwichWhole$7.39
Turkey SandwichHalf$5.39
Ham & Swiss SandwichWhole$6.59
Ham & Swiss SandwichHalf$4.89
Chipotle Chicken Avocado MeltWhole$7.39
Chipotle Chicken Avocado MeltHalf$5.39
Steak & White Cheddar PaniniWhole$6.59
Steak & White Cheddar PaniniHalf$4.89
Frontega Chicken PaniniWhole$6.59
Frontega Chicken PaniniHalf$4.89


Roasted Turkey Cranberry Flatbread$5.99
BBQ Chicken Flatbread$5.89
Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread$4.99

Kids Menu

Kids Mac & Cheese Soups

Kids Mac & Cheese$4.99
Kids Turkey Chili$4.99
Kids Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup$4.39
Kids Broccoli Cheddar Soup$4.39
Kids Bistro French Onion Soup$4.39
Kids Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup$4.59
Kids Baked Potato Soup$4.39
Kids Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup$4.29
Kids Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup$4.39
Kids New England Clam Chowder$4.59

Kids Salads

Kids Caesar Salad$3.49
Kids Greek Salad$3.49
Kids Seasonal Greens Salad$3.29

Kids Sandwiches

Kids Turkey Sandwich$4.89
Kids Smoked Ham Sandwich$4.89
Kids Grilled Cheese$4.89
Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly$4.89

Kids Sides

Kids Blueberry Squeezable Yogurt$1.25
Kids Strawberry Squeezable Yogurt$1.25


Espresso & Hot Drinks

Pumpkin Spice LatteRegular$3.59
Pumpkin Spice LatteLarge$4.34
Signature Hot ChocolateRegular$3.59
Signature Hot ChocolateLarge$4.34
Caffe LatteRegular$3.59
Caffe LatteLarge$4.34
Caffe MochaRegular$3.59
Caffe MochaLarge$4.34
Caramel LatteRegular$3.59
Caramel LatteLarge$4.34
Chai Tea LatteRegular$3.59
Chai Tea LatteLarge$4.34
Skinny Caffe MochaRegular$3.59
Skinny Caffe MochaLarge$4.34
Freshly Brewed CoffeeRegular$3.59
Freshly Brewed CoffeeLarge$4.34
Hot TeasRegular$3.59
Hot TeasLarge$4.34


Blood Orange LemonadeMedium$2.09
Blood Orange LemonadeLarge$2.49
Prickly Pear Hibiscus FrescaMedium$2.09
Prickly Pear Hibiscus FrescaLarge$2.49
Plum Ginger Hibiscus TeaMedium$2.09
Plum Ginger Hibiscus TeaLarge$2.49
Agave LemonadeMedium$2.09
Agave LemonadeLarge$2.49
Passion Papaya Green TeaMedium$2.09
Passion Papaya Green TeaLarge$2.49
Unsweetened Iced Black TeaMedium$2.09
Unsweetened Iced Black TeaLarge$2.49
Lipton Brisk Raspberry TeaMedium$2.09
Lipton Brisk Raspberry TeaLarge$2.49
Tropical Fruit PunchMedium$2.09
Tropical Fruit PunchLarge$2.49
Mountain DewMedium$2.09
Mountain DewLarge$2.49
Mist TwistMedium$2.09
Mist TwistLarge$2.49
Caffeine Free Diet PepsiMedium$2.09
Caffeine Free Diet PepsiLarge$2.49
Dr. PepperMedium$2.09
Dr. PepperLarge$2.49
Diet PepsiMedium$2.09
Diet PepsiLarge$2.49
Iced Caffe MochaMedium$2.09
Iced Caffe MochaLarge$2.49
Iced Caffe LatteMedium$2.09
Iced Caffe LatteLarge$2.49
Iced Caramel LatteMedium$2.09
Iced Caramel LatteLarge$2.49
Iced Chai Tea LatteMedium$2.09
Iced Chai Tea LatteLarge$2.49
Iced CoffeeMedium$2.09
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.49


Peach & Blueberry Smoothie with Almond MilkRegular$4.39
Superfruit Smoothie with Greek YogurtRegular$4.39
Green Passion SmoothieRegular$4.39
Strawberry SmoothieRegular$4.39
Strawberry Banana SmoothieRegular$4.39
Mango SmoothieRegular$4.39

Frozen Drinks

Frozen CaramelMedium$4.39
Frozen CaramelLarge$4.79
Frozen MochaMedium$4.39
Frozen MochaLarge$4.79

Bottled Beverages

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.49
Joia Grapefruit Soda$2.69
Purity Organic Strawberry Paradise Juice$2.49
Premium Orange Juice$1.79
Bottled Water$1.99
San Pellegrino Orange$3.19
Spindrift Lemon Seltzer$3.29
Spindrift Raspberry Lime Seltzer$3.29
Organic Chocolate Milk$1.79
Organic White Milk$1.79
Organic Apple Juice$1.79

Popular Menu Items

Saint Louis Bread Co doesn’t fall into any particular category — the restaurant takes influence from a variety of different sources. The best way to describe the category of the restaurant is probably a health-oriented cafe. At Saint Louis Bread Co, you can begin your meal with an item from the bakery — bagels, muffins, cookies, and cakes are all popular choices.

Main meals typically consist of pastas, sandwiches, or a range of different salads — you truly have a wealth of different options to choose from at Saint Louis Bread Co. They also have some great desserts if you’re looking for a bit of extra food after you finish your main courses.

But don’t take our word for it, Saint Louis Bread Co has a loyal customer base — check out some of their top menu items below!

Frontega Chicken Panini

If you’re looking for a gourmet sandwich that packs a punch, the Frontega Chicken Panini is a great option. It comes loaded with smoked pulled chicken, sliced mozzarella, basil. red onions, sliced tomatoes, chipotle mayonnaise all between focaccia bread!

The Frontega Chicken Panini costs just $8.59 — it’s sure to satisfy any appetite.

Caesar Salad with Chicken

If you’re wanting a popular healthy item on the menu, the Caesar Salad with Chicken is a great choice at Saint Louis Bread Co. This large salad comes packed with chicken, cilantro, romaine lettuce, almonds, wonton strips, sesame seeds, and caesar dressing!

It comes priced at $8.69.

Tortellini Alfredo Pasta

If you’re looking for a fresh, authentic pasta dish for lunch or dinner, the Tortellini Alfredo Pasta is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. This large portion of pasta comes with a homemade Alfredo pasta sauce — it’s not to be missed!

The cost of the Tortellini Alfredo Pasta is $8.49.

French Toast Bagel

A good start or end to any meal, the French Toast Bagel at Saint Louis Bread Co is perfect for those who want something a little sweet alongside a bigger meal. You can choose which type of spread you want to come along with the bagel.

The French Toast Bagel costs $1.39.

Saint Louis Bread Co’s History

The first Saint Louis Bread Co was opened in Kirkwood, Missouri in 1987. When Au Bon Pain purchased the chain it changed the name to Panera Bread, although Saint Louis Bread Co maintains its original name in the Saint Louis region.

Saint Louis Bread Co has grown into one of the nation’s largest chains — there are over 2,100 locations throughout the United States. No matter where you live, there’s a high chance you’ve seen one of these wonderful restaraunts in your area.

Saint Louis Bread Co has managed success by sticking to their core principlies of providing authentic, fresh, and affordable food. Unlike many large chains, Saint Louis Bread Co has succesfully maintained their image as a healthy alternatvie to other popular restaraunts.

The company employs over 47,000 staff nationwide. It is currently owned by holding company JAP Holding Company.