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This is the right place for the Smoothie King menu prices. You will find a variety of health themed smoothies served up fast in a counter pick-up environment at Smoothie King.

Whether you just love the taste of cold drinks made with fresh ingredients, or you are looking for the perfect meal to follow that big work out, give Smoothie King a try. Specially formulated Smoothies for different health and fitness goals is what Smoothie King is all about. After all, their slogan is “Smoothies with a purpose”.

Below we have the complete menu with prices for Smoothie King, followed by some suggestions for you to consider.



Fitness Blends

Almond Mocha High Protein22 oz$5.29
Almond Mocha High Protein32 oz$7.29
Almond Mocha High Protein40 oz$8.49
Vanilla Coffee High Protein22 oz$5.29
Vanilla Coffee High Protein32 oz$7.29
Vanilla Coffee High Protein40 oz$8.49
Original High Protein Chocolate22 oz$5.29
Original High Protein Chocolate32 oz$7.29
Original High Protein Chocolate40 oz$8.49
The Hulk Chocolate22 oz$5.29
The Hulk Chocolate32 oz$7.29
The Hulk Chocolate40 oz$8.49
The Hulk Strawberry22 oz$5.29
The Hulk Strawberry32 oz$7.29
The Hulk Strawberry40 oz$8.49
The Hulk Vanilla22 oz$5.29
The Hulk Vanilla32 oz$7.29
The Hulk Vanilla40 oz$8.49
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate22 oz$5.29
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate32 oz$7.29
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate40 oz$8.49
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry22 oz$5.29
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry32 oz$7.29
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry40 oz$8.49
Power Punch Plus22 oz$5.29
Power Punch Plus32 oz$7.29
Power Punch Plus40 oz$8.49

Slim Blends

Slim-N-Trim Chocolate22 oz$5.29
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate32 oz$7.29
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate40 oz$8.49
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla22 oz$5.29
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla32 oz$7.29
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla40 oz$8.49
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry22 oz$5.29
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry32 oz$7.29
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry40 oz$8.49
Angel Food22 oz$5.29
Angel Food32 oz$7.29
Angel Food40 oz$8.49
MangoFest22 oz$5.29
MangoFest32 oz$7.29
MangoFest40 oz$8.49
Strawberry X-Treme22 oz$5.29
Strawberry X-Treme32 oz$7.29
Strawberry X-Treme40 oz$8.49

Wellness Blends

Açaí Adventure22 oz$4.79
Açaí Adventure32 oz$6.99
Açaí Adventure40 oz$8.39
Green Tea Tango22 oz$4.79
Green Tea Tango32 oz$6.99
Green Tea Tango40 oz$8.39
Mangosteen Madness22 oz$4.79
Mangosteen Madness32 oz$6.99
Mangosteen Madness40 oz$8.39
Vegan - Nutty Super Grain22 oz$4.79
Vegan - Nutty Super Grain32 oz$6.99
Vegan - Nutty Super Grain40 oz$8.39
Vegan - Dark Chocolate Banana22 oz$4.79
Vegan - Dark Chocolate Banana32 oz$6.99
Vegan - Dark Chocolate Banana40 oz$8.39
Vegan - Mango Kale22 oz$4.79
Vegan - Mango Kale32 oz$6.99
Vegan - Mango Kale40 oz$8.39
Apple Kiwi Kale22 oz$4.79
Apple Kiwi Kale32 oz$6.99
Apple Kiwi Kale40 oz$8.39
Berry Carrot Dream22 oz$4.79
Berry Carrot Dream32 oz$6.99
Berry Carrot Dream40 oz$8.39
Berry Punch22 oz$4.79
Berry Punch32 oz$6.99
Berry Punch40 oz$8.39
Mangosteen Madness22 oz$4.79
Mangosteen Madness32 oz$6.99
Mangosteen Madness40 oz$8.39
Pure Recharge - Mango Strawberry22 oz$4.79
Pure Recharge - Mango Strawberry32 oz$6.99
Pure Recharge - Mango Strawberry40 oz$8.39

Take A Break Blends

Banana Berry Treat22 oz$4.49
Banana Berry Treat32 oz$6.69
Banana Berry Treat40 oz$8.29
Banana Boat22 oz$4.49
Banana Boat32 oz$6.69
Banana Boat40 oz$8.29
Caribbean Way22 oz$4.49
Caribbean Way32 oz$6.69
Caribbean Way40 oz$8.29
Lemon Twist Strawberry22 oz$4.49
Lemon Twist Strawberry32 oz$6.69
Lemon Twist Strawberry40 oz$8.29
Muscle Punch22 oz$4.49
Muscle Punch32 oz$6.69
Muscle Punch40 oz$8.29
Passion Passport22 oz$4.49
Passion Passport32 oz$6.69
Passion Passport40 oz$8.29
Peach Slice Plus22 oz$4.49
Peach Slice Plus32 oz$6.69
Peach Slice Plus40 oz$8.29
Pineapple Surf22 oz$4.49
Pineapple Surf32 oz$6.69
Pineapple Surf40 oz$8.29
Yogurt D-Lite22 oz$4.49
Yogurt D-Lite32 oz$6.69
Yogurt D-Lite40 oz$8.29

Kid's Cups

Lil Angel12 oz$3.09



Veggie Chips$1.29
Banana Chips$1.99
Greek Yogurt Pretzels$2.99
Peanut Butter Pretzels$2.29

Take a Break

Protein Muffins$2.19
Protein Cookies$2.29
Greek Yogurt$2.29


Fitness Enhancers

Muscle Builder$0.99

Energy Enhancers

Energy Boost$0.99
Pure Recharge$0.99

Slim Enhancers

Diet Down$0.99

Wellness Enhancers

Fiber Blender$0.99
Herbal Immune$0.99
Super Grains$0.99


Gladiator Complete Protein2.5 Pounds Tub$41.99
Lean1 Meal Replacement2 Pounds Tub$35.99
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend$21.99

Popular Menu Items

You’ll find that the Smoothie King menu is organized by category with different fitness and wellness goals taking center stage. Choose from Fitness Blends, Slim Blends, Wellness Blends, Kids Cups, and Take a Break Blends. This makes it easier to find the right drink for your specific needs.

Another important section of the menu are the Enhancers. These specially formulated shots can boost the nutritional content of your smoothie for more energy, protein for muscle building and even probiotics and immune boosting anti-oxidants.

Here are some great selections to try on your next visit.

Nutty Super Grain Smoothie

This vegan friendly smoothie is packed with 18 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. It includes almond milk, peanut butter, whole grains, cocoa, apple juice and bananas. Sunwarrior® raw plant based protein is also added to boost up the energy giving protein of this power shake.

Mixed Berry Immune Builder Smoothie

Feel a cold coming on? Try this immune builder smoothie made with Strawberry, Raspberry Puree, fresh banana, almond milk, juice blends and an herbal immune enhancer. Only 310 calories and packed with antioxidant and immune boosting ingredients.

Passion Passport Smoothie

You will find this treat on the Take a Break section of the menu. It features the sweet goodness of passion fruit combined with bananas, pineapple mango juice, papaya juice and just a touch of turbinado sugar. Thick, rich and delicious! Vegan friendly and dairy and gluten free. Go for a large 40 oz. if you really want to splurge.

Lil Angel Kid Cup

Smoothie King has a special menu formulated (and portioned) just for kids. This tasty treat is a great way to reward the kids and teach them to enjoy good nutrition. Strawberries and bananas are familiar flavors at the core of this recipe. It is enhanced with a multi-vitamin enhancer specially formulated for little ones.


There are a variety of specially formulated enhancers you can have added to customize your smoothie to match up with your fitness and health goals. Here are just a few enhancers to choose from:

• MUSCLE BUILDER: Made with 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine and Taurine.
• PURE RECHARGE: This mix will boost your focus with caffeine from green coffee beans, vitamin B12 and Ginkgo Biloba.
• FIBER BLEND: A full 8 grams of soluble fiber to help fill you up and promote digestive health.
• HERBAL IMMUNE: This blend has the immune boosting power of Vitamins A, C and E along with Zinc and Selenium.

Smoothie King History

The founder of Smoothie King, Steve Kahnau, was working in the restaurant industry as far back as his teenage years. Due to a lactose intolerance, he was not able to enjoy the shakes that he often made at work. He worked on lactose free smoothies at home, inventing his own flavors and concoctions.

In 1973 he opened the first location of Smoothie King in Kenner, Louisiana. He soon began expanding through franchising, focusing first in the area in and around New Orleans. Today there are Smoothie King locations worldwide.

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