Stevi B's Menu & Prices

Find Stevi B's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you’re fortunate enough to be in one of the eight states where one of their 40 restaurants are located, you’re likely to be familiar with Stevie B’s menu prices. These pizza buffets know that people want good food made with a quality they can count on, but don’t want to have to break the bank to do it. It was this philosophy, and that which says that no customer should leave a restaurant hungry, that led to the opening of this restaurant. Their popularity has helped them grow rapidly and reach new customers in new locations, and it’s not unusual for their most loyal customers to become franchise owners.

Check out their full menu below:


Lunch Buffet

Weekdays 11am to 4pm
Bar BuffetPer Person$6.49
Ultimate BuffetPer Person$7.49
Senior Bar BuffetPer Person$5.49
Salad BarPer Person$5.49
DrinkPer Person$1.99

Dinner Buffet

Weekdays 4pm to closing time
Bar BuffetPer Person$6.99
Ultimate BuffetPer Person$7.99
Senior Bar BuffetPer Person$5.99
Salad BarPer Person$5.99
DrinkPer Person$1.99

On the Go

Buffet-In-a-Box (6 Slices of Pizza and Side of Salad or Pasta)$6.49
Cheese PizzaMedium$4.99
Cheese PizzaLarge$6.99
1-Topping PizzaMedium$5.99
1-Topping PizzaLarge$7.99
2-Topping PizzaMedium$6.99
2-Topping PizzaLarge$8.99
Custom PizzaMedium$7.99
Custom PizzaLarge$9.99
Dessert PizzaMedium$5.99
Dessert PizzaLarge$7.99

Kids Buffet

Kids Buffet (10 Years Old and Younger)Per Person$3.79
Kids DrinkPer Person$1.59

Token Packages

Tokens25 Pc.$5.00
Tokens55 Pc.$10.00
Tokens120 Pc.$20.00

Popular Menu Items

When you stop in at a Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, you’re going to be dining on some of the finest pizza to ever grace a buffet style restaurants tables. Whether you’re digging in on their unique Lemon Pepper Chicken Pizza or finishing off your meal with the Oreo Cheesecake Dessert Pizza, the taste is going to leave you astounded and eager for your next round. The buffet is the focus of their menu offerings, but you can also order take-out to bring a bit of the delicious home with you.

Their most popular items can be found below:


Their buffet stands as the standard order when you’re at the restaurant. You can either enjoy just their pizza bar with all its dessert and dinner options (the Bar Buffet) or indulge in both the pizza, dessert, pasta, and salad buffet (The Ultimate Buffet). With choices ranging from Ultimate Meat Pizzas to Taco Pizzas, Hawaiian to Lemon Pepper, there’s no wrong choice.

Enjoy the Bar for $6.49, or the Ultimate for $7.49

Custom Pizza

A custom pizza is anything you desire put on a pizza. You have to ask for the ingredients and cheese mixture you want, and then you can take it home to be enjoyed by those who are willing to dare your culinary creativity. It’s hard to go wrong with a Stevie B’s pizza, so it’s going to be good.

Get a medium for $7.99, or a large for $9.99

Cheese Pizza (to go)

The most basic of their pizzas the Cheese Pizza is a popular carry-out item, especially when catering some form of event. It is both inexpensive and delicious, and sure to please anyone who’s attending your dining event, even if it’s just family dinner.

Get a medium for $4.99, or a large for $6.99

Dessert Pizza

The premier dessert pizza on their menu is the Oreo Cheesecake Dessert Pizza, but it’s hardly the only thing they have to offer. You can also enjoy their unique Strawberries & Cream Dessert Pizza; their S’mores Dessert Pizza or their sweet rolls. The prices below are for their to-go option.

Get a medium for $5.99, or a large for $7.99

Stevi B’s History

Back in the 1990’s we could have visited a familiar little scene, two men sitting around having lunch at a pizza buffet. During their time there they talked about the merits of such a business and how it could be improved. The pizza itself was well and good, but options from the buffet were so limited and so typical it had nothing to help it stand out. Fast forward to 1996 when these two men, brothers, in fact, came together to create the new standard in Pizza Buffets by opening Stevi B’s in Georgia. With its focus on consistent quality and an atmosphere that encouraged you to come in and take a load off, it exploded in popularity. When customers started asking if they could buy the business from them, they knew the only right answer was to provide Stevi B franchising, and so a legend was born.