Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu & Prices

Find Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Sub Zero Ice Cream’s menu prices come with a certain surprise involved, that surprise being that you can custom design your experience from the ground up. It all starts with choosing your size, your ingredients, and your flavors and then putting it through their unique freezing process to create the ice cream of your dreams. It’s that kind of experience that makes Sub Zero Ice Cream such a popular stop with families and what has been driving its success as a franchise business. Their menu may seem a little odd because it’s made up of ingredients you can mix rather than final products, for the most part. If you’re looking for a unique experience, stop on in.

Their full menu can be found below:


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt1 oz$0.39

Premium Old Fashion Ice Cream

Ice CreamSingle$2.49
Ice CreamDouble$3.69
Ice CreamTriple$4.79
Ice CreamPint$5.79

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ice CreamSmall$1.69
Ice CreamLarge$1.99
Waffle Cone$1.00
Energy Boost$0.50

Hand Spun Milkshakes


Refreshing Smoothies




Popular Menu Items

The Sub Zero Ice Cream menu is primarily composed of mixes that have been created by their customers and become tried and true favorites of those who come in. Some of these flavors may seem classic, but the extra-smooth consistency you get by flash-freezing ice cream ensures that it’s still going to be some of the best you’ve ever had. With flavors like Chocolate Conduction, Birthday Cake Capacitor, and Magnetic Mint, you’re going to have as much fun ordering the dish as you will tucking into it. Prices are standard at $2.49 a single scoop, $3.69 a double, and $4.79 a triple.

Check out some of their most popular items below:

Banana Cream Pie Bismuth

Underneath layers of whipped cream and fudge topping, you’re going to find a banana cream wonderland full of graham crackers, cheesecake bites, and Banana and Marshmallow Ice Cream that will set your senses singing. These flavors are an incredible combination that guests ask for, again and again, one bite and you’ll know why.

Tropical Turbine

This dish is as visually stunning as it is full of flavor, and is one of the more unique combinations we’ve heard of that don’t go right into the land of the strange. Raspberry Ice Cream combines with coconut ice cream, flakes, and a bunch of mixed berries to create this truly Tropical experience.

Citric Substance

A truly sweet dessert for those who love flavors that make their tongue tingle. On hot days there’s nothing as refreshing as the bright taste of citrus, and this ice cream delivers with lemon and raspberry ice cream blended with peaches, mixed berries, and for an extra kick, you can have them add citric acid.

Key Lime Voltage

Do you love Key-Lime Pie? We certainly couldn’t blame you if you do. In fact, we’ll point you straight at this shockingly good ice cream mixture. With Lime and Cheesecake Ice Cream combined with cheesecake bites, graham crackers, and a sprinkling of citric acid, your taste buds are going to light up.

Sub Zero Ice Cream’s History

2004 was the year that a cool (dare we say, sub-zero) idea came into existence after two creative souls, Naomi and Jerry Hancock, decided to see if they could create a customizable food experience in the ice cream industry. The result was a restaurant that would create your ice cream combos right in front of you using a patented process that turned cream into ice cream right in front of your eyes in seconds. 13 years later they’ve expanded to dozens of stores throughout the country and have been recognized by Forbes as one of the ten best franchises to buy in the United States. When you’re looking for a place to get great ice-cream made before your eyes or a business franchise that has a reputation for high performance, it’s time to try Sub-Zero Ice Cream.