Sweet Frog Menu & Prices

Find Sweet Frog Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Sweet Frog’s menu prices are a wonderful surprise when you consider how rich and creamy their frozen yogurt is. For a dish, this good you’d expect to pay a lot more, but Sweet Frog is dedicated to bringing their customers a wonderful array of flavors that will keep them coming back, and at a price that means they can indulge often. Sweet Frog has been growing wildly since it got its start in 2004, and as new locations open up, new customers become avid fans who can’t wait to get their next fix of Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. If you’ve never had a chance to stop by one of these wonderful little Frozen Yogurt stores, it’s far past time for you to experience it.

Check out the full menu of flavors below:


Nonfat Flavors

Alpine Vanilla1 oz$0.45
Angel Food Cake1 oz$0.45
Apple Pie1 oz$0.45
Cable Car Chocolate1 oz$0.45
Classic Chocolate1 oz$0.45
Coffee House Blend1 oz$0.45
Cookies n Cream1 oz$0.45
Country Vanilla1 oz$0.45
Creamy Mint Cookie1 oz$0.45
Egg Nog1 oz$0.45
Fancy French Vanilla1 oz$0.45
French Toast1 oz$0.45
Georgia Peach1 oz$0.45
Graham Cracker1 oz$0.45
Greek Black Cherry1 oz$0.45
Greek Lemon1 oz$0.45
Huckleberry1 oz$0.45
Irish Mint1 oz$0.45
Island Banana1 oz$0.45
Luscious Lemon1 oz$0.45
Maple Bacon Donut1 oz$0.45
Mountain Blackberry1 oz$0.45
New York Cheesecake1 oz$0.45
Orchard Cherry1 oz$0.45
Outrageous Orange1 oz$0.45
Pecan Praline1 oz$0.45
Peppermint1 oz$0.45
Pistachio1 oz$0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart1 oz$0.45
Pumpkin Pie1 oz$0.45
Root Beer Float1 oz$0.45
Snickerdoodle1 oz$0.45
Toasted Marshmallow1 oz$0.45
Tropical Tart1 oz$0.45
Very Raspberry1 oz$0.45
Very Strawberry1 oz$0.45
White Chocolate Mousse1 oz$0.45
Wild Berry Tart1 oz$0.45

Low Fat Flavors

Birthday Cake1 oz$0.45
Blue Cotton Candy1 oz$0.45
Cappuccino1 oz$0.45
Chocolate Caramel Turtle1 oz$0.45
Cinnamon Roll1 oz$0.45
Dulce De Leche1 oz$0.45
Dutch Chocolate1 oz$0.45
Fudge Brownie Batter1 oz$0.45
Mango1 oz$0.45
Milk Chocolate1 oz$0.45
Ooohlala Orange1 oz$0.45
Original Tart1 oz$0.45
Pineapple1 oz$0.45
Red Velvet1 oz$0.45
Salted Caramel Corn1 oz$0.45
Strawberry1 oz$0.45
Sweet Coconut1 oz$0.45
Toffee1 oz$0.45
White Vanilla1 oz$0.45

Supreme Flavors

Biscotti Gelato1 oz$0.45
Caramel Sea Salt Gelato1 oz$0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut1 oz$0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato1 oz$0.45
Peanut Butter1 oz$0.45
Tuscan Tiramisu Gelato1 oz$0.45

No Sugar Added Flavors

No Sugar Added Blueberry1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Cake Batter1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Cheesecake1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Chocolate1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Coffee1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Mint1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Praline1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Raspberry1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana1 oz$0.45
No Sugar Added Vanilla1 oz$0.45

Sorbet Flavors

Chocolate Fudge1 oz$0.45
Green Apple1 oz$0.45
Key Lime1 oz$0.45
Orange Blast1 oz$0.45
Pink Lemonade1 oz$0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry1 oz$0.45
Strawberry Kiwi1 oz$0.45
Strawberry Lemonade1 oz$0.45
Very Berry1 oz$0.45
Watermelon1 oz$0.45

Popular Menu Items

So many different flavors can be found on their menu, with options ranging from rich and creamy dole whip to non-fat, non-dairy, and even gelato and ice cream options. The flavors you’ll find are simply out of this world and range from the sharply sour to the tantalizingly savory. When you stop by be sure to ask about their Orange Creamsicle flavor Frozen Yogurt, or their refreshingly citrus Creamy Limoncello. You won’t believe the array of flavors they have.

Four of our favorites can be found below:

Blue Cotton Candy

Frozen Yogurt has a fun and memorable texture and tang that makes it a perfect candidate for receiving the flavor of Blue Cotton Candy. Brightly colored and brightly flavored, you’re going to love this mix when it hits your tongue, we can’t recommend this enough, especially if you have a nostalgia for country fairs.

All flavors cost $0.45 an oz

Creamy Mint Cookie

We can’t help but liken this flavor to a certain cookie of Girl Scout fame, and as we buy these out every year when our little scouts come by, you can bet that’s a ringing endorsement. This flavor has the luxuriant richness of chocolate topped by the bright note of a wonderful mint that is simply divine.

All flavors cost $0.45 an oz

Dutch Apple Dumpling

Dutch Apple Dumpling is a wonderful flavor that brings out the puff pastry flavors of this traditional dish and blends it perfectly with the rich cinnamon and sugar flavors that compliment the apple base. We have to agree that this is almost as good as the real thing fresh and hot from the oven, it’s just a cooler experience.

All flavors cost $0.45 an oz


Coffee, we have posited, shares a position with chocolate as having the ability to make anything it’s added to better. A burst of caffeine, the rich flavor of the morning, and a lingering aroma that will lift your spirits and put a spring in your step are all found in this little bundle of Cappuccino joy.

All flavors cost $0.45 an oz

Sweet Frog’s History

Starting with just a single store in 2009, and in the following four years grew to over 200 stores throughout Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and the United Kingdom. At that time the owner of the restaurant stated that they would continue to see rapid growth until they had 1000 stores open by 2020. While that number may seem ambitious, they had continued to grow since that time, though a slight halt to their growth was seen when they were purchased by Boxwood Capital Partners in 2015. Encouragingly the following year saw another 27 stores open with more planned in the coming months. It is a combination of the exquisite flavor of their Frozen Yogurt and a memorable advertising campaign that has brought them such incredible success.