Texas De Brazil Menu & Prices

Find Texas de Brazil Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

We are excited to share Texas de Brazil Menu Prices so you can check it out before going – a true edible experience!

When you dine at Texas de Brazil, you embark on a culinary journey where traditionally prepared Rodizio-Style Brazilian Meats and Salads are paraded around you! They cuts include beef, pork, lamb, chicken and Brazilian sausage; all prepared over an open flame grill, a Brazilian technique.

An undeniably amazing affair that naturally caters to those who are carnivorous, Texas de Brazil offers diners a unique experience that keeps people coming back again and again.

The meats at this restaurant consist of roasted and seasoned cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and Brazilian sausage. The meats are cooked over an open flame grill, a technique which comes from southern Brazil, where gauchos dressed as cowboys bring meats individually to tables. Texas de Brazil does not serve chicken hearts, often considered a traditional food found at many other churrascarias.The restaurant also prepares and serves several types of desserts.



Filet Mignon$3.75
Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon$3.95
Braised Beef Ribs$5.45
Lamb Chops$13.00
Pork Ribs$11.00
Brazilian Picanha$9.00
Garlic Picanha$8.00
Brazilian Sausage$4.25
Leg of Lamb$10.00
Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon$6.35
Parmesan Drumettes$6.35
Parmesan-Crusted Pork Loin$6.55
Flank Steak$7.00
Herb-Marinated Pork Loin$8.50
Brazilian Alcatra$8.25
Chicken Sausage$3.85

Salads & Sides

Salad Area

Greek olives$4.95
Shrimp Salad$6.15
Imported Italian Salamis$6.05
Sautéed Mushrooms$4.95
Herbed Sweet Onions$3.85
Jasmine Rice$5.65
Spicy Rice$5.65
Spicy Surimi Sushi$4.50
Soup Du Jour$4.45

Side Items

Garlic Mashed Potatoes$3.25
Sweet Fried Bananas$3.85
Brazilian Cheese Bread$3.35
House Specialty Sauces$4.15


Brazilian Cheesecake$2.50
Crème Brûlée$2.25
Brazilian Flan$2.25
Chocolate Mousse Cake$2.65
Bananas Foster Pie$2.45
Key Lime Pie$2.25
Carrot Cake$2.55
Pecan Pie$2.65
Brazilian Papaya Cream$2.45
Coconut Chess Pie$2.25
Moscato Berry Tira Mi Su$2.35


Chicken breast, Garlic Sirloin and Sausage2 pieces$9.50
Chicken breast, Garlic Sirloin and Filet with Bacon$12.50
House-Made Lobster BisqueBowl$9.50
Antipasto Platter$9.50

Popular Menu Items

“An almost spiritual experience. I simply can’t say enough,” one customer says. The menu at Texas de Brazil, is a “meat-eater’s” fantasy. It’s truly a cut above any Steakhouse.

There are so many favorites you can try – filet mignon (wrapped in bacon!), pork ribs, the list could go on forever!

Here are our favorites that you should see swing by your table:

Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon

The filet mignon wrapped in bacon is truly a masterpiece that combines tastes from two worlds – crispy & salty and succulent & juicy. It’s not hard to guess why this dish ranks number one!

Herb Marinated Pork Loin

Slow-roasted to a daring perfection, be sure to grab some herb-marinated pork loin from your Gaucho before it’s all gone. People that like juicy foods haven’t seen ”juicy” until they’ve seen this. This delicious dish is so perfectly seasoned that you’ll think that Michelangelo himself made you dinner.

Pork Ribs

Everyone knows that if they’re “falling of the bone”, then they’re going to be good! At Texas de Brazil, their pork ribs land on your plate in a state that’s always falling apart – absolute perfection!

Texas de Brazil’s History

A Churrascaria at its heart—Brazilian Steakhouse— Texas de Brazil is a 100% family owned and operated business. Today, Texas de Brazil has locations worldwide.

Settling in Texas from Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1998 Texas de Brazil was the first steakhouse of its kind to offer the traditional Brazilian concept of Churrasco cooking while at the same time, combining the generous spirit and hospitality that Texas is known for.

After much success, Texas de Brazil expanded and continues to do so today. This restaurant really introduced Americans to a new way to eat meat and really helped create the Brazilian steakhouse category we know.