The Keg Steakhouse Menu & Prices

Find The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Keg Steakhouse’s menu prices are surprisingly reasonable when you consider that this restaurant prides itself on the quality and preparation of its food. Sometimes a simple idea from with humble beginnings becomes an institution, and the Keg is one of those ideas. It got its start in an unassuming location in Moodyville, and now it has locations all over Canada and the US where they provide some of the best steakhouse grade meals you’ll ever eat. If you’re looking for a new location to take your family that has reasonable prices, delicious food, and an incredible selection, it’s time to stop in at The Keg.

Explore their full menu below:


Keg Classics

Top Sirloin$18.95
Teriyaki Sirloin$18.95
Filet Mignon$29.45
New York$29.45
Prime Rib$22.95


Bbq Ribs$23.95
Chicken & Ribs$20.95

Steak + Seafood

Sirloin Oscar$26.95
Steak & Crab$29.95
Steak & Cajun Shrimp$25.95
Steak & Lobster$34.95


Pistachio Crusted Salmon$20.95
Pan-Seared Arctic Char$22.45
Sesame Tuna$24.95


Oven Roasted$19.45
Bacon Wrapped$22.95
Sweet Thai$20.45


Mushrooms Neptune$7.95
Shrimp Cocktail$9.95
Baked Garlic Shrimp$7.95
Crispy Fried Cauliflower$6.95
Scallops & Bacon$8.95
Tuna Tartare$9.95
Baked Brie$6.95


Keg Caesar$5.95
Mixed Greens$5.95
Iceberg Wedge$5.95
Heirloom Tomato + Burrata$5.95
Lobster & Shrimp Salad$5.95
French Onion Soup$5.95
Wild Mushroom Soup$6.95
Charred Corn Soup$5.95
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$6.95
Steakhouse Salad$6.95
Cobb Salad$5.95

Casual Plates

Keg Burger$9.55
Tuna Tacos$8.95
Cauliflower Steak$11.95
Prime Rib Sliders$10.45
Fried Chicken$10.95
Halibut & Chips$9.55

Steak + Prime Ribs

Prime Rib$18.95
Bleu Cheese Filet$26.45
Rib Steak$26.95
Baseball Top Sirloin$22.95
Peppercorn New York$26.95
Sirloin Oscar$26.95


Chicken Strips$4.45
Bbq Grilled Chicken$5.95
Keg Mini Burgers$5.45
Shaved Prime Rib Sliders$5.45
Kids Sirloin$5.95
Keg Fries$3.45
Caesar Salad$2.95
Seasonal Vegetables$2.45


Burst Oberry$2.45
Just Peachy$2.45


Billy Miner Pie$4.45
Brownie Sundae$4.95
Ice Cream$4.45
Crème Brulée$4.95
Sweet Minis$4.95
Fudge Brownie$3.45
Mini Crème Brûlée$3.45

Popular Menu Items

The variety of flavors you can find at the Keg include a wonderful array of starters to set your appetite in motion, but that’s just the start of this culinary ride. It then segues into a small but meaningful selection of their salads and goes from there to the main event. After an opening of baked garlic shrimp and Mushrooms Neptune, and a refreshing Keg Caesar Salad, it’s time to indulge in their succulent Prime Rib, Chili Chicken, or their Zesty Salmon. The banquet of flavors is practically endless, and you can dive in and enjoy them all.

A list of their most popular items can be found below:

Scallops and Bacon

These scallops are harvested and delivered to your table wrapped in bacon and prepared with a delicious cocktail sauce. It’s a wonderful start to a wonderful meal, with a flavor profile that sets things off on the right foot. If you’re a fan of scallops and bacon, then this is going to be your perfect start.

A fantastic beginning for $8.95

House Salad

We love salad, but its hard to put together a combination that stands out as unusual and special. This one happens to pull that off with cucumbers, tomatoes, radicchio, peppers, fresh greens, and Dijon vinaigrette. The combination of tangy flavors with the spicy kick of radicchios make this a wonderful experience.

Get your bowl for $5.95

New York Classic

Heading out to The Keg and not getting a steak is a move that will leave you with half an experience, and you’ll regret every moment as you wander home wondering what wonders exist within each bite. A full meal comprised of mushrooms, vegetables, a Caesar Salad and one Keg-sized baked potato, you’ll be happy and content with this classic.

A reasonable feast for $29.45

Grilled Tiger Shrimp

When the taste of the sea is calling your taste buds, this Grilled Tiger Shrimp platter. Served on a bed of rice pilaf these tenderly grilled tiger shrimp skewers will be enough to leave you savoring the ocean’s bounty. It’s also a healthy choice, being lighter than a heavy steak or even chicken.

Conscientious and delicious for $23.95

The Keg Steakhouse’s History

The Keg got its start in a tiny little corner of North Vancouver, BC when George Tidball found a location at an old industrial building and turned it into what would become a premier steakhouse in the industry. Moodyville served as its home, but today it has spread to incorporate all the provinces of British Columbia and expanded into a total of five states in the USA. One of the Keg’s traditions is taking old buildings that have historic value and turning them into iconic restaurants that both preserve the history of the area while bringing a fine new cuisine to its inhabitants. With their expert approach to steak and a dedication to fine flavors, you’re sure to love your visit to The Keg.